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iof-bird-daemon / proto / pipe @ 56a2bed4

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6b9fa320 03/12/2000 09:01 PM Martin Mares

Great cleanup of debug messages. LOCAL_DEBUG turned off in most modules,
several debug() calls converted to DBG.

d272fe22 01/17/2000 11:52 AM Martin Mares

Separated `official protocol names' used in status dumps from name templates
used for automatic generation of instance names.

protocol->name is the official name
protocol->template is the name template (usually "name%d"),
should be all lowercase.

Updated all protocols to define the templates, checked that their configuration...

0ec90e9f 01/17/2000 12:20 AM Martin Mares

Pipe protocol supports reconfiguration.

50fe90ed 01/16/2000 04:44 PM Martin Mares

First attempt on dynamic reconfiguration. There are still lots of bugs
and problems to solve, but the hardest part works.

3daf783f 12/01/1999 12:01 PM Martin Mares

Implemented get_status for the pipe protocol (reports name of the other
side of the pipe).

Please do so for your protocols as well.

55e06729 08/03/1999 07:57 PM Martin Mares

Forgot to do a `cvs add', grr.