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iof-bird-daemon / filter @ 2f702671

# Date Author Comment
2f702671 11/10/1999 01:07 PM Pavel Machek

No more shift/reduce conflicts.

49955645 11/10/1999 01:05 PM Martin Mares

Shift/reduce conflicts in IF/THEN/ELSE rules solved.

f4536657 11/10/1999 12:44 PM Pavel Machek

Enumerational types, defined keyword added.

3c989eb4 11/04/1999 02:05 PM Pavel Machek

Fixed comments about shift/reduce conflicts.

ae3e1af2 11/04/1999 02:03 PM Pavel Machek

Add possibility of local variables.

91447965 11/04/1999 01:33 PM Pavel Machek

Possibility to access first extended attributes.

6dc7a0cb 11/03/1999 10:23 PM Pavel Machek

Filters now do not allow function (int arg; int arg2; ).

41be4444 10/28/1999 09:03 PM Pavel Machek

switch() { } done right.

d3dd620b 10/12/1999 06:27 AM Pavel Machek

Filters: permit variables of prefix types, cleanup around
variables. TODO list added, hopefully complete. Use new features of
filters in bird.conf

720d911d 10/07/1999 02:10 PM Pavel Machek

Added constants of type prefix and pair, added their printing

c9f8c1a8 10/07/1999 01:38 PM Pavel Machek

FIXME's added. Hopefully fixme list is now complete for filters.

7db7b7db 09/29/1999 02:24 PM Pavel Machek

Case arg { 1: printf "one"; } works. You can not use two commands
after one label, yet.

29818140 08/20/1999 09:59 AM Pavel Machek

Few FIXME's removed from auth, few FIXME's added to filter.

9a706f32 08/03/1999 07:31 PM Martin Mares

Added missing structure declarations.

6542ece9 07/01/1999 09:11 AM Pavel Machek

Function calling in filters works - somehow. Calling syntax is
currently very ugly, beware. Variables are not really local - that
needs to be fixed.

4107df1d 05/17/1999 08:06 PM Martin Mares

Implemented two new symbol handling functions:

o  cf_define_symbol() -- it assigns a meaning to a symbol, bailing
out if it already has one.
o cf_find_symbol() -- finds symbol by name and creates it if not found.

Also modified filter/config.Y to make use of the first function.

36bbfc70 04/19/1999 06:41 PM Pavel Machek

Updated filters: they now actually see IP/pxlen of net being filtered,
gateway, and who told us, so they can do usefull jobs from now on.

43fc099b 04/13/1999 11:40 AM Pavel Machek

Sets of IP addresses should work, now. (From now on it is also
possible to write if <, but I'm not sure if it is good
for anything.)

38506f71 04/12/1999 07:58 PM Pavel Machek

Sets of integers now actually work. Sets of IP will work as soon as
compare function is ready.

bad631e0 04/12/1999 12:07 PM Pavel Machek

Oops, typo.

8ba2cc06 04/12/1999 12:01 PM Pavel Machek

In case no startup function is defined, don't try to launch it.

2db3b288 04/10/1999 09:45 AM Pavel Machek

Decrease number of warnings.

23b1539b 04/07/1999 12:11 PM Pavel Machek

Filters upgraded - a bit. Moved code to filter.c because it is where
it belongs. (f-util.c stays there for auxiliary and non-important things.)

63a381db 04/05/1999 08:10 PM Martin Mares

Several filter changes. (Pavel, please check if they are OK.)

o  Changed parameters of f_run. Changed rtein+rteout pair to rte pointer
passed by reference, added ea_list of temporary attrs again passed
by reference and finally added a pointer to memory pool for storing...
78d5ec15 03/29/1999 08:28 PM Martin Mares

Please don't commit debugging code which makes BIRD exit before anything
actually starts to happen. Grrr.

ba921648 03/29/1999 08:21 PM Pavel Machek

Update of filters towards new interface.

e0f2e42f 03/17/1999 02:29 PM Martin Mares

A couple of filter tweaks:

o  Introduced struct filter which serves as an external reference
to filter. Using struct symbol for this is unwise since it doesn't
allow extra information attached to the filter and it also forces
all filters to be named....
3c7ad64c 03/17/1999 01:04 PM Pavel Machek

Compilation fix for mj.

d36d838d 03/17/1999 10:19 AM Pavel Machek

accept & reject should now work

2575593e 03/09/1999 02:45 PM Pavel Machek

Resolved conflicts, you no longer need to wrap constants in const()

b7005824 03/08/1999 08:30 PM Pavel Machek

Filters are now a tiny bit stronger (if is actually working ;-)

84c7e194 03/02/1999 07:49 PM Pavel Machek

Add interface for running filters (please comment!), avoid bison warnings

292099d5 02/03/1999 12:28 PM Pavel Machek

Few fixes in parsing of filters

ca3d562b 01/15/1999 06:13 PM Pavel Machek

filters_init() renamed to filters_postconfig().

c9b66706 01/15/1999 06:04 PM Martin Mares

Original `expr' is back, filter expressions renamed to `term'.

In the future, we'll allow any filter term in place of `expr' and we'll
just evaluate it immediately, but not now as we have no evaluation

b9d70dc8 01/15/1999 04:49 PM Pavel Machek

Filters, second try. This time they have their own directory.