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3fe5f899 06/23/2004 09:34 PM Ondrej Filip

P->magic used just in LOCAL_DEBUG mode

8b79c4cc 06/05/2000 03:41 PM Pavel Machek

Add safety check.

df49d4e1 06/04/2000 07:56 PM Martin Mares

Removed lots of trailing newlines in log messages.

Please note that the only calls which don't add newlines automatically
(i.e., don't print a full line of output) are debug() and DBG.

6d5e703d 05/17/2000 08:23 PM Pavel Machek

Minor cleaning

898fdd85 05/16/2000 02:58 PM Pavel Machek

Rip should now reconfigure itself only if needed.

3e474192 05/10/2000 01:23 PM Pavel Machek

Inlined metric and mode into struct rip_interface to make reconfig

reconfigure is conservative but should work.

30aa02d7 05/10/2000 01:05 PM Pavel Machek

rip_reconfigure done right

9b63e3a5 05/04/2000 08:08 PM Pavel Machek

Spelling fixes.

7f704c06 04/26/2000 11:07 AM Pavel Machek

Cleanup in preparation for ipv6.

8c86f96f 03/26/2000 06:01 PM Pavel Machek

Split horizont done right.

Locks done better.

ff8ed632 03/22/2000 02:26 PM Pavel Machek

Rip now tries to lock interface.

Fixed fatal errors which caused segfault at startup.

Fixed fatal errors in rip which caused it not to send more than first

3f996d46 12/16/1999 01:14 PM Martin Mares

Added missing semicolon.

rip.h compiles in IPv6 mode, rip.c still doesn't.

4d4de35f 12/08/1999 12:51 PM Pavel Machek

Fix timing and fix endianity in metrics.

639e6285 12/01/1999 12:52 PM Pavel Machek

Actually check sequence numbers.

1a509a63 11/25/1999 03:03 PM Pavel Machek

md5 authentication seems to work.

d3702d57 11/25/1999 02:54 PM Pavel Machek

Bugfixes: select right password for password authentication, do not
try to process authentication blocks as datablocks, make it possible
to add data at end of packet. Password authentication should actually work.

7e61cac3 11/25/1999 01:38 PM Pavel Machek

Triggered updates should now actually work. Fixed metric=16 -> time it
out logic.

3918b1b0 11/10/1999 11:52 AM Pavel Machek

Added timeout for routes (which means proper expiring of routes) added
few fixmes.

c79ec2ec 10/11/1999 02:19 PM Pavel Machek

Untested IPv6 support added. I do not know if it compiles in IPV6 mode.

bce8a34b 08/18/1999 01:19 PM Pavel Machek

Few fixme's fixed in rip (will not crash any more on request for
sending routing table - hopefully).

Next few steps in md5 authentication (not yet complete).

b94bbe00 05/31/1999 08:30 PM Pavel Machek

Added FIXME: mode broadcast randombly corrupts memory.

Small cleaning and bugfixes.

9607536d 05/31/1999 07:43 PM Pavel Machek

Kill duplicity between rif and rif_patt.

91c7c741 05/31/1999 07:16 PM Pavel Machek

Incoming side of authentication done but untested. Right handling of
filters in rip.

10915c96 05/31/1999 05:12 PM Pavel Machek

Modified rip to new password handling in nest. Now it at least compiles.

fd5f8704 05/26/1999 02:37 PM Pavel Machek

Make rip use newly defined password lists.

1b16029c 05/11/1999 09:53 AM Pavel Machek

Mensi updaty do ripu. Pridana passwd autentikace (netestovano).

c748cdb9 03/01/1999 09:18 PM Pavel Machek

Hopefully ended translating to new interface

293e313e 02/15/1999 01:34 PM Pavel Machek

More rip fixes (config data moved to struct rip_proto_config), still
not tested.

663683a5 01/12/1999 04:50 PM Pavel Machek

Make it compile again (stupid makefiles!), make quiet option work
(multicast/broadcast options are currently unimplemented).

50e89a6e 01/12/1999 04:40 PM Pavel Machek

Patterns expanded in the right way

6996f459 12/22/1998 07:41 PM Pavel Machek

Bird now uses fib structure instead of linklist.

ee969ea7 12/20/1998 02:26 PM Martin Mares

Added #if 0 to rip_postconfig(), so that it doesn't crash whole daemon
when RIP is unconfigured.

die() -> bug()

2d9290e9 12/04/1998 11:45 AM Pavel Machek

Rip now has configurable per-interface metric (please rewiev), and few
more configurable parameters. To do that, union was added into iface_patt.

9b999c39 12/01/1998 04:17 PM Pavel Machek

Infinity is now configurable ammount.

93fb60d5 11/27/1998 09:08 PM Martin Mares

Fixed few misspellings and exported instance init as rip_init_instance().

c3e9b2ab 10/26/1998 03:35 PM Pavel Machek

RIP now includes notion of interface, and is correctly talking to
itself on second host. Split horizont is broken.

feb6abe0 10/20/1998 04:12 PM Pavel Machek

RIP now actually talks to itself.

1d941de4 10/07/1998 07:33 PM Pavel Machek

RIP now somehow listens to main routing table (dont expect it to work)

279f4c7b 07/28/1998 09:44 PM Pavel Machek

Rip now includes code to reply, but it is currently broken.

a103373f 07/09/1998 07:39 PM Pavel Machek

Commiting RIP. RIP should somehow listen, will not reply. I needed to
commit it so that whole thing compiles.