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iof-bird-daemon / proto / ospf @ 23d67029

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23d67029 01/11/2009 11:14 AM Ondrej Zajicek

Some fixes and update of OSPF debug messages

0e9617e4 01/11/2009 09:51 AM Ondrej Zajicek

Move check for NULL before usage of variable.

f20907ad 01/11/2009 09:47 AM Ondrej Zajicek

Fixes bug in OSPF

Checksum was not recalculated when LSA was changed and
packets with bad checksum were sent.

3f670371 11/14/2008 08:13 PM Ondrej Zajicek

OSPF routes appeared with random value of ospf_tag attribute.
This patch fixes it.

aebe06b4 11/08/2008 10:33 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Proper format functions for ORIGINATOR_ID, CLUSTER_LIST

b21f68b4 11/08/2008 04:24 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Fix bugs in OSPF MD5 authentication. First bug is that default
values for MD5 password ID changed during reconfigure, Second
bug is that BIRD chooses password in first-fit manner, but RFC
says that it should use the one with the latest generate-from.

It also modifies the syntax for multiple passwords....

fd91ae33 11/05/2008 09:36 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Fix problem with local time changes.

f0ad56f4 10/28/2008 03:10 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Fixes some sloppiness of commit a3b70dc499b64f41aa776b5b4afee5c7bfb8dfa6.

a3b70dc4 10/26/2008 11:03 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Two new informative CLI commands for OSPF.

Two new CLI commands for OSPF giving nice informative (and still machine
parsable) representation of OSPF network graph (based on datas from the
LSA database).

The first command (show ospf topology) shows routers, networks and stub...

52586ccd 10/26/2008 10:53 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Missing newline.

a97122a3 10/26/2008 10:43 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Bugfix in LSA origination for PTP OSPF links.

The code generating LSAs for PTP OSPF links is buggy. The old behavior
is that it generates PTP link if there is a full/ptp neighbor and stub
link if there isn't. According to RFC 2328, the correct behavior is to...

226cb2bc 08/25/2008 12:51 PM Ondrej Filip

Expand ospf dump information.

73e53eb5 08/25/2008 12:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Endianity problem in debug message fix.

f39e3bfd 03/15/2005 11:42 PM Ondrej Filip

Small bugfix in tracing.

94c42054 03/15/2005 10:06 PM Ondrej Filip

Added new parametr 'rx buffer <num>'. BIRD is able to receive
very large packets (if configured).

e6ea2e37 03/15/2005 08:51 PM Ondrej Filip

Maximal packet size in virtual links is 576.

e300066d 03/14/2005 11:24 AM Ondrej Filip

OSPF can accept larger packets than MTU.

427e5993 03/14/2005 11:07 AM Ondrej Filip

Look for large packets.

a2d5b405 03/14/2005 10:59 AM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in external routes calculation.

39fc85b4 02/20/2005 07:03 PM Ondrej Filip

Unused code deleted.

63ca37f3 02/20/2005 06:56 PM Ondrej Filip

Cleanup - all unused variables deleted.

52d61a84 02/20/2005 04:54 PM Ondrej Filip

Intelligent reconfiguration should work again.

dafaef9b 02/20/2005 04:53 PM Ondrej Filip

Originate default route into stub areas.

d8c7d9e8 02/20/2005 04:27 AM Ondrej Filip

Since now I can also use 'dead interval', not just 'dead counter'.

7de7470a 02/20/2005 03:37 AM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix - count courrectly next hop on single hop virtual link.

6eb4b73f 02/20/2005 03:30 AM Ondrej Filip

Time of neighbor's dead was not shown correctly.

5506c82c 02/18/2005 07:36 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in previous bugfix.

60e04f04 02/18/2005 06:51 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor bugfix: Summary LSA for aggregated area was always propagated with
metric = 1. Now it's metric of most distant component.

27a1e3ac 02/15/2005 04:17 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor bugfixes in routing table calsulation.

2eef9e88 02/14/2005 09:34 PM Ondrej Filip

Be more verbose in log.

b181f444 02/14/2005 11:54 AM Ondrej Filip

Small changes to reduce number of warnings.

