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012279f3 05/31/2004 01:59 PM Ondrej Filip

Some include added.

3df89cef 06/07/2000 01:18 AM Ondrej Filip


cfa6ab05 05/30/2000 10:47 PM Martin Mares

Added ipa_absolutize() which converts link-scope addresses to global scope
ones according to prefix assigned to the corresponding interface.

221135d6 03/31/2000 11:30 PM Martin Mares

Include "lib/string.h" instead of <string.h>. It should give us bzero()
and other non-portable functions on all systems.

4ebbbd40 03/01/2000 12:15 PM Martin Mares

Changed comments regarding hash function.

14a6c2a7 03/01/2000 12:03 PM Martin Mares

IP_PREC_INTERNET_CONTROL for IPv6 (see the comment).

12a9d139 12/16/1999 01:13 PM Martin Mares

ipv6_compare() accepts non-lvalue arguments as well. This makes filters
compile with IPv6.

dce26783 08/03/1999 07:36 PM Martin Mares

Basic support for IPv6. The system-dependent part doesn't work yet,
but the core routines are there and seem to be working.

o  lib/ipv6.[ch] written
o Lexical analyser recognizes IPv6 addresses and when in IPv6
mode, treats pure IPv4 addresses as router IDs....
294c182e 01/23/1999 09:08 PM Martin Mares

Replaced the old ugly ipv6 compilation hack by a conditional in Modules.

a6f250f5 12/20/1998 01:57 PM Martin Mares

New hash functions according to benchmarks posted yesterday. (The IPv6
version has not been benchmarked yet due to insufficient test data.)
Now ipa_hash() returns a uniformely distributed 16-bit value.

6b5e06ab 06/17/1998 02:26 PM Martin Mares

Added function for converting of IP addresses to printable form.

0fe3b28b 06/01/1998 09:36 PM Martin Mares

Added ipa_xor() and ipa_in_net().

25697773 05/15/1998 07:56 AM Martin Mares

The library is now glued together from generic and OS-dependent parts
by the `mergedirs' script. Few more IP address manipulation functions
and some fixes.

18c8241a 05/03/1998 04:43 PM Martin Mares

BIRD library: The story continues.

Complete resource manages and IP address handling.

c40e05a0 04/23/1998 02:01 PM Martin Mares

Added IP address manipulation macros, interface declarations and logging.