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aaaff776 06/03/2000 09:50 AM Ondrej Filip

More conf. items defined.

89d6782d 06/03/2000 01:29 AM Ondrej Filip

interface {} added.

b36a0a79 06/02/2000 07:55 PM Ondrej Filip

area {} added to config.

3fa5722d 06/02/2000 03:05 PM Ondrej Filip

First option into config added. :-)

c4f0f014 06/01/2000 05:52 PM Ondrej Filip

Added show ospf interface.
show ospf neighbors now knows "<interface>".

4ab4e977 06/01/2000 04:26 PM Ondrej Filip

show ospf implemented.

a783e259 06/01/2000 03:53 PM Ondrej Filip

Cisco-like "show ospf neighbors" implemented.

d1660fd3 05/31/2000 02:21 PM Ondrej Filip

Sort cleanup in aging.

70a38319 05/31/2000 02:06 PM Ondrej Filip

LSArt origination and routing table calculation is now not doing so
often. Instead of calculation I just schedule it latter.

5919c66e 05/30/2000 09:25 PM Martin Mares

Route attributes for OSPF.

e1e31816 05/30/2000 04:48 PM Ondrej Filip

Aging delta changed. (Ehm, aging is very dirty I'll have to change it.)

e8085aba 05/27/2000 02:17 PM Ondrej Filip

Originating of external LSA.

2d5b9992 05/26/2000 07:04 PM Ondrej Filip

Import control implemented.

00c1f79a 05/17/2000 08:01 PM Ondrej Filip

rte_same implemented.

bbd76b42 05/17/2000 07:27 PM Ondrej Filip

rte_better implemented.

65a9c571 05/10/2000 11:22 AM Ondrej Filip

Change u32 to ip_addr in ext lsa.

aa1e082c 05/10/2000 10:47 AM Ondrej Filip

Calculation of external routes.

9669362f 05/09/2000 06:17 PM Ondrej Filip

Many bugfixes. (I added one entry twice to slist.)
Debug cleanup.
Retransmiting of unacknolegded LSAs

43e75f38 05/08/2000 11:46 PM Ondrej Filip

Do not stop lsrr_timer in FULL state. Use it for retransmition.

ed4a53c6 05/08/2000 10:50 PM Ondrej Filip

Some changes in debugging.

d345cda5 05/04/2000 01:23 AM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in Network lsa originating
Bugfix in ntohlsab() and htonlsab()
For calculating of rt I use my own fib. I delete routes! ;-)

9bc1808a 05/03/2000 12:08 AM Ondrej Filip

Better rt and net originating.

0bf2f203 05/02/2000 11:09 PM Ondrej Filip

Originating of network LSA.

249fdef7 05/02/2000 10:31 PM Ondrej Filip

Adding InfTransDelay for outgoing lsa.

c45f48fb 05/02/2000 10:19 PM Ondrej Filip

Aging of lsa database added.

85195f1a 04/30/2000 10:14 PM Ondrej Filip

Many small changes and bug fixes. Routing table calculation works.
I'm waiting for rt lookup to add stub networks.

c6c56264 04/30/2000 11:31 AM Ondrej Filip

Sync with nest's rt table and some minor improvements.

e80e9d0d 04/30/2000 09:32 AM Ondrej Filip

RT calculation strongly simplified. Now, I don't need any
memory allocation. :-)

dfa9a53a 04/26/2000 12:54 PM Ondrej Filip

Routing table calculation. Dijkstra done.

67315ef6 04/18/2000 01:06 AM Ondrej Filip

Some lsack work. There is something very worng. :-( It locked my network.

2a092594 04/17/2000 09:10 PM Ondrej Filip

Listening on AllDRouters for DR and BACKUP added.

2c971094 04/05/2000 12:51 AM Ondrej Filip

LSA flooding done.

10000b96 04/04/2000 10:27 PM Ondrej Filip

Small clean up. (Duplicate #defines.)

921a93f2 04/04/2000 12:32 AM Ondrej Filip

Flooding work continues.

8496b2e4 04/03/2000 10:31 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor change in area list. Now I use MJ's lists.

221135d6 03/31/2000 11:30 PM Martin Mares

Include "lib/string.h" instead of <string.h>. It should give us bzero()
and other non-portable functions on all systems.

f45fd316 03/31/2000 12:21 AM Ondrej Filip

Sending of lspd as responce to lsreq done.

de769e24 03/30/2000 08:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Skeleton structures and files added.

95eb1dba 03/30/2000 07:37 PM Ondrej Filip

Add hashing to link state request list.

6d2b3211 03/30/2000 12:18 AM Ondrej Filip

LSreq initial work.

