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4d176e14 05/11/2009 12:01 AM Ondrej Filip

'show route protocol <p>' added to CLI.

f8fbda6f 04/28/2009 09:53 AM Ondrej Filip

Small formatting typo in documentation.

c8a6b9a3 04/16/2009 11:48 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Rewrite of buggy AS path matching.

Old AS path maching supposes thath AS number appears
only once in AS path, but that is not true. It also
contains some bugs related to AS path sets.

New code does not use any assumptions about semantic
structure of AS path. It is asymptotically slower than...

bcb81251 03/31/2009 07:30 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Documentation update

b1a597e0 03/31/2009 10:55 AM Ondrej Zajicek

Reimplementation of prefix sets.

Prefix sets were broken beyond any repair and have to be reimplemented.
They are reimplemented using a trie with bitmasks in nodes.
There is also change in the interpretation of minus prefix pattern,
but the old interpretation was already inconsistent with...

1733d080 03/25/2009 06:15 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Minor text updates.

eb875dbb 03/14/2009 09:18 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Documentation fixes.

ad586334 03/14/2009 01:01 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Path related documentation update

e8ba557c 03/13/2009 11:49 AM Ondrej Zajicek

Update capability handshake options

Add 'capabilities' option, change default behavior to advertise ipv4,
add some checks and ignore incoming capabilities when capabilities
are disabled.

e3299ab1 03/05/2009 10:52 AM Ondrej Zajicek

Added Cisco and Quagga capability workaround option.

e312bb40 02/12/2009 08:53 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Documentation update

e29fa06e 11/14/2008 01:50 PM Ondrej Zajicek

New read-only route attribute 'proto' added. It returns a string
representing a name of the protocol that originated the route.
Strings can be compared using = or matched using ~. Routes can
be filtered, for example:

show route where proto ~ "bgp1*"

b21f68b4 11/08/2008 04:24 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Fix bugs in OSPF MD5 authentication. First bug is that default
values for MD5 password ID changed during reconfigure, Second
bug is that BIRD chooses password in first-fit manner, but RFC
says that it should use the one with the latest generate-from.

It also modifies the syntax for multiple passwords....

a92fe607 11/01/2008 11:55 AM Ondrej Zajicek

Implementation of route server.

b6bf284a 10/26/2008 09:59 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Bugfixes in MULIT_EXIT_DISC attribute handling.

- Old MED handling was completely different from behavior
specified in RFCs - for example they havn't been propagated
to neighboring areas.
- Update tie-breaking according to RFC 4271.
- Change default value for 'default bgp_med' configuration...
1adc17b4 10/26/2008 09:52 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Update of a documentation - new options for AS4, MD5 auth and route reflection.

94c42054 03/15/2005 10:06 PM Ondrej Filip

Added new parametr 'rx buffer <num>'. BIRD is able to receive
very large packets (if configured).

f735de02 02/21/2005 02:06 PM Ondrej Filip

Small typos in documentation.

d8c7d9e8 02/20/2005 04:27 AM Ondrej Filip

Since now I can also use 'dead interval', not just 'dead counter'.

4e9742bb 07/15/2004 07:46 PM Ondrej Filip

Added note about *BSD.

3b16080c 07/14/2004 09:46 PM Ondrej Filip

Multiple OSPF areas can be attached.
Origination of summary LSA works.
Routing table calculation works.
Virtual links works.

Well, I hope, OSPF is fully compatible with RFC2328!!!!

62eee823 07/13/2004 09:27 PM Ondrej Filip

Default tick = 1. The today's CPU is fast enough.

ea357b8b 06/26/2004 10:52 PM Ondrej Filip

Update of the documentation. (passwords and md5).
Option for md5 auth in config.

98ac6176 06/25/2004 04:39 PM Ondrej Filip

A lot of changes:
- metric is 3 byte long now
- summary lsa originating
- more OSPF areas possible
- virtual links
- better E1/E2 routes handling
- some bug fixes..

I have to do:
- md5 auth (last mandatory item from rfc2328)
- !!!!DEBUG!!!!! (mainly virtual link system has probably a lot of bugs)...

