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iof-bird-daemon / lib / event.h @ e48dae3e

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8f6accb5 04/27/2000 10:28 PM Martin Mares

Event handlers no longer return re-queue flag. Instead of using it, just
call ev_schedule() on the same handler which should work perfectly now.

84a7d7f7 11/17/1999 12:01 PM Martin Mares

ev_run() now returns whether the event has been requeued or not.
ev_run_list() now returns number of events which remain in the list.

0d70292d 10/29/1999 12:08 PM Martin Mares

Events now return a value. If it's non-zero, the event is re-queued
for processing in next event cycle. This can be used to prevent background
actions (hint: user commands) from hogging the CPU for too long time.

3b15402f 02/11/1999 10:18 PM Martin Mares

Grrr, forgot to commit the event routines themselves :|