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iof-bird-daemon / proto @ 56a2bed4

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56a2bed4 04/17/2000 12:46 PM Martin Mares

Don't import/export MED and LOCAL_PREF on external links.
Added real comparison of BGP routes (inspired by the Cisco one).
Default local preference and default MED are now settable.
Defined filter keywords for all BGP attributes we know.

e3558ab1 04/17/2000 11:25 AM Martin Mares

Normalize community sets when exporting.

Set PARTIAL bits correctly.

1ed2fe96 04/17/2000 10:19 AM Martin Mares

Send and receive communities.

f421cfdd 04/17/2000 09:37 AM Martin Mares

Sending of update messages works!

c0668f36 04/17/2000 07:53 AM Martin Mares

Created nest/a-path.c and a-set.c which should contain general operations
on AS paths and community sets.

Moved as_path_prepend() there.

Pavel, please move the other functions as well.

ebff007f 04/12/2000 03:37 PM Ondrej Filip

LSack receiving bugfix.

4bf41ac8 04/12/2000 03:20 PM Ondrej Filip

LS Ack receiving done.

58313b24 04/12/2000 02:49 PM Ondrej Filip

Stupid "+1"-bug fixed.

c8f685cb 04/12/2000 02:14 PM Martin Mares

Made last Pavel's changes compile.

0a40e973 04/12/2000 02:12 PM Pavel Machek

as_path_prepend is usable outside bgp.

c2b28c99 04/12/2000 02:09 PM Martin Mares

Real bucket lists.

ac7a2145 04/12/2000 02:02 PM Pavel Machek

f_new_dynamic_attr gets third argument, type as filters know it.

12d5677a 04/12/2000 01:56 PM Martin Mares

Define BGP_PATH.

77506349 04/12/2000 01:21 PM Martin Mares

Introduced `ARRAY_SIZE' macro to replace all the sizeof(a)/sizeof(*a) constructs.

ae8f5584 04/10/2000 12:39 PM Martin Mares

Implemented outgoing attribute cache.

48e842cc 04/10/2000 11:21 AM Martin Mares

Use neighbor cache to track direct route to the peer or multihop destination.

Calculate next_hop properly based on the local address we get from the
neighbor entry.

ef2c708d 04/09/2000 10:05 PM Martin Mares

More BGP progress...

For Pavel: You can use bgp_path_prepend() for prepending AS numbers to AS paths.

3d0ea3a7 04/07/2000 09:02 AM Pavel Machek

Fix of comment.

2c971094 04/05/2000 12:51 AM Ondrej Filip

LSA flooding done.

10000b96 04/04/2000 10:27 PM Ondrej Filip

Small clean up. (Duplicate #defines.)

f1f7face 04/04/2000 10:22 PM Ondrej Filip

"Bug in hashing" fixed. Ehm it was bug in lsrql node removing.

d8852b36 04/04/2000 03:55 PM Ondrej Filip

LSupdate processing improved. Now there is some bug in hashing. :-(

921a93f2 04/04/2000 12:32 AM Ondrej Filip

Flooding work continues.

8496b2e4 04/03/2000 10:31 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor change in area list. Now I use MJ's lists.

394acced 04/02/2000 08:41 PM Ondrej Filip

Work on lsupdates continues. Some checksum cleanup.

db9fb727 04/02/2000 07:04 PM Ondrej Filip

lsa_cmp moved into lsalib.c

10be74da 04/01/2000 10:21 AM Martin Mares

Formatting of dynamic attributes (except for paths and communities which
will be added soon).

dad177d7 04/01/2000 10:20 AM Martin Mares

RIP: Set attribute class.

f8809249 04/01/2000 09:17 AM Martin Mares

BGP now handles incoming routes (IPv4 only).

499cb346 04/01/2000 02:45 AM Ondrej Filip

LSA checksum works. But it's very uneficient on little endian systems.

ac4b4683 03/31/2000 11:40 PM Martin Mares

Removal of useless includes continues...

a37410cb 03/31/2000 11:33 PM Martin Mares

Use bsprintf() instead of sprintf().