5d3f5552 02/13/2005 11:36 PM Ondrej Filip

Many bugfixes in routing table calculation and summary LSA origination.

89ba9a18 02/12/2005 10:22 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in inter-area route calculation and summary LSA origination.
Bugfix of some debugging commands.

bae7c43f 02/12/2005 10:19 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in password acceptance

9912fa51 02/12/2005 10:18 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix - cost of interface can be larger than 0xffff

49917568 09/15/2004 07:33 PM Ondrej Filip

Dont check netmask field on PTP links.

7715f9d9 08/10/2004 05:47 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in config.y

56e2a4b7 08/05/2004 06:06 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in OSPF - BIRD sometimes failed during rt calculation with VLINKs.

8d94a524 07/16/2004 08:27 AM Ondrej Filip

Added handling of STUB bool.

002ecc06 07/16/2004 07:22 AM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix - bird needed double ';' after rfc1583compat.

b37bb5ce 07/15/2004 04:48 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor bugfix - add interface routes.

28e8d862 07/15/2004 04:42 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor bugfix in calculation of external routes.

86c84d76 07/15/2004 04:37 PM Ondrej Filip

Huge OSPF database redesign. Since now, all LSAs of all areas
are in single database. This avoids duplication of external LSAs and
fixes bug in external LSA distribution.

3b16080c 07/14/2004 09:46 PM Ondrej Filip

Multiple OSPF areas can be attached.
Origination of summary LSA works.
Routing table calculation works.
Virtual links works.

Well, I hope, OSPF is fully compatible with RFC2328!!!!

a417ad13 07/13/2004 11:42 PM Ondrej Filip

Send hello just after interface is up.
This makes the adjacency forming faster.
Minor code clean up.

897999c2 07/13/2004 11:31 PM Ondrej Filip

Send hello as soon as possible after the interface is up.
This helps to faster establish the adjacency.

490767ad 07/13/2004 10:10 PM Ondrej Filip

Add more reasonable options to LSAs. (But it seems, that it's ignored.)

fe1489e6 07/13/2004 10:04 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix: Router was unable to advertise AS external routes.

62eee823 07/13/2004 09:27 PM Ondrej Filip

Default tick = 1. The today's CPU is fast enough.

35fdf4b6 07/13/2004 09:22 PM Ondrej Filip

Don't inform us about every ospf_age()

bc956fca 07/13/2004 02:46 PM Ondrej Filip

MD5 authentication in OSPF works. :-)

32d3228d 07/13/2004 01:52 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in simple authentification.

12dd8dc8 07/13/2004 12:21 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix - nasty bug in router LSA origination - Router did not describe all interfaces.

621ccdfe 07/13/2004 11:58 AM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix - options bits were not included in LSAs
Bugfix - E bit was not unset on stub areas.

9baece57 07/08/2004 04:56 PM Ondrej Filip

Syntax bugfix.

69b27ed6 07/01/2004 03:01 PM Ondrej Filip

Length calculation bugfix.

bc4ea680 07/01/2004 03:01 PM Ondrej Filip

Hello reading bugfix.

ea357b8b 06/26/2004 10:52 PM Ondrej Filip

Update of the documentation. (passwords and md5).
Option for md5 auth in config.

3e2bd0f1 06/26/2004 08:15 PM Ondrej Filip

Md5 authentification added (unsested).
Packet receiving clean up.

98ac6176 06/25/2004 04:39 PM Ondrej Filip

A lot of changes:
- metric is 3 byte long now
- summary lsa originating
- more OSPF areas possible
- virtual links
- better E1/E2 routes handling
- some bug fixes..

I have to do:
- md5 auth (last mandatory item from rfc2328)
- !!!!DEBUG!!!!! (mainly virtual link system has probably a lot of bugs)...

b4d8a0c2 06/16/2004 11:01 PM Ondrej Filip

Some cisco routers send shorter ospf messages in larger packets.
Well it's strange, but, actually it's correct.

