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730f2e2c 12/01/1999 03:10 PM Martin Mares

Added dumping of routing tables (`show route'). This includes filtering.

0d70292d 10/29/1999 12:08 PM Martin Mares

Events now return a value. If it's non-zero, the event is re-queued
for processing in next event cycle. This can be used to prevent background
actions (hint: user commands) from hogging the CPU for too long time.

d7975d26 08/03/1999 07:38 PM Martin Mares

Ouch, how could I write this?

8c943173 08/03/1999 07:33 PM Martin Mares

Allow announces of rte's to protocols in FS_FEEDING state.
Else, we would get chicken-egg problems in the table-to-table protocol.

7de45ba4 08/03/1999 07:33 PM Martin Mares

Kernel route syncer supports multiple tables.

The changes are just too extensive for lazy me to list them
there, but see the comment at the top of sysdep/unix/krt.c.
The code got a bit more ifdeffy than I'd like, though.

Also fixed a bunch of FIXME's and added a couple of others. :)

bb027be1 05/31/1999 06:55 PM Martin Mares

Added extra argument to rt_update hook which contains a pointer to the
temporary attribute list.

0e02abfd 05/17/1999 08:14 PM Martin Mares

From now we support multiple tables. The master_table variable is
definitely gone. Both rte_update() and rte_discard() have an additional
argument telling which table should they modify.

Also, rte_update() no longer walks the whole protocol list -- each table...

08e2d625 04/12/1999 06:01 PM Martin Mares

Removed TOS support. This simplifies many things a lot.

e2dc2f30 04/05/1999 08:25 PM Martin Mares

Routing table core changes to support full route filtering:

o Introduced rte_cow() which should be used for copying on write the
rte's in filters. Each rte now carries a flag saying whether it's
a real route (possessing table linkage and other insignia) or a local...

c10421d3 04/03/1999 01:05 PM Martin Mares

More changes to the kernel syncer.

o Now compatible with filtering.
o Learning of kernel routes supported only on CONFIG_SELF_CONSCIOUS
systems (on the others it's impossible to get it semantically correct).
o Learning now stores all of its routes in a separate fib and selects...

739ebd8e 03/26/1999 09:38 PM Martin Mares

Allow different instances of the same protocol with identical preferences.

421838ff 03/17/1999 03:01 PM Martin Mares

rte_update: Check sanity of incoming entries. Throw out (and log) all routes
to bogus prefixes and non-local routes to host scope addresses.

529c4149 03/17/1999 02:31 PM Martin Mares

Allow input and output filters (only accept/reject style as we didn't define
modifying filters yet) to be attached to protocol instances.

51ad41f2 03/03/1999 08:56 PM Martin Mares

EFence helped to find using of already free rte's in rt_prune().

5996da6a 02/13/1999 09:29 PM Martin Mares

Implemented garbage collection of routing tables to delete orphaned network
nodes having no routes attached. Such cleanup must be done from event handler
since most functions manipulating the routing tables expect network entries
won't disappear from under their hands and it's also probably faster when...

0a2e9d9f 02/13/1999 08:19 PM Martin Mares

Moved sanity check of protocol state during annoucements to rte_announce.

1a54b1c6 02/13/1999 07:15 PM Martin Mares

Implemented real cleanup and pruning of routing table on protocol shutdown.

64011f89 02/11/1999 10:45 PM Martin Mares

struct proto again contains instance name (a copy of proto->cf->name).

31b3e1bb 02/05/1999 09:37 PM Martin Mares

Implemented new configuration/reconfiguration interface and defined protocol
state machines. Full explanation will follow soon.

08c69a77 12/20/1998 02:27 PM Martin Mares

die() -> bug() where appropriate.

e440395d 12/20/1998 02:01 PM Martin Mares

When printing a routing table, fib_check() it.

04925e90 12/07/1998 09:59 PM Martin Mares

Minor rte/rta interface changes:

o  rte can now contain a pointer to both cached and uncached rta. Protocols
which don't need their own attribute caching can now just fill-in a rta,
link it to rte without any calls to attribute cache and call rte_update()...
dafd580e 10/26/1998 03:24 PM Martin Mares

Previous fix was wrong.

db6984c4 10/26/1998 03:01 PM Martin Mares

rte_update: Doesn't loop forever when multiple routes point to the same

8ca8683c 10/20/1998 03:47 PM Martin Mares

Beware the NULL route, my son... The bugs that bite, the BIRDs that crash :-)

a0762910 10/20/1998 03:13 PM Martin Mares

Added pointer to network to RTE. The complications with passing NET separately
aren't worth 4 bytes per RTE.

rte_discard and rte_dump don't need net * as parameter.

4c45595e 10/18/1998 10:24 PM Martin Mares

o FIB flags now available for FIB users.
o struct network: FIB flags used for kernel syncing.
o struct network: `next' field deleted (historical relic).

5b22683d 10/18/1998 11:13 AM Martin Mares

After contemplating about RIP route timeouts for a long time, I've implemented
protocol callbacks for route insertion and deletion from the central table.
RIP should maintain its own per-protocol queue of existing routes, scan it
periodically and call rte_discard() for routes that have timed out.

570ce189 10/18/1998 10:49 AM Martin Mares

Implemented `route last modified' time.

7f3d198d 10/17/1998 11:24 AM Martin Mares

Each protocol now hears even its own routes and needs to make its own
loop detection. This is needed since both RIP and OSPF handle multiple
neighbors and they need to redistribute routes learned from each neighbor
to the remaining ones.

47b79306 10/17/1998 11:05 AM Martin Mares

Solve chicken-and-egg problems with protocol startup. We now queue all inactive
protocols and don't send route/interface updates to them and when they come up,
we resend the whole route/interface tables privately.

Removed the "scan interface list after protocol start" work-around.

8c43696d 08/31/1998 09:13 PM Martin Mares

Route update hook now gets network prefix as well as updated
route attributes.

962ba482 06/17/1998 02:36 PM Martin Mares

Use '%I' instead of dirty address printing hacks.

0cdbd397 06/04/1998 08:28 PM Martin Mares

Handle route deletion without segfaults. A bit more debug dumps.

d9f330c5 06/03/1998 08:40 AM Martin Mares

Protocol hooks. All of them may be NULL.

6d45cf21 05/24/1998 02:49 PM Martin Mares

Added debug dump function, but it's still empty :(

2326b001 05/20/1998 11:54 AM Martin Mares

Added routing table and routing attribute code.

62aa008a 05/15/1998 07:54 AM Martin Mares

Parts of routing table code. Data structure declarations should be
complete now.