221135d6 03/31/2000 11:30 PM Martin Mares

Include "lib/string.h" instead of <string.h>. It should give us bzero()
and other non-portable functions on all systems.

c00d31be 03/31/2000 11:21 PM Martin Mares

Parsing of BGP attributes.

65e55e9c 03/31/2000 01:40 AM Ondrej Filip

Checksum changes. Bug is still NOT fixed. :-(

9f940976 03/31/2000 01:14 AM Ondrej Filip

Some bug fixes. LSA checksum is still bad. I'll fix it later.

f45fd316 03/31/2000 12:21 AM Ondrej Filip

Sending of lspd as responce to lsreq done.

14a7921c 03/30/2000 08:18 PM Ondrej Filip

LSA structure changes. (Len added.)

de769e24 03/30/2000 08:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Skeleton structures and files added.

95eb1dba 03/30/2000 07:37 PM Ondrej Filip

Add hashing to link state request list.

76915ec9 03/30/2000 07:21 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor changes.

973399ae 03/30/2000 06:44 PM Martin Mares

Basic analysis of UPDATE packets.

b552ecc4 03/30/2000 05:39 PM Martin Mares

Connection state machine works.

ce0603a6 03/30/2000 04:22 PM Ondrej Filip

Better list manipulation.

3fdbafb6 03/30/2000 10:44 AM Martin Mares

More BGP. This time it connects, but the state machine still isn't complete.

6d2b3211 03/30/2000 12:18 AM Ondrej Filip

LSreq initial work.

2560c886 03/29/2000 05:51 PM Ondrej Filip

Slave bug fix.

910e557b 03/29/2000 05:18 PM Ondrej Filip

Many changes in dbdes sending & receiving. EXDONE caused.

315648af 03/29/2000 01:02 PM Ondrej Filip

RXMT timer handling bug fix.

3fba2096 03/29/2000 12:47 PM Ondrej Filip

Some FIXME added.

96501dfe 03/29/2000 12:45 PM Ondrej Filip

Sending of DBdes bug fixed.

04c6319a 03/29/2000 12:32 PM Ondrej Filip

IMMS reverted to bits. Outgoing packets dumping added.
Cisco does not set inteface MTU. Hmm....

8d2e3eba 03/29/2000 08:58 AM Pavel Machek

Cross-protocol issues solved better

963ea03d 03/29/2000 12:34 AM Ondrej Filip

DBdes sending/receiving changes.

d0031c5e 03/27/2000 12:21 PM Pavel Machek

Use neigh_connected_to in rip, and behave more correctly
w.r.t. whotoldme and nexthop.

6480dd08 03/26/2000 09:31 PM Pavel Machek

I broke compilation. Sorry.

8c86f96f 03/26/2000 06:01 PM Pavel Machek

Split horizont done right.

Locks done better.

9ee07ca5 03/24/2000 10:08 AM Pavel Machek

FIXME was actually already resolved

772f4899 03/23/2000 12:08 PM Pavel Machek

Minor change to make code more readable.

ff8ed632 03/22/2000 02:26 PM Pavel Machek

Rip now tries to lock interface.

Fixed fatal errors which caused segfault at startup.

Fixed fatal errors in rip which caused it not to send more than first

72a6ef11 03/21/2000 03:53 PM Martin Mares

Construction of BGP packets.

c01e3741 03/20/2000 09:50 PM Martin Mares

Started work on BGP. Wrote main part of the connection handling code.

2638249d 03/19/2000 10:09 PM Martin Mares

Bare skeleton of the BGP.

856b87d1 03/13/2000 01:31 PM Pavel Machek

Cleanup, mostly debugging messages.

6b9fa320 03/12/2000 09:01 PM Martin Mares

Great cleanup of debug messages. LOCAL_DEBUG turned off in most modules,
several debug() calls converted to DBG.

ce17d4c1 03/09/2000 10:38 PM Ondrej Filip

LSA DB is completely redesigned. Now it should be faster and it needs
less memory.

af834f86 03/09/2000 04:38 PM Pavel Machek

Categorized TRACE messages in rip

cb822c07 03/09/2000 03:12 PM Pavel Machek

Rip tracing: still need config hunk to set p->debug.