1a61882d 06/11/2004 09:36 AM Ondrej Filip

Better routing table calculation. We are ready to work with
multiple OSPF areas.

b1f7229a 06/11/2004 09:34 AM Ondrej Filip

Better adjacency building, some minor bugfixes.

7df86c25 06/09/2004 12:39 PM Ondrej Filip

Better checking of configuration.

e02652a7 06/07/2004 04:42 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in RT calculation.

541cbe97 06/07/2004 12:52 PM Ondrej Filip

It was too verbose.

5e3436d2 06/06/2004 07:53 PM Ondrej Filip

Cleanup in packet.c. Deleted unused parameters.

d5d9693c 06/06/2004 06:45 PM Ondrej Filip

Deleted unused parameters.

cd092260 06/06/2004 05:03 PM Ondrej Filip

Be sure, that ospf_area is aged before routing table calculation.

933bfdde 06/06/2004 04:14 PM Ondrej Filip

Keep al lSAs invalidated.

b8f17cf1 06/06/2004 04:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Small cleanup, indentation and preparation for multiple areas routing table calculation.

d631698e 06/06/2004 02:27 PM Ondrej Filip


d8d553ca 06/06/2004 02:25 PM Ondrej Filip

This warning is stupid.

2e10a170 06/06/2004 09:37 AM Ondrej Filip


66261211 06/06/2004 09:13 AM Ondrej Filip

Struct area_net changed.

b9ed99f7 06/06/2004 08:55 AM Ondrej Filip

Cleanup in iface.c

a5918961 06/06/2004 08:12 AM Ondrej Filip

Be more verbose in troubles.

66004c91 06/05/2004 03:02 PM Ondrej Filip

Set size of the buffers. (Thanx MJ.)

9831e591 06/05/2004 09:58 AM Martin Mares

Staticized lots of local functions.

598b984d 06/05/2004 09:58 AM Martin Mares

One less unused variable.

189dab54 06/05/2004 09:29 AM Martin Mares

`defaut' should be `default'.

1512813e 06/05/2004 09:28 AM Martin Mares

... and a whole bunch of unused parameters and variables in ospf.

c33d4cad 06/05/2004 08:59 AM Martin Mares

Moved the tests for socket existence here.

BTW, where do you exactly set the new buffer sizes?

c6bdc78b 06/04/2004 09:19 PM Ondrej Filip

Be more verbose.

6f3203fa 06/04/2004 09:05 PM Ondrej Filip

cleanup in lsupd.c, indenting, "struct proto" removed...

9b7de4c4 06/04/2004 08:41 PM Ondrej Filip

'struct proto' removed
Finally, I found the bug reported by Andreas Steinmetz. FIXED.

54467ed4 06/04/2004 07:53 PM Ondrej Filip

Useless logs removed.

551e3088 06/04/2004 07:21 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in last patch.

e7ef86a5 06/04/2004 06:51 PM Ondrej Filip

OSPF is ready for changing MTU.

f158bb71 06/04/2004 06:24 PM Ondrej Filip

no comment

12bed559 06/04/2004 05:49 PM Ondrej Filip

dbdes indent an minor changes.

87465407 06/04/2004 05:31 PM Ondrej Filip

better log() usage.

27f49a2c 06/04/2004 05:28 PM Ondrej Filip

lsreq.c indented and small 'struct proto' changes.

77539c44 06/04/2004 05:12 PM Ondrej Filip

hello.* reindented, code cleanup.

8e15e048 06/04/2004 05:05 PM Ondrej Filip

Deleted useles "struct proto" sending.

7a03e29d 06/04/2004 04:56 PM Ondrej Filip

Better log() usage.

fb9bf688 06/04/2004 04:55 PM Ondrej Filip

Indented. No other change.

c76ba51a 06/04/2004 04:30 PM Ondrej Filip

lsack.c cleaned. Better names for functions and
DIRECT acks can be sent in one packet now.

28de5133 06/04/2004 03:45 PM Ondrej Filip

ackd_timer_hook moded to neighbor.c

d03e8ce0 06/04/2004 03:26 PM Ondrej Filip

Fatal bug found. Sometimes BIRD did not originate router LSA. FIXED. :-)