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iof-bird-daemon / proto / ospf @ 67cc9135

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67cc9135 06/04/2000 07:20 PM Ondrej Filip

Many bugs in ext lsa origination.

ce8f0c08 06/04/2000 07:19 PM Ondrej Filip

Schedule RT calcualtion if you delete LSA by premature aging.

102e3e0e 06/04/2000 05:51 PM Ondrej Filip

Just to be sure, that rt calculation cannot start beforeorigination of rt LSA.

83e50ffc 06/04/2000 05:33 PM Ondrej Filip

Bug in debugging.

71f7d043 06/04/2000 05:10 PM Ondrej Filip

:-) No bison does not have any comment to my code. :-)

3560cf8e 06/04/2000 04:36 PM Ondrej Filip

Clean up.

e7811248 06/04/2000 04:17 PM Ondrej Filip

Another clean up.

2a863dd6 06/04/2000 04:12 PM Ondrej Filip

Small change to make bison happy.

aaaff776 06/03/2000 09:50 AM Ondrej Filip

More conf. items defined.

a789d814 06/03/2000 08:42 AM Ondrej Filip

Multiple items in area {} :-)

89d6782d 06/03/2000 01:29 AM Ondrej Filip

interface {} added.

b36a0a79 06/02/2000 07:55 PM Ondrej Filip

area {} added to config.

3fa5722d 06/02/2000 03:05 PM Ondrej Filip

First option into config added. :-)

62924172 06/02/2000 01:52 PM Ondrej Filip

Flush LSA when receive aged one.

e4ba0ec1 06/02/2000 01:27 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in receiving of aged LSA.

2eac33f7 06/02/2000 12:34 PM Ondrej Filip

Better LSA Aging.

ece612e1 06/02/2000 11:24 AM Ondrej Filip

sh interface "iface" dumpped all.

7a5582ac 06/02/2000 11:00 AM Ondrej Filip

Better dumping, if I get strange lsack.

3488634c 06/02/2000 10:21 AM Ondrej Filip

Handle "show ospf *" even if protocol is down.

a489f0ce 06/02/2000 09:57 AM Ondrej Filip

Silly bug in sh interface. Now I test ALL interfaces. :-)

489f800b 06/02/2000 09:53 AM Ondrej Filip

Speedup loading process.

92e8be8c 06/02/2000 09:42 AM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in lsreq receiving.

c4f0f014 06/01/2000 05:52 PM Ondrej Filip

Added show ospf interface.
show ospf neighbors now knows "<interface>".

4ab4e977 06/01/2000 04:26 PM Ondrej Filip

show ospf implemented.

a783e259 06/01/2000 03:53 PM Ondrej Filip

Cisco-like "show ospf neighbors" implemented.

23df5e4c 06/01/2000 01:00 PM Martin Mares

Print route tag in hexadecimal and omit it if it's zero.

df968040 06/01/2000 12:17 PM Ondrej Filip

Print tag unsigned rather then signed.

c52c7e76 06/01/2000 12:08 PM Ondrej Filip

Calculate checksum when reflooding (after min ls_refresh).

42542c56 06/01/2000 12:32 AM Ondrej Filip


d27d0efe 06/01/2000 12:22 AM Ondrej Filip

Very stuping bug. (I took me 4 hours to find it!)
I just wrote "=!" instead of "!=". :-(((((((

b5958826 05/31/2000 06:55 PM Ondrej Filip

Ehm, some other "down" steps.

3f6953a1 05/31/2000 06:45 PM Ondrej Filip

Some bugs in cleanup after iface down.

489b2155 05/31/2000 06:36 PM Ondrej Filip

Why does not work "sk_close(sk);rfree(sk);"?

46962be6 05/31/2000 06:31 PM Ondrej Filip

Better debugging.
Safe neigh_list deleting.

37282678 05/31/2000 06:21 PM Ondrej Filip

And finally, Premature aging works. :-)

31ee3d5f 05/31/2000 03:51 PM Ondrej Filip

Another step to make premature aging better.

a9eeefd6 05/31/2000 03:28 PM Ondrej Filip

Warning destroyed. :-)

82364f4d 05/31/2000 03:24 PM Ondrej Filip

Flood my LSA (if exists) after old one is flushed.

0822995c 05/31/2000 03:04 PM Ondrej Filip

Set E2 metric for internal routes to LSINFINITY.

9a04d030 05/31/2000 02:52 PM Ondrej Filip

Delete all ext routes from unreachable neighbor.

52893236 05/31/2000 02:43 PM Ondrej Filip

Stuping bug in net LSA origination. Now, I should survive
loss of my only neighbor.

d1660fd3 05/31/2000 02:21 PM Ondrej Filip

Sort cleanup in aging.

70a38319 05/31/2000 02:06 PM Ondrej Filip

LSArt origination and routing table calculation is now not doing so
often. Instead of calculation I just schedule it latter.

fc741dab 05/31/2000 01:20 PM Ondrej Filip

Handle better next hop in external LSA.

e0bbb7b7 05/31/2000 12:52 PM Ondrej Filip

Very ancient bug in (B)DR election, I didn't fill correctly my own IP.

a7a3a0a3 05/31/2000 12:07 PM Ondrej Filip

Added tagging of external LSA.

fcb5f4a7 05/31/2000 11:30 AM Martin Mares

Updated all the Doc files to new format.