38466dbd 03/09/2000 02:59 PM Pavel Machek

log() classes done right

30147b89 03/08/2000 12:50 PM Ondrej Filip

Sending of DBDes. (Checksum and length calculation NOT done.)

9f4929e7 03/04/2000 10:30 PM Martin Mares

Renamed EAF_INLINE to EAF_TEMP to make the name reflect the real meaning.

62ab789d 03/01/2000 02:42 PM Pavel Machek

Added type parameter to f_new_dynamic_attr.

db1326aa 03/01/2000 11:32 AM Martin Mares

Dynamic attributes are now declared in per-protocol grammar files instead
of filter/config.Y. Bird now compiles even if you disable RIP.

Removed RTA and IMPOSSIBLE tokens (unused).

Removed superfluous comment in filter.h.

I've tried to do my best, but Pavel, please check these changes.

ef0883a1 02/29/2000 11:20 PM Martin Mares

Adapted RIP to new interface flags. Pavel, please verify it's right.

de30342f 02/25/2000 07:19 PM Ondrej Filip

Router LSA & area adding.

b786df70 02/25/2000 02:26 PM Ondrej Filip

Memory allocation in ospf_area changed.

ab56f6b1 02/24/2000 12:26 AM Ondrej Filip

Area work and router LSA starts when interface goes up.

ea28da04 02/23/2000 11:23 PM Ondrej Filip

Small change for debugging.

91808fff 02/23/2000 11:14 PM Ondrej Filip

Structures for router LSA added.

6fa948d6 02/23/2000 11:13 PM Ondrej Filip

Better debugging.

e6fcf113 02/23/2000 11:13 PM Ondrej Filip

Better debuging.

4bf6de87 02/08/2000 10:43 PM Ondrej Filip

Hash table structure redesigned.

316d7bd7 02/08/2000 10:13 PM Ondrej Filip

Other LS struct added.

d3cb6980 02/08/2000 07:24 PM Ondrej Filip

LSA type changed from u16 to u8.

c7b915d6 02/08/2000 07:12 PM Ondrej Filip

Malloc() changed to cfg_alloc().

bd215f8b 01/26/2000 02:12 PM Pavel Machek

Do not send empty packets in rip.

8660913b 01/26/2000 12:07 PM Pavel Machek

Output made prettier.

295ae16d 01/17/2000 12:38 PM Martin Mares

Static protocol supports full dynamic reconfiguration.

d272fe22 01/17/2000 11:52 AM Martin Mares

Separated `official protocol names' used in status dumps from name templates
used for automatic generation of instance names.

protocol->name is the official name
protocol->template is the name template (usually "name%d"),
should be all lowercase.

Updated all protocols to define the templates, checked that their configuration...

0ec90e9f 01/17/2000 12:20 AM Martin Mares

Pipe protocol supports reconfiguration.

50fe90ed 01/16/2000 04:44 PM Martin Mares

First attempt on dynamic reconfiguration. There are still lots of bugs
and problems to solve, but the hardest part works.

15087574 01/05/2000 12:03 AM Ondrej Filip

Preparing for building LS databaze. Huh, why is it so complicated? :-(

Adding definition of some constants.

3f996d46 12/16/1999 01:14 PM Martin Mares

Added missing semicolon.

rip.h compiles in IPv6 mode, rip.c still doesn't.

6aea8905 12/16/1999 12:18 PM Martin Mares

TODO entries and FIXME's.

dff1f579 12/08/1999 01:33 PM Pavel Machek

Added hooks for show route.
Fixed passing metrics around routing tables.

4d4de35f 12/08/1999 12:51 PM Pavel Machek

Fix timing and fix endianity in metrics.

feed8226 12/03/1999 11:41 AM Martin Mares

Implemented `show static'. It's a relatively good example of how to write
show commands for other protocols.

e7f76bae 12/01/1999 01:44 PM Pavel Machek

Stupid bug (essentially while(1) loop) occuring sometimes during start
of bird fixed.

639e6285 12/01/1999 12:52 PM Pavel Machek

Actually check sequence numbers.

3daf783f 12/01/1999 12:01 PM Martin Mares

Implemented get_status for the pipe protocol (reports name of the other
side of the pipe).

Please do so for your protocols as well.