910e557b 03/29/2000 05:18 PM Ondrej Filip

Many changes in dbdes sending & receiving. EXDONE caused.

04c6319a 03/29/2000 12:32 PM Ondrej Filip

IMMS reverted to bits. Outgoing packets dumping added.
Cisco does not set inteface MTU. Hmm....

ce17d4c1 03/09/2000 10:38 PM Ondrej Filip

LSA DB is completely redesigned. Now it should be faster and it needs
less memory.

30147b89 03/08/2000 12:50 PM Ondrej Filip

Sending of DBDes. (Checksum and length calculation NOT done.)

de30342f 02/25/2000 07:19 PM Ondrej Filip

Router LSA & area adding.

b786df70 02/25/2000 02:26 PM Ondrej Filip

Memory allocation in ospf_area changed.

ab56f6b1 02/24/2000 12:26 AM Ondrej Filip

Area work and router LSA starts when interface goes up.

15087574 01/05/2000 12:03 AM Ondrej Filip

Preparing for building LS databaze. Huh, why is it so complicated? :-(

Adding definition of some constants.

4364b47e 11/17/1999 03:50 PM Ondrej Filip

ospf.c and ospc.h splitted into various files.

986e3413 11/10/1999 04:06 PM Ondrej Filip

Sending DBDES packet in EXSTART done.

6ba36f06 11/10/1999 12:27 PM Martin Mares

Added LSA hashing table (parts of code stolen from rt-fib.c, but
heavily simplified since we don't need asynchronous walking).

c2250f91 10/19/1999 04:13 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor changes and bug fixes. Preparing for Exchange and higher states.

96f1b8ba 10/18/1999 09:48 PM Ondrej Filip

Huge changes. Neighbor and interface state machines rewritten.
It should be cleaner now, I'm preparing for file splitting.
Maybe I added some minor bugs. :-(

2c1d1cc7 08/25/1999 06:44 PM Ondrej Filip

DD packet receiving in ExStart.

1af66415 08/24/1999 06:32 PM Ondrej Filip

A structure for receiving DD seq packets added.

e3121112 08/24/1999 02:42 PM Ondrej Filip

Preparing to send DD packets.

e83dc0d7 08/09/1999 05:58 PM Ondrej Filip

(Backup) Designated Router election added.

cd70d934 06/01/1999 04:35 PM Ondrej Filip

Detecting of new neighbor added. It starts inactivity timer.

3e1f3061 06/01/1999 01:57 PM Martin Mares

Defined IP_PREC_INTERNET_CONTROL and made all (well, both :)) protocols
use it when creating sockets.

c72b09c8 05/31/1999 07:07 PM Ondrej Filip

IP socket priority (sock->tos) added. Constant taken from tcpdump of CISCO
and gated.

35ff423d 05/31/1999 06:56 PM Ondrej Filip

Some RX_Hello checks added.

75b84c34 05/31/1999 06:24 PM Ondrej Filip

Sending and receving of hello pkts works. No I will start building neighbor

903a3f39 05/24/1999 09:49 PM Ondrej Filip

struct ospf_neigbor corrected.

c76674f0 05/24/1999 09:17 PM Ondrej Filip

struct ospf_neigbor added. Neigbor state machine implementation can start.

65112dd2 05/24/1999 06:22 PM Ondrej Filip

ifa->time split into wait_timer and hello_timer. I will send hello in WAITING state.

67ff9130 05/14/1999 08:46 AM Ondrej Filip

Netmask checking for hello packets added.

296ecb56 05/11/1999 03:34 PM Ondrej Filip

OSPF RX implementation starts....

f7103dfc 05/11/1999 09:50 AM Ondrej Filip

Better logging output. Added 'struct proto *' info 'struct ospf iface'.

59e2188c 04/27/1999 01:04 PM Ondrej Filip

Just changes of comments.

6376a961 04/27/1999 12:56 PM Ondrej Filip

Hello timer implemented.

b11d8a4f 04/14/1999 03:13 PM Ondrej Filip

Redesigned struct ospf_iface & new struct ospf_sock.

4c630a6d 04/13/1999 09:46 PM Ondrej Filip

Added wait timer for eligible BCAST & NBMA interface.

55e7732a 04/13/1999 07:27 PM Ondrej Filip

Change in ospf_iface. (My bad understanding of lists manipulation.)

aec76c6e 04/13/1999 06:21 PM Ondrej Filip

IPv6 changes.

5b1a92e6 04/12/1999 11:54 PM Ondrej Filip

Not all I mean serious. Almost everything will change.
Changes: struct ospf_iface draft, various constants added...

c1f8dc91 03/09/1999 10:27 PM Ondrej Filip

Yes, joining the crew. Sorry for being late. Added dummy functions for OSPF.