9a4b8790 06/11/2004 09:06 AM Ondrej Filip


c90ac711 06/07/2004 10:42 AM Ondrej Filip

Cleanup in show route import <p>.

30c34a10 12/07/2001 05:10 PM Ondrej Filip

Small bugfix in RIP documentation.

16319aeb 08/12/2001 12:09 AM Ondrej Filip

Dokumented switch network.

b2bdb406 08/11/2001 04:22 PM Ondrej Filip

Changed definition of stub area.

f02e4258 09/03/2000 06:27 PM Ondrej Filip

Some misspells.

e3bc10fd 09/02/2000 08:54 AM Ondrej Filip

Added stub interface. (Interface which is propagated to OSPF but
it does not sends nor listens packets.)

I added some new options, please look at it and look into doc if it's OK.

a190e720 09/02/2000 12:03 AM Ondrej Filip

Added hellos on NBMA networks. (I don't violate RFC now.)

94e2bbcc 08/28/2000 02:32 PM Ondrej Filip

Better ospf metric explanation.

96264d4d 06/08/2000 02:06 PM Pavel Machek

Final version of documentation (famous last words)

66701947 06/08/2000 12:56 PM Martin Mares


1632f1fe 06/08/2000 12:38 PM Pavel Machek

More spellchecking and typographic changes.

5a64ac70 06/08/2000 11:00 AM Ondrej Filip

Introduction to configuration of OSPF.

a4601845 06/08/2000 10:30 AM Pavel Machek

Tiny fixes.

5a203dac 06/08/2000 10:24 AM Pavel Machek

Docs updates.

64722c98 06/07/2000 03:27 PM Pavel Machek

Added brief description of client features. Grammar really is not good place to write help from, so please check this.

074a166d 06/07/2000 02:39 PM Pavel Machek

Better explanation for if/case, and RFC pointers for rip. Still searching for
RIPv2 rfc number!

f06a219a 06/07/2000 02:12 PM Ondrej Filip

Better explanation of OSPF attributes. But it's still not perfect.

4e8ec666 06/07/2000 02:08 PM Martin Mares


76c7efec 06/07/2000 02:01 PM Ondrej Filip

Better example for OSPF configuration.

3ca3e999 06/07/2000 01:54 PM Martin Mares

Spelling and style corrections to the OSPF section.

6316555e 06/07/2000 01:32 PM Martin Mares

Minor tagging fixes in OSPF docs.

25696edb 06/07/2000 01:30 PM Pavel Machek

Full list of possible values in attributes, better operators description.

088bc8ad 06/07/2000 01:28 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in <>.

0c69604c 06/07/2000 01:15 PM Pavel Machek

SGML syntax fix.

8fd12e6b 06/07/2000 12:35 PM Ondrej Filip

OSPF user documentation added.

1532a244 06/06/2000 08:54 PM Pavel Machek

mj's fixes to rip documentation.

a7c9f7c0 06/06/2000 08:35 PM Pavel Machek

Batch of mj's corrections (config + filters)

a00c7a18 06/06/2000 11:58 AM Martin Mares

Typos in Static section.

02357f96 06/06/2000 11:53 AM Pavel Machek

Merged mj's changes, up-to "import filter".

a852c139 06/06/2000 11:05 AM Pavel Machek

Don't let example overflow, and new chapter for "about routing tables".

22080a86 06/05/2000 04:42 PM Pavel Machek

Make rip example fit on page.

8798c811 06/05/2000 04:36 PM Pavel Machek

Docs updates:

make prog.dvi

do not overflow in .dvi

include filter documentation in the system

b093c328 06/05/2000 12:52 PM Pavel Machek

Updates to both programmers and users doc

371adba6 06/02/2000 05:23 PM Martin Mares

Use <chapt> for chapters, <sect> for sections and <sect1> for subsections.

75317ab8 06/02/2000 09:51 AM Martin Mares

Spelling fixes.

f8e2d916 06/02/2000 09:46 AM Martin Mares

Minor fixes.

cd4fecb6 06/02/2000 09:35 AM Martin Mares

Made it compile !!!

