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153f02da 12/07/2017 12:06 PM Ondrej Zajicek (work)

Nest: Maintain separate IPv4, IPv6 and LLv6 preferred addresses

Also redesign preferred address selection and update protocols to use
appropriate preferred address.

Based on a previous work by Jan Maria Matejka.

5220cb63 06/14/2017 10:34 AM Ondrej Zajicek (work)

Babel: Fix pointer arithmetic in subtlv parsing

The subtlv parsing code was doing byte-based arithmetic with non-void pointers,
causing it to read beyond the end of the packet.

Signed-off-by: Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <>

145ebfa1 06/09/2017 12:33 PM Ondrej Zajicek (work)

Babel: Parse sub-TLVs and skip TLVs with mandatory sub-TLV

RFC6126bis formally introduces sub-TLVs to the Babel protocol, including
mandatory sub-TLVs. This adds support for parsing sub-TLVs to the Babel
protocol and skips TLVs that contain mandatory sub-TLVs, as per the spec....

b3c6273e 06/09/2017 11:00 AM Ondrej Zajicek (work)

Babel: Implement IPv6 prefix compression on outgoing updates

Previously, the Babel protocol would never use prefix compression on outgoing
updates (but would parse it on incoming ones). This adds compression of IPv6
addresses of outgoing updates.

The compression only works to the extent that the FIB is walked in lexicographic...

4324025f 06/08/2017 10:18 AM Ondrej Zajicek (work)

Babel: Add support for dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 operation

This adds support for dual-stack v4/v6 operation to the Babel protocol.
Routing messages will be exchanged over IPv6, but IPv4 routes can be
carried in the messages being exchanged. This matches how the reference...

5e8df049 12/09/2016 11:44 PM Ondrej Zajicek (work)

Babel: Update to integrated branch

3e236955 11/01/2016 01:52 PM Jan Moskyto Matejka

Build: switch on -Wextra, get rid of most of the warnings

There are several unresolved -Wmissing-field-initializers on older
versions of GCC than 5.1, all of them false positive.

5d6ca220 07/19/2016 12:23 PM Ondrej Zajicek (work)

Babel: Send wildcard retractions on shutdown and startup

This makes BIRD send a wildcard retraction on all interfaces before
shutting down and right after starting up. This helps ensure that
neighbours will discard the announced routes as soon as possible,...

ecae2f43 07/19/2016 11:33 AM Ondrej Zajicek (work)

Babel: Rework handling of retractions

An update with wildcard AE and infinite metric should be treated as a
global retraction of all prefixes announced by that neighbour, per
section 4.4.9 of the RFC. In addition, router ID and seqno in retraction
updates should be ignored. This reworks the handling of retractions and...

937e75d8 04/28/2016 04:01 PM Ondrej Zajicek (work)

Add the Babel routing protocol (RFC 6126)

This patch implements the IPv6 subset of the Babel routing protocol.
Based on the patch from Toke Hoiland-Jorgensen, with some heavy
modifications and bugfixes.

Thanks to Toke Hoiland-Jorgensen for the original patch.