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iof-bird-daemon / proto / ospf / lsack.c @ e8ab1680

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d5e4b518 06/07/2000 10:10 PM Ondrej Filip


531a48d8 06/06/2000 02:32 AM Ondrej Filip

Tracing in LS ack.

eb436e16 06/06/2000 12:08 AM Ondrej Filip

NBMA networks seems to work, but this should be better. :-)

4bb9ce56 06/05/2000 07:45 PM Ondrej Filip

Reset inactim timer if you receive any packet from neighbor.

df49d4e1 06/04/2000 07:56 PM Martin Mares

Removed lots of trailing newlines in log messages.

Please note that the only calls which don't add newlines automatically
(i.e., don't print a full line of output) are debug() and DBG.

83e50ffc 06/04/2000 05:33 PM Ondrej Filip

Bug in debugging.

89d6782d 06/03/2000 01:29 AM Ondrej Filip

interface {} added.

7a5582ac 06/02/2000 11:00 AM Ondrej Filip

Better dumping, if I get strange lsack.

37282678 05/31/2000 06:21 PM Ondrej Filip

And finally, Premature aging works. :-)

c8d1f3fe 05/11/2000 10:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Better debugging.
More robust.

a3ae6246 05/09/2000 07:38 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in lsrt slist adding.

9669362f 05/09/2000 06:17 PM Ondrej Filip

Many bugfixes. (I added one entry twice to slist.)
Debug cleanup.
Retransmiting of unacknolegded LSAs

8a3049f6 05/08/2000 10:42 PM Ondrej Filip

Useless '\n' in log()

158b99c9 05/08/2000 10:02 PM Ondrej Filip

Better logging. (%d->%I)

19fc4c76 04/18/2000 09:13 PM Ondrej Filip

LS ack.

26116eac 04/18/2000 08:34 PM Ondrej Filip

Better LS Ack dumping.

9eada7ca 04/18/2000 07:44 PM Ondrej Filip

Fixed the serious bug in LSack.
Oh, I'm an idiot. I sent LSACK, but in header was LSUPD. :-(

284c43ff 04/18/2000 05:36 PM Ondrej Filip

Sending of ACK disabled, since I'll find bug.

023f5e86 04/18/2000 05:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Another LSack update. It's still NOT correct and it surely
kills gated or Cyclades OSPF implementation. :-)

67315ef6 04/18/2000 01:06 AM Ondrej Filip

Some lsack work. There is something very worng. :-( It locked my network.

ebff007f 04/12/2000 03:37 PM Ondrej Filip

LSack receiving bugfix.

4bf41ac8 04/12/2000 03:20 PM Ondrej Filip

LS Ack receiving done.

921a93f2 04/04/2000 12:32 AM Ondrej Filip

Flooding work continues.

de769e24 03/30/2000 08:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Skeleton structures and files added.