0884f492 05/30/2000 11:29 PM Ondrej Filip

Ehm, in had this in code: "break; i--;" :-(

5919c66e 05/30/2000 09:25 PM Martin Mares

Route attributes for OSPF.

3e864556 05/30/2000 06:21 PM Ondrej Filip

Added \n in debug.

7e1c7efa 05/30/2000 05:57 PM Ondrej Filip

Stupig bug in debugging.

3dd8f983 05/30/2000 05:51 PM Ondrej Filip

You can decide if add LSA into lsrth during flood_lsa().

3d410fdf 05/30/2000 05:49 PM Ondrej Filip

Reflood your old lsa.

13b02be2 05/30/2000 05:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Don't run rt calculation twice.

b477a9a8 05/30/2000 04:49 PM Ondrej Filip

Don't send empty LS upd. (And better debugging.)

e1e31816 05/30/2000 04:48 PM Ondrej Filip

Aging delta changed. (Ehm, aging is very dirty I'll have to change it.)

1b128de3 05/30/2000 04:13 PM Ondrej Filip

Better shutdown.

935ceabe 05/30/2000 04:08 PM Ondrej Filip

Don't send empty LS update.

a548a7e1 05/30/2000 03:05 PM Ondrej Filip

Bug in direct ack (via update).

45132806 05/30/2000 03:04 PM Ondrej Filip

Bug in socket closing.

ef6f26b4 05/30/2000 03:01 PM Ondrej Filip

Bug in lsa comparision.

2aa476a5 05/30/2000 01:39 PM Ondrej Filip

Yeah, the endianity bug found.

76e25143 05/30/2000 01:25 PM Ondrej Filip

Better dumping.

04c3a83c 05/30/2000 11:07 AM Ondrej Filip

Better inicialisation.

5970fcda 05/30/2000 10:53 AM Ondrej Filip

Some exchange between init() and start().

73232f6b 05/30/2000 10:36 AM Ondrej Filip

Better rt dumping.

05dbc97b 05/30/2000 10:20 AM Ondrej Filip

Bug in rt_notify.

e9d6b1d1 05/28/2000 08:11 PM Ondrej Filip

Kosmetic change in debugging.

f7c0525e 05/28/2000 07:16 PM Ondrej Filip

get_route_info() added.

4414d9a5 05/28/2000 06:49 PM Ondrej Filip

get_status() implemented.

d5f029df 05/28/2000 06:34 PM Ondrej Filip

Just added some debug().

4bd28fb6 05/27/2000 03:36 PM Ondrej Filip

Better shutdown. (Flush my own router LSA and send 1WAY to every neighbor.)
Ext LSA originating and flushing added.

e8085aba 05/27/2000 02:17 PM Ondrej Filip

Originating of external LSA.

2d5b9992 05/26/2000 07:04 PM Ondrej Filip

Import control implemented.

0850ce22 05/17/2000 09:20 PM Ondrej Filip

Smal debug bugfix.

00c1f79a 05/17/2000 08:01 PM Ondrej Filip

rte_same implemented.

bbd76b42 05/17/2000 07:27 PM Ondrej Filip

rte_better implemented.

4ee21789 05/17/2000 12:28 AM Ondrej Filip

Don't die, if you receive strange LSA.

7f6b3cf2 05/17/2000 12:28 AM Ondrej Filip

Typo in comment.

18a0c0bb 05/16/2000 11:59 PM Ondrej Filip

Downing of interface should work.

8fb0c2c2 05/16/2000 11:24 PM Ondrej Filip

Calculation of external routes finally works.

31834faa 05/16/2000 10:43 PM Ondrej Filip

Ehmm, removed 'if(1 || ...' so I can test the second part .

508c36ab 05/16/2000 10:34 PM Ondrej Filip

Routing table calculation for ext LSAs having next-hop=!

7e681ef3 05/12/2000 12:22 AM Ondrej Filip

Calculation of external routes works. :-)

be2bb403 05/11/2000 10:02 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor changes.

5da1f935 05/11/2000 10:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in flooding. (bad size)
Better debugging.
More robust in receiving.

c8d1f3fe 05/11/2000 10:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Better debugging.
More robust.

7a42e6ce 05/11/2000 05:14 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in network LSA originating.

394920a0 05/10/2000 11:42 PM Ondrej Filip

Test better lsa size.

31dca435 05/10/2000 11:42 PM Ondrej Filip

Be more verbose.

74ac7cdb 05/10/2000 11:41 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in (B)DR election.

ff73f1d6 05/10/2000 11:41 PM Ondrej Filip

More robust tests in packet receiving.

13741548 05/10/2000 03:04 PM Ondrej Filip

Some better lsa checking added.

a9c41c85 05/10/2000 02:29 PM Ondrej Filip

Out dump deleted.

a3f657ac 05/10/2000 01:35 PM Ondrej Filip

Ever test possibility of forming of adjacency.

c7e46aae 05/10/2000 12:37 PM Ondrej Filip

Destroying of neighbor moved from 'hello' to 'neighbor' and

353f3261 05/10/2000 12:22 PM Ondrej Filip

Better dumping.

e8bd039d 05/10/2000 11:52 AM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in ip_addr endianity.

28950169 05/10/2000 11:48 AM Ondrej Filip

Bug in (B)DR election fixed.

65a9c571 05/10/2000 11:22 AM Ondrej Filip

Change u32 to ip_addr in ext lsa.