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9b63e3a5 05/04/2000 08:08 PM Pavel Machek

Spelling fixes.

2edb31b0 04/28/2000 03:11 PM Martin Mares

Split CF_HDR section to CF_HDR (only includes) and CF_DEFINES (defines,
C declarations etc.).

ac7a2145 04/12/2000 02:02 PM Pavel Machek

f_new_dynamic_attr gets third argument, type as filters know it.

9f4929e7 03/04/2000 10:30 PM Martin Mares

Renamed EAF_INLINE to EAF_TEMP to make the name reflect the real meaning.

62ab789d 03/01/2000 02:42 PM Pavel Machek

Added type parameter to f_new_dynamic_attr.

db1326aa 03/01/2000 11:32 AM Martin Mares

Dynamic attributes are now declared in per-protocol grammar files instead
of filter/config.Y. Bird now compiles even if you disable RIP.

Removed RTA and IMPOSSIBLE tokens (unused).

Removed superfluous comment in filter.h.

I've tried to do my best, but Pavel, please check these changes.

bce8a34b 08/18/1999 01:19 PM Pavel Machek

Few fixme's fixed in rip (will not crash any more on request for
sending routing table - hopefully).

Next few steps in md5 authentication (not yet complete).

8edf2361 08/03/1999 07:30 PM Martin Mares

Cleaned up handling of interface patterns:

o  Parsing of interface patterns moved to generic code,
introduced this_ipatt which works similarly to this_iface.
o Interface patterns now support selection by both interface
names and primary IP addresses....
b94bbe00 05/31/1999 08:30 PM Pavel Machek

Added FIXME: mode broadcast randombly corrupts memory.

Small cleaning and bugfixes.

9607536d 05/31/1999 07:43 PM Pavel Machek

Kill duplicity between rif and rif_patt.

fd5f8704 05/26/1999 02:37 PM Pavel Machek

Make rip use newly defined password lists.

1b16029c 05/11/1999 09:53 AM Pavel Machek

Mensi updaty do ripu. Pridana passwd autentikace (netestovano).

c748cdb9 03/01/1999 09:18 PM Pavel Machek

Hopefully ended translating to new interface

293e313e 02/15/1999 01:34 PM Pavel Machek

More rip fixes (config data moved to struct rip_proto_config), still
not tested.

50e89a6e 01/12/1999 04:40 PM Pavel Machek

Patterns expanded in the right way

6996f459 12/22/1998 07:41 PM Pavel Machek

Bird now uses fib structure instead of linklist.

b35d72ac 12/06/1998 11:59 AM Martin Mares

Name cleanups as suggested by Pavel:

- cfg_strcpy() > cfg_strdup()
mempool -> linpool, mp_* -> lp_* [to avoid confusion with memblock, mb_*]

Anyway, it might be better to stop ranting about names and do some real work.

2d9290e9 12/04/1998 11:45 AM Pavel Machek

Rip now has configurable per-interface metric (please rewiev), and few
more configurable parameters. To do that, union was added into iface_patt.

9b999c39 12/01/1998 04:17 PM Pavel Machek

Infinity is now configurable ammount.

c74c0e3c 11/27/1998 09:09 PM Martin Mares

First attempt at protocol configuration (now done only for RIP).

b4712244 11/27/1998 07:38 PM Martin Mares

Dummy grammar for RIP configuration. Now empty, but must be here since
it's referenced in the makefiles.