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3f670371 11/14/2008 08:13 PM Ondrej Zajicek

OSPF routes appeared with random value of ospf_tag attribute.
This patch fixes it.

a2d5b405 03/14/2005 10:59 AM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in external routes calculation.

63ca37f3 02/20/2005 06:56 PM Ondrej Filip

Cleanup - all unused variables deleted.

dafaef9b 02/20/2005 04:53 PM Ondrej Filip

Originate default route into stub areas.

7de7470a 02/20/2005 03:37 AM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix - count courrectly next hop on single hop virtual link.

5506c82c 02/18/2005 07:36 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in previous bugfix.

60e04f04 02/18/2005 06:51 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor bugfix: Summary LSA for aggregated area was always propagated with
metric = 1. Now it's metric of most distant component.

27a1e3ac 02/15/2005 04:17 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor bugfixes in routing table calsulation.

5d3f5552 02/13/2005 11:36 PM Ondrej Filip

Many bugfixes in routing table calculation and summary LSA origination.

89ba9a18 02/12/2005 10:22 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in inter-area route calculation and summary LSA origination.
Bugfix of some debugging commands.

56e2a4b7 08/05/2004 06:06 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in OSPF - BIRD sometimes failed during rt calculation with VLINKs.

b37bb5ce 07/15/2004 04:48 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor bugfix - add interface routes.

28e8d862 07/15/2004 04:42 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor bugfix in calculation of external routes.

86c84d76 07/15/2004 04:37 PM Ondrej Filip

Huge OSPF database redesign. Since now, all LSAs of all areas
are in single database. This avoids duplication of external LSAs and
fixes bug in external LSA distribution.

3b16080c 07/14/2004 09:46 PM Ondrej Filip

Multiple OSPF areas can be attached.
Origination of summary LSA works.
Routing table calculation works.
Virtual links works.

Well, I hope, OSPF is fully compatible with RFC2328!!!!

621ccdfe 07/13/2004 11:58 AM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix - options bits were not included in LSAs
Bugfix - E bit was not unset on stub areas.

3e2bd0f1 06/26/2004 08:15 PM Ondrej Filip

Md5 authentification added (unsested).
Packet receiving clean up.

98ac6176 06/25/2004 04:39 PM Ondrej Filip

A lot of changes:
- metric is 3 byte long now
- summary lsa originating
- more OSPF areas possible
- virtual links
- better E1/E2 routes handling
- some bug fixes..

I have to do:
- md5 auth (last mandatory item from rfc2328)
- !!!!DEBUG!!!!! (mainly virtual link system has probably a lot of bugs)...

1a61882d 06/11/2004 09:36 AM Ondrej Filip

Better routing table calculation. We are ready to work with
multiple OSPF areas.

cd092260 06/06/2004 05:03 PM Ondrej Filip

Be sure, that ospf_area is aged before routing table calculation.

b8f17cf1 06/06/2004 04:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Small cleanup, indentation and preparation for multiple areas routing table calculation.

2e10a170 06/06/2004 09:37 AM Ondrej Filip


1512813e 06/05/2004 09:28 AM Martin Mares

... and a whole bunch of unused parameters and variables in ospf.

9b133458 06/02/2004 09:14 AM Ondrej Filip

Hotfix for router's parent without nexthop.
It will probably work perfect, but I need to eliminate such situation.

f9625e9a 06/01/2004 02:06 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in external routes calculation.

baa5dd6c 08/23/2003 10:42 AM Ondrej Filip

Many spelling mistakes fixed.

Thanks you Harry Moyes.

b7869628 12/07/2001 05:34 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in router importation.

8e32493c 08/21/2001 05:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Removed some useless (hope!) code in next hop calculation.

68db89a2 08/21/2001 04:44 PM Ondrej Filip

Finally, next hop problem fixed.

e8ab1680 08/21/2001 03:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Hope, bug in next hop calculation for stub routes fixed.

24c00cb1 06/12/2001 09:10 PM Ondrej Filip

Install route into main routing table just if it's necessary.

e9d3c3aa 06/09/2001 02:55 PM Ondrej Filip

Bug in next-hop calculation fixed. (For dual connected neighbors.)

501c5bb0 11/21/2000 11:47 PM Ondrej Filip

Small bugfix in ext routes calculation.

52fa3e38 09/04/2000 09:21 PM Ondrej Filip

Fixed many bugs in rt calculation and interface adding. Now it seems to be
OK, I'm going to advertise 1.0.4.

fdb19982 09/03/2000 10:18 PM Ondrej Filip

Serious bug in ext lsa origination found. Going for 1.0.4.

f321a61f 08/18/2000 04:44 PM Ondrej Filip

Fixed bug in nex hop calculation of external routes.

28a6e1aa 08/17/2000 07:42 PM Ondrej Filip

Stupid bug in next hop calculation of external routes.

059fc1e9 08/16/2000 07:37 PM Ondrej Filip

My calculation of external routes violated rfc. :-(

972fdb45 06/19/2000 03:12 PM Ondrej Filip

Routing table calculation clean up.

