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e75d3c74 08/10/2009 12:36 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Flex does not need the output of Bison.

ea9097ea 08/10/2009 12:13 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Fixes parallel runs of Bison.

Previous version of Makefile executed Bison two times (in parallel),
because of two specified targets. I am not sure wheter this is the best


5b1f877e 08/10/2009 10:04 AM Ondrej Zajicek

Fixes typo in Makefile

0ac39033 08/09/2009 05:43 PM Ondrej Filip

Missing dependency added.

a456788b 06/20/2007 12:32 PM Ondrej Filip

New version of flex needs argument separated.

abf2be7d 03/12/2000 11:04 PM Martin Mares

Add internal commands of the client to the command list.

f50b9e48 01/19/2000 02:37 PM Martin Mares

Generate a list of all commands and their help texts for the client to use.

31b3e1bb 02/05/1999 09:37 PM Martin Mares

Implemented new configuration/reconfiguration interface and defined protocol
state machines. Full explanation will follow soon.

b9d70dc8 01/15/1999 04:49 PM Pavel Machek

Filters, second try. This time they have their own directory.

72380a34 01/15/1999 02:41 PM Pavel Machek

Filters added. They are unable to do anything interesting for now
(with exception of printing integers to screen), but they exist.

49e7e5ee 01/10/1999 12:18 AM Martin Mares

New makefiles. Includes support for out-of-source-tree builds.

70591fa0 11/27/1998 07:37 PM Martin Mares

Compile and use the new configuration code by default.