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iof-bird-daemon / lib / unaligned.h @ 9b136840

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e422ca0f 11/24/2015 12:52 PM Ondrej Zajicek (work)

Some consts for function arguments

Patch from Pavel Tvrdik

75ff0802 11/13/2015 06:31 PM Pavel TvrdĂ­k

Add get_u64() and put_u64() into lib/unaligned.h

221135d6 03/31/2000 11:30 PM Martin Mares

Include "lib/string.h" instead of <string.h>. It should give us bzero()
and other non-portable functions on all systems.

a8f944cb 03/21/2000 03:51 PM Martin Mares

Wrote real version of unaligned data access functions (needed for BGP).

b1487ee9 05/26/1998 09:38 PM Martin Mares

Added generic functions for unaligned data access.

58ef912c 04/22/1998 12:58 PM Martin Mares

First look at data structures. More to come tomorrow...