326e33f5 06/02/2000 07:59 AM Pavel Machek

Results of complete reading of documentation.

56ca7acd 06/01/2000 12:55 PM Martin Mares

BGP: RFC 2842 has replaced the cap-draft.

c184d9d0 05/31/2000 09:51 PM Pavel Machek

Documentation update

aa185265 05/31/2000 01:54 PM Martin Mares

Updated headings and copyrights.

3caca73f 05/31/2000 01:30 PM Martin Mares

Spelling check and update of LocalWords.

a2a3ced8 05/31/2000 10:07 AM Martin Mares

Added Pipe documentation.

36032ded 05/30/2000 07:20 PM Pavel Machek

Added section about client.

068b4127 05/30/2000 11:27 AM Pavel Machek

Don't say too bad things about our concurence.

e9df1bb6 05/30/2000 11:23 AM Pavel Machek

Small change in working to make it obvious we are free software.

1cb10462 05/30/2000 11:22 AM Pavel Machek

Date removed.

f3b33928 05/30/2000 11:15 AM Pavel Machek

Tried to change garbagetime -> garbage time to be more consistent.

2d6627a7 05/30/2000 10:42 AM Pavel Machek

Fixed bug in RIP docs.

298f2530 05/30/2000 10:13 AM Pavel Machek

Moved description of filters to programmers docs.

5459fac6 05/29/2000 09:03 PM Martin Mares

Added BGP documentation.

56ab03c7 05/29/2000 01:47 PM Martin Mares

Added introduction to BGP.

0e4789c2 05/29/2000 01:13 PM Martin Mares

Added Kernel protocol documentation.

d9d41c60 05/29/2000 12:46 PM Martin Mares

Capitalize properly in Install section.

BTW, what about configure options and similar things?

4f88ac47 05/29/2000 12:23 PM Pavel Machek

Reduce number of chapters -- having subchapter for 2 lines of code looks ugly in output.

0e694e04 05/29/2000 12:18 PM Martin Mares

Minor fixes as requested by Pavel.

440439e3 05/29/2000 12:05 PM Pavel Machek

Really short installation section added.

04a22949 05/29/2000 12:05 PM Martin Mares

Renamed the DTD from linuxdoc to birddoc.

Pavel, please check whether it builds in your environment as well.

897cd7aa 05/29/2000 12:03 PM Martin Mares

Tried to write a better introduction.

9d893489 05/29/2000 11:53 AM Pavel Machek

Docs updates.

79a2b697 05/29/2000 11:30 AM Martin Mares

Added description of Static, Device and Direct protocols.

98627595 05/29/2000 11:22 AM Pavel Machek

Better description of how route is selected.

2f647f3f 05/29/2000 11:13 AM Pavel Machek

Added "what is router" to introduction.

1b55b1a3 05/29/2000 10:32 AM Martin Mares

Spelling fixes.

Added skeleton for subchapters on all the protocols. Each subchapter should

Introduction (brief intro to the protocol, where should it be used,
references to the relevant standards)

Added a more detailed description of RIP attributes.

d150c637 05/28/2000 07:11 PM Pavel Machek

Documentation update.

216fd83c 05/25/2000 04:28 PM Pavel Machek

Spell checking.

d26524fa 05/25/2000 03:28 PM Pavel Machek

Add section about routing tables.

69477cad 05/25/2000 03:11 PM Pavel Machek

Add section about utility functions in filters

4a5bb2bf 05/25/2000 03:01 PM Pavel Machek

Description of types needed for BGP.

ba1dda49 05/25/2000 02:50 PM Pavel Machek

SGML correctness fix.

0e5373fd 05/25/2000 12:33 PM Pavel Machek

Some more documentation, plus minor fixes.

af0b25d2 05/19/2000 03:59 PM Pavel Machek

More updates.

242352b7 05/19/2000 02:13 PM Pavel Machek

Improve docs of log statment, improve markup.

a0dd1c74 05/19/2000 01:58 PM Pavel Machek

Some spellchecking, and use right tags for right things.

7581b81b 05/16/2000 06:47 PM Pavel Machek

More additions to documentation and spellchecking.