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iof-bird-daemon / sysdep / unix / timer.h @ f7fcb752

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afa8937a 12/01/1999 11:59 AM Martin Mares

Added tm_format_reltime() for formatting of relative time quantities.

487d1afa 11/30/1999 02:01 PM Martin Mares

Moved TIME_INFINITY to timer.h, so that it's publicly available.

913f7dc9 08/03/1999 07:29 PM Martin Mares

Added functions for parsing and formatting of dates.

c25e90ef 07/15/1998 07:42 PM Martin Mares

Added comment explaining `now'.

28a9a189 07/10/1998 08:32 AM Martin Mares

Replaced remaining references of clock_t by bird_clock_t.

af847acc 05/26/1998 09:46 PM Martin Mares

Whee, multicast sockets work!

Implemented recurrent timers.

a2ccbb0b 05/24/1998 02:40 PM Martin Mares

Implemented timers. Using bird_clock_t for absolute time from now...

25697773 05/15/1998 07:56 AM Martin Mares

The library is now glued together from generic and OS-dependent parts
by the `mergedirs' script. Few more IP address manipulation functions
and some fixes.