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iof-bird-daemon / filter / filter.c @ 2f702671

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2f702671 11/10/1999 01:07 PM Pavel Machek

No more shift/reduce conflicts.

f4536657 11/10/1999 12:44 PM Pavel Machek

Enumerational types, defined keyword added.

91447965 11/04/1999 01:33 PM Pavel Machek

Possibility to access first extended attributes.

6dc7a0cb 11/03/1999 10:23 PM Pavel Machek

Filters now do not allow function (int arg; int arg2; ).

41be4444 10/28/1999 09:03 PM Pavel Machek

switch() { } done right.

d3dd620b 10/12/1999 06:27 AM Pavel Machek

Filters: permit variables of prefix types, cleanup around
variables. TODO list added, hopefully complete. Use new features of
filters in bird.conf

720d911d 10/07/1999 02:10 PM Pavel Machek

Added constants of type prefix and pair, added their printing

c9f8c1a8 10/07/1999 01:38 PM Pavel Machek

FIXME's added. Hopefully fixme list is now complete for filters.

7db7b7db 09/29/1999 02:24 PM Pavel Machek

Case arg { 1: printf "one"; } works. You can not use two commands
after one label, yet.

29818140 08/20/1999 09:59 AM Pavel Machek

Few FIXME's removed from auth, few FIXME's added to filter.

6542ece9 07/01/1999 09:11 AM Pavel Machek

Function calling in filters works - somehow. Calling syntax is
currently very ugly, beware. Variables are not really local - that
needs to be fixed.

36bbfc70 04/19/1999 06:41 PM Pavel Machek

Updated filters: they now actually see IP/pxlen of net being filtered,
gateway, and who told us, so they can do usefull jobs from now on.

43fc099b 04/13/1999 11:40 AM Pavel Machek

Sets of IP addresses should work, now. (From now on it is also
possible to write if <, but I'm not sure if it is good
for anything.)

38506f71 04/12/1999 07:58 PM Pavel Machek

Sets of integers now actually work. Sets of IP will work as soon as
compare function is ready.

bad631e0 04/12/1999 12:07 PM Pavel Machek

Oops, typo.

8ba2cc06 04/12/1999 12:01 PM Pavel Machek

In case no startup function is defined, don't try to launch it.

2db3b288 04/10/1999 09:45 AM Pavel Machek

Decrease number of warnings.

23b1539b 04/07/1999 12:11 PM Pavel Machek

Filters upgraded - a bit. Moved code to filter.c because it is where
it belongs. (f-util.c stays there for auxiliary and non-important things.)