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0766e962 01/17/2001 08:32 AM Martin Mares

Bug fix from Zheng Yuan <>.

5cc1e1f8 06/05/2000 11:41 AM Martin Mares

Documented memory resources.

c9763428 05/08/2000 10:33 PM Martin Mares

Implemented debugging function rlookup() which you can call from gdb
to see what resource does the address given as a parameter belong to.

221135d6 03/31/2000 11:30 PM Martin Mares

Include "lib/string.h" instead of <string.h>. It should give us bzero()
and other non-portable functions on all systems.

92af6f30 10/29/1999 10:08 AM Martin Mares

Simplify handling of free chunks.

507cb9e5 10/02/1999 10:55 AM Martin Mares

Don't forget to free large blocks.

5bc512aa 03/29/1999 08:14 PM Martin Mares

Clarify resource dumps and include them in the main debugging dump.

f5c687f7 03/29/1999 07:35 PM Martin Mares

Added lp_flush() which flushes contents of a linear pool, leaving all the
memory available for subsequent allocations from the same pool. Both flushing
and re-using the memory costs just few instructions.

b35d72ac 12/06/1998 11:59 AM Martin Mares

Name cleanups as suggested by Pavel:

- cfg_strcpy() > cfg_strdup()
mempool -> linpool, mp_* -> lp_* [to avoid confusion with memblock, mb_*]

Anyway, it might be better to stop ranting about names and do some real work.

d4bc8dc0 05/24/1998 02:46 PM Martin Mares

Staticized some variables and functions.

18c8241a 05/03/1998 04:43 PM Martin Mares

BIRD library: The story continues.

Complete resource manages and IP address handling.