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80a9cadc 11/27/2012 01:08 AM Ondrej Zajicek

Changes static route targets drop/reject to blackhole/unreachable.

To be consistent with rest of BIRD and Linux. Old names are also
allowed for compatibility.

a7c9f7c0 06/06/2000 08:35 PM Pavel Machek

Batch of mj's corrections (config + filters)

f3b33928 05/30/2000 11:15 AM Pavel Machek

Tried to change garbagetime -> garbage time to be more consistent.

c010f4cb 04/26/2000 11:33 AM Pavel Machek

Use right address for ripv6.

7f704c06 04/26/2000 11:07 AM Pavel Machek

Cleanup in preparation for ipv6.

77f37ae0 04/20/2000 10:24 AM Pavel Machek

Test new syntax of add() and delete().

f7d534cf 04/12/2000 10:34 AM Pavel Machek

Path printing is now much nicer.

ba446670 03/22/2000 02:23 PM Pavel Machek

Format of dates changed, so rip authentication is now commented out.

9b47eb85 12/08/1999 12:50 PM Pavel Machek

Make bird.conf that does not crash machine when you run bird as root.

febe5263 12/08/1999 10:15 AM Pavel Machek

Separated bird.conf and bird.conf for testing filters.

7e1f9971 12/01/1999 12:54 PM Pavel Machek

accept should behave as return, not running any commands after it.

1a509a63 11/25/1999 03:03 PM Pavel Machek

md5 authentication seems to work.

d3702d57 11/25/1999 02:54 PM Pavel Machek

Bugfixes: select right password for password authentication, do not
try to process authentication blocks as datablocks, make it possible
to add data at end of packet. Password authentication should actually work.

7e61cac3 11/25/1999 01:38 PM Pavel Machek

Triggered updates should now actually work. Fixed metric=16 -> time it
out logic.

1183b6b2 11/10/1999 01:59 PM Pavel Machek

Enums do not work, this is testcase.

2f702671 11/10/1999 01:07 PM Pavel Machek

No more shift/reduce conflicts.

f4536657 11/10/1999 12:44 PM Pavel Machek

Enumerational types, defined keyword added.

f30b25f9 11/04/1999 02:03 PM Pavel Machek

Use local variables to test that functionality.

6dc7a0cb 11/03/1999 10:23 PM Pavel Machek

Filters now do not allow function (int arg; int arg2; ).

41be4444 10/28/1999 09:03 PM Pavel Machek

switch() { } done right.

d3dd620b 10/12/1999 06:27 AM Pavel Machek

Filters: permit variables of prefix types, cleanup around
variables. TODO list added, hopefully complete. Use new features of
filters in bird.conf

4872cef4 10/07/1999 02:09 PM Pavel Machek

Added examples of pairs and prefixes

ac40c888 10/02/1999 10:44 AM Pavel Machek

Obvious bugs in authentication fixed.

4caa2231 09/29/1999 02:23 PM Pavel Machek

Make configuration use new case statement.

bce8a34b 08/18/1999 01:19 PM Pavel Machek

Few fixme's fixed in rip (will not crash any more on request for
sending routing table - hopefully).

Next few steps in md5 authentication (not yet complete).

6542ece9 07/01/1999 09:11 AM Pavel Machek

Function calling in filters works - somehow. Calling syntax is
currently very ugly, beware. Variables are not really local - that
needs to be fixed.

7eb01479 05/26/1999 02:36 PM Pavel Machek

Example of password list usage.

36bbfc70 04/19/1999 06:41 PM Pavel Machek

Updated filters: they now actually see IP/pxlen of net being filtered,
gateway, and who told us, so they can do usefull jobs from now on.

38506f71 04/12/1999 07:58 PM Pavel Machek

Sets of integers now actually work. Sets of IP will work as soon as
compare function is ready.

23b1539b 04/07/1999 12:11 PM Pavel Machek

Filters upgraded - a bit. Moved code to filter.c because it is where
it belongs. (f-util.c stays there for auxiliary and non-important things.)

ba921648 03/29/1999 08:21 PM Pavel Machek

Update of filters towards new interface.

ca3d562b 01/15/1999 06:13 PM Pavel Machek

filters_init() renamed to filters_postconfig().

3169cf69 01/15/1999 05:18 PM Martin Mares

Added bird.conf to .cvsignore and created an example configuration file.

If you want to run bird now, just copy doc/bird.conf.example as bird.conf
and edit it to suit your needs.

8e66a0eb 12/08/1998 06:37 PM Martin Mares

Hopefully finished kernel syncer (krt) rewrite:

o  Interface syncing is now a part of krt and it can have configurable
parameters. Actually, the only one is scan rate now :)
o Kernel routing table syncing is now synchronized with interface
syncing (we need the most recent version of the interface list...
f6bd2066 12/06/1998 11:13 PM Martin Mares

All static routes except for device ones should work and appear/disappear
when their destination comes on/off link. Deserves better testing :)

See example in bird.conf.

a1bf6440 12/06/1998 06:21 PM Martin Mares

Added skeleton of static route protocol.

980ffedb 12/06/1998 05:40 PM Martin Mares

Kernel syncer is now configurable. It will probably need some more
options, but at least basic tuning is possible now.

50d8424a 11/29/1998 10:03 PM Martin Mares

Added configuration of the device internal protocol. This is primarily
intended to serve as an example of interface pattern list use. As a side
effect, you can disable generating of device routes by disabling
this protocol.

bd5d0d62 11/29/1998 02:40 PM Martin Mares

Allow setting debug value and `disabled' flag in protocol definition.

0b62c3a7 11/27/1998 09:32 PM Martin Mares

Trivial 15-line bison excercise: Implemented expressions including
user-defined numeric symbols. Whenever possible, use `expr' instead
of `NUM' to get full express ion power :-)

c74c0e3c 11/27/1998 09:09 PM Martin Mares

First attempt at protocol configuration (now done only for RIP).

906b0170 11/27/1998 07:39 PM Martin Mares

Experimental config file.