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iof-bird-daemon / nest / cli.c @ f3792601

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f611f0ee 12/01/1999 03:07 PM Martin Mares

Reset temporary parser data before parsing, not afterwards. This enables
deferred CLI command handlers to store their temporary data in the CLI
parsing pool.

1d2664a4 11/30/1999 02:04 PM Martin Mares

Remember protocol instance in proto_config and use that for
`show protocols <name>'.

10b5baae 11/30/1999 12:56 PM Martin Mares

Don't use continuation shortcuts until real client is written.

ffb59d24 11/17/1999 12:00 PM Martin Mares

Command line interface now works.

bc2fb680 10/31/1999 05:47 PM Martin Mares

Parse CLI commands. We use the same parser as for configuration files (because
we want to allow filter and similar complex constructs to be used in commands
and we should avoid code duplication), only with CLI_MARKER token prepended
before the whole input....

b9672a84 10/31/1999 03:43 PM Martin Mares

The CLI I/O functions work as desired.

7d3aab1c 10/29/1999 12:10 PM Martin Mares

First steps of the Command Line Interface: I/O routines.