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ce8f0c08 06/04/2000 07:19 PM Ondrej Filip

Schedule RT calcualtion if you delete LSA by premature aging.

89d6782d 06/03/2000 01:29 AM Ondrej Filip

interface {} added.

b36a0a79 06/02/2000 07:55 PM Ondrej Filip

area {} added to config.

62924172 06/02/2000 01:52 PM Ondrej Filip

Flush LSA when receive aged one.

e4ba0ec1 06/02/2000 01:27 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in receiving of aged LSA.

489f800b 06/02/2000 09:53 AM Ondrej Filip

Speedup loading process.

42542c56 06/01/2000 12:32 AM Ondrej Filip


37282678 05/31/2000 06:21 PM Ondrej Filip

And finally, Premature aging works. :-)

31ee3d5f 05/31/2000 03:51 PM Ondrej Filip

Another step to make premature aging better.

a9eeefd6 05/31/2000 03:28 PM Ondrej Filip

Warning destroyed. :-)

82364f4d 05/31/2000 03:24 PM Ondrej Filip

Flood my LSA (if exists) after old one is flushed.

7e1c7efa 05/30/2000 05:57 PM Ondrej Filip

Stupig bug in debugging.

3dd8f983 05/30/2000 05:51 PM Ondrej Filip

You can decide if add LSA into lsrth during flood_lsa().

b477a9a8 05/30/2000 04:49 PM Ondrej Filip

Don't send empty LS upd. (And better debugging.)

935ceabe 05/30/2000 04:08 PM Ondrej Filip

Don't send empty LS update.

a548a7e1 05/30/2000 03:05 PM Ondrej Filip

Bug in direct ack (via update).

e9d6b1d1 05/28/2000 08:11 PM Ondrej Filip

Kosmetic change in debugging.

4bd28fb6 05/27/2000 03:36 PM Ondrej Filip

Better shutdown. (Flush my own router LSA and send 1WAY to every neighbor.)
Ext LSA originating and flushing added.

5da1f935 05/11/2000 10:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in flooding. (bad size)
Better debugging.
More robust in receiving.

13741548 05/10/2000 03:04 PM Ondrej Filip

Some better lsa checking added.

a9c41c85 05/10/2000 02:29 PM Ondrej Filip

Out dump deleted.

32fa4a5a 05/09/2000 09:06 PM Ondrej Filip

Premature aging of self-originated LSA received in flooding.

a3ae6246 05/09/2000 07:38 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in lsrt slist adding.

cd22a62b 05/09/2000 06:20 PM Ondrej Filip

Don't send flushed LSAs.

9669362f 05/09/2000 06:17 PM Ondrej Filip

Many bugfixes. (I added one entry twice to slist.)
Debug cleanup.
Retransmiting of unacknolegded LSAs

5f743d96 05/09/2000 01:56 PM Ondrej Filip

Many bugfixes. Actually, how could this ever work? :-)

5d608eba 05/09/2000 12:31 PM Ondrej Filip

Bug fix in sending updates.

77fbd315 05/08/2000 10:10 PM Ondrej Filip

Better debug output.

d345cda5 05/04/2000 01:23 AM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in Network lsa originating
Bugfix in ntohlsab() and htonlsab()
For calculating of rt I use my own fib. I delete routes! ;-)

249fdef7 05/02/2000 10:31 PM Ondrej Filip

Adding InfTransDelay for outgoing lsa.

85195f1a 04/30/2000 10:14 PM Ondrej Filip

Many small changes and bug fixes. Routing table calculation works.
I'm waiting for rt lookup to add stub networks.

dfa9a53a 04/26/2000 12:54 PM Ondrej Filip

Routing table calculation. Dijkstra done.

85c92555 04/18/2000 10:11 PM Ondrej Filip

Grr, another patch to make it compile.

740d16d9 04/18/2000 10:07 PM Ondrej Filip

Another ack bugfix. (Bad test for MIN_LS_ARRIVAL.)

84228eee 04/18/2000 09:40 PM Ondrej Filip

LS ack bugfix. (I didn't remove LSA from LSret hash.)

44724025 04/18/2000 06:29 PM Ondrej Filip

Many %u changer into %I.

67315ef6 04/18/2000 01:06 AM Ondrej Filip

Some lsack work. There is something very worng. :-( It locked my network.

38130b86 04/17/2000 08:42 PM Ondrej Filip

Small change in LSA originating.

2c971094 04/05/2000 12:51 AM Ondrej Filip

LSA flooding done.

10000b96 04/04/2000 10:27 PM Ondrej Filip

Small clean up. (Duplicate #defines.)

f1f7face 04/04/2000 10:22 PM Ondrej Filip

"Bug in hashing" fixed. Ehm it was bug in lsrql node removing.

d8852b36 04/04/2000 03:55 PM Ondrej Filip

LSupdate processing improved. Now there is some bug in hashing. :-(

921a93f2 04/04/2000 12:32 AM Ondrej Filip

Flooding work continues.

8496b2e4 04/03/2000 10:31 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor change in area list. Now I use MJ's lists.

394acced 04/02/2000 08:41 PM Ondrej Filip

Work on lsupdates continues. Some checksum cleanup.

9f940976 03/31/2000 01:14 AM Ondrej Filip

Some bug fixes. LSA checksum is still bad. I'll fix it later.

f45fd316 03/31/2000 12:21 AM Ondrej Filip

Sending of lspd as responce to lsreq done.

de769e24 03/30/2000 08:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Skeleton structures and files added.