0e376168 06/09/2000 06:54 AM Martin Mares

Shut up an uninitialized variable warning.

25a3f3da 06/07/2000 11:34 PM Ondrej Filip

I mark all LSA as in distance INFINITY in process of aging.
I don't have to WALK twice through it.

1186369b 06/07/2000 11:23 PM Ondrej Filip


abcbfd04 06/06/2000 02:34 AM Ondrej Filip


2a5d7caa 06/05/2000 04:13 PM Ondrej Filip

I calculated next hop of parent instead of actual LSA. :-(

88048fb3 06/05/2000 03:46 AM Ondrej Filip

Small patch to better hash type=2 LSAs.

273fd2c1 06/05/2000 02:23 AM Ondrej Filip

Many bugfixes (I don't remember all of them):
Added link ID calculation for external routes with same prefix but
different mask.
Bugfix in NET lsa origination.
Bugfix in NET hashing.
Bugfix in LSA installing.

df49d4e1 06/04/2000 07:56 PM Martin Mares

Removed lots of trailing newlines in log messages.

Please note that the only calls which don't add newlines automatically
(i.e., don't print a full line of output) are debug() and DBG.

102e3e0e 06/04/2000 05:51 PM Ondrej Filip

Just to be sure, that rt calculation cannot start beforeorigination of rt LSA.

0822995c 05/31/2000 03:04 PM Ondrej Filip

Set E2 metric for internal routes to LSINFINITY.

9a04d030 05/31/2000 02:52 PM Ondrej Filip

Delete all ext routes from unreachable neighbor.

d1660fd3 05/31/2000 02:21 PM Ondrej Filip

Sort cleanup in aging.

70a38319 05/31/2000 02:06 PM Ondrej Filip

LSArt origination and routing table calculation is now not doing so
often. Instead of calculation I just schedule it latter.

a7a3a0a3 05/31/2000 12:07 PM Ondrej Filip

Added tagging of external LSA.

73232f6b 05/30/2000 10:36 AM Ondrej Filip

Better rt dumping.

f7c0525e 05/28/2000 07:16 PM Ondrej Filip

get_route_info() added.

0850ce22 05/17/2000 09:20 PM Ondrej Filip

Smal debug bugfix.

4ee21789 05/17/2000 12:28 AM Ondrej Filip

Don't die, if you receive strange LSA.

8fb0c2c2 05/16/2000 11:24 PM Ondrej Filip

Calculation of external routes finally works.

31834faa 05/16/2000 10:43 PM Ondrej Filip

Ehmm, removed 'if(1 || ...' so I can test the second part .

508c36ab 05/16/2000 10:34 PM Ondrej Filip

Routing table calculation for ext LSAs having next-hop=!

7e681ef3 05/12/2000 12:22 AM Ondrej Filip

Calculation of external routes works. :-)

aa1e082c 05/10/2000 10:47 AM Ondrej Filip

Calculation of external routes.

fe95ab68 05/09/2000 09:52 PM Ondrej Filip

FIXME's removed by deleting them. :-)

3b8b1bd0 05/09/2000 07:38 PM Ondrej Filip

Better dumping.

fafe44b6 05/09/2000 12:03 AM Ondrej Filip

Just added declaration of AS Ext routes calculation.

b57a45b8 05/08/2000 10:03 PM Ondrej Filip

Next hop calculation improved. (I ignored stub networks advertised by my

916c8c0a 05/08/2000 10:40 AM Martin Mares

Use preferences properly.

d345cda5 05/04/2000 01:23 AM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in Network lsa originating
Bugfix in ntohlsab() and htonlsab()
For calculating of rt I use my own fib. I delete routes! ;-)

9e48d717 05/03/2000 10:36 PM Ondrej Filip

Test for "flushing" added.

a02c6c18 05/03/2000 10:23 PM Ondrej Filip

Cleanup of code. Some arguments of functions were useless.

c45f48fb 05/02/2000 10:19 PM Ondrej Filip

Aging of lsa database added.

a92847e7 05/02/2000 07:27 PM Ondrej Filip

Route calculation for stub networks.

85195f1a 04/30/2000 10:14 PM Ondrej Filip

Many small changes and bug fixes. Routing table calculation works.
I'm waiting for rt lookup to add stub networks.

c6c56264 04/30/2000 11:31 AM Ondrej Filip

Sync with nest's rt table and some minor improvements.

e80e9d0d 04/30/2000 09:32 AM Ondrej Filip

RT calculation strongly simplified. Now, I don't need any
memory allocation. :-)

468f2347 04/29/2000 03:57 PM Ondrej Filip

Calculating of nexts hop(s) added.

2add26df 04/26/2000 08:16 PM Ondrej Filip

Stub networks done.

5904a512 04/26/2000 02:03 PM Ondrej Filip

Nets are used before routers.

dfa9a53a 04/26/2000 12:54 PM Ondrej Filip

Routing table calculation. Dijkstra done.