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854128a5 06/05/2000 09:01 PM Martin Mares

Don't print empty synopses of functions.

b458ce83 06/05/2000 04:19 PM Martin Mares

Print out function synopsis as a part of the declaration.

Also, reverted my previous hack for `&' and replaced it by just disabling
the `& -> &' conversions.

899fc0ab 06/03/2000 06:22 PM Martin Mares

`|' now works as it should.

2e130b5c 06/03/2000 05:02 PM Martin Mares

Recognize `|xxxx|' as verbatim text and typeset it using <tt>.

7e602d5e 06/02/2000 05:42 PM Martin Mares

Killed several bugs in kernel-doc. The most painful one was that it
was unable to recognize structure markers `&'.

371adba6 06/02/2000 05:23 PM Martin Mares

Use <chapt> for chapters, <sect> for sections and <sect1> for subsections.

658d272b 06/01/2000 05:11 PM Martin Mares

Better handling of parameterless functions.

c23f40b1 06/01/2000 03:04 PM Martin Mares

Use <funcsect> instead of <sect3>.

fcdddff5 05/31/2000 02:24 PM Martin Mares

Formatting of progdoc works in both HTML and LaTeX. The LaTeX output
still has somewhat weird spacing, but it will be hopefully easy
to fix.

c9c36117 05/31/2000 11:29 AM Martin Mares

Added new output format `bird' which creates birddoc SGML.

2337ade7 04/30/2000 06:47 PM Pavel Machek

Moved documentation to top of file, where it belongs.

602b1445 04/28/2000 09:48 AM Pavel Machek

Documentation-generating tool taken from linux-2.3.99-pre6, and
makefile to actually use it.