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iof-bird-daemon / sysdep @ 35164c50

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35164c50 12/12/2008 04:48 PM Ondrej Zajicek

rx_hook may be cleaned in some callback so we check it before
executing sk_read().

35f983f8 11/21/2008 05:17 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Fixes segfault with multiple routing tables.

eac21b46 11/21/2008 12:01 PM Ondrej Zajicek

This is bug, isn't it?

fd91ae33 11/05/2008 09:36 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Fix problem with local time changes.

1389f369 11/05/2008 08:39 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Fixes bugs in IPv6 code caused by recent commits.

6c8102e3 11/04/2008 01:51 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Ignore messages related to wireless extensions.

a39b165e 11/01/2008 03:58 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Multihop BGP was completely broken, because listening socket has always
ttl 1.

a98fbf0f 10/26/2008 11:20 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Merge branch 'dev' into out

68fa95cf 10/26/2008 10:55 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Check of socket name length

4c94a6c7 10/26/2008 10:23 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Do not repeat 'Invalid broadcast address' error message.

'Invalid broadcast address' error is reported only once for
an interface and not during every interface scan.

d7f3b306 10/26/2008 10:20 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Ignore unknown netlink events.

Bird sometimes reported 'bird: nl_parse_link: Malformed message received'.
The cause is that bird asynchronously received netlink packet from
wireless driver about some wireless event on its link layer. In that
case bird shouldn't complain.

1567edea 10/26/2008 10:09 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Bugfix for routing table breaking bug.

Here is a patch fixing a bug that causes breakage of a local routing
table during shutdown of Bird. The problem was caused by shutdown
of 'device' protocol before shutdown of 'kernel' protocol. When
'device' protocol went down, the route (with local network prefix)...

d51aa281 10/26/2008 09:42 PM Ondrej Zajicek

Implementation of MD5 authentication of BGP sessions.

97c6fa02 08/25/2008 12:06 PM Ondrej Filip

Previous patch reverted. :-(

030e3a79 08/25/2008 11:57 AM Ondrej Filip

Buffer overflow fix.

057021df 08/25/2008 11:19 AM Martin Mares

Fix behavior of ipa_opposite().

It was giving wrong results on /30 networks.

3c3271d9 08/24/2008 11:24 PM Ondrej Filip

Close fd of config file after reconfiguration.

8411a37e 06/20/2007 07:33 AM Martin Mares

Detach from the TTY properly.

c81b4ec3 03/16/2005 04:08 PM Ondrej Filip

Yes, we will go for 1.0.12

028a4cfc 02/20/2005 04:28 AM Ondrej Filip

Let's go for 1.0.11.

c025b852 02/14/2005 11:15 PM Ondrej Filip

Real write is only in sk_maybe_write. Previous change partially reverted.
Thank you MJ.

7c49f715 02/14/2005 09:28 PM Ondrej Filip

Added s->err_hook wrapper that empties socket.

030d3b38 02/14/2005 11:58 AM Ondrej Filip

Small changed to reduce the number of warnings.

75c1c585 02/14/2005 11:37 AM Ondrej Filip

Yes, I'd like to go to 1.0.10

0d3effcf 02/12/2005 10:27 PM Ondrej Filip

Time added in password management.

777acf91 07/14/2004 09:47 PM Ondrej Filip

Everything is tested and works. I thins it's right time to go to 1.0.9.

09e4117c 06/18/2004 12:54 PM Ondrej Filip

sk_write bugfix for BSD.

b7e9c74c 06/07/2004 04:51 PM Ondrej Filip

Used parameter can be marked as unused. :-) Thanx MJ.

282997f2 06/07/2004 10:00 AM Ondrej Filip

Some new warnings eliminated.

19d9e303 06/07/2004 09:52 AM Ondrej Filip

Marked unused parameters as unused.

fb257e43 06/07/2004 09:09 AM Ondrej Filip

Deleted some unused code.

41c8976e 06/06/2004 05:05 PM Ondrej Filip

Test old instance of BIRD.

9831e591 06/05/2004 09:58 AM Martin Mares

Staticized lots of local functions.

6578a604 06/05/2004 09:11 AM Martin Mares

Marked unused parameters in sysdep code as such.

e98bc2ea 06/05/2004 09:05 AM Martin Mares

Renamed log() to log_msg(), but still keeping the old name as a macro.
This is done to avoid clashes with gcc-3.3 which has built-in logarithms :)

4da25acb 06/05/2004 08:56 AM Martin Mares

Cleaned up sk_reallocate() and friends.
Also, removed the `if (s)' test, because I believe that as the whole
socket interface doesn't accent NULL pointers, sk_reallocate() shouldn't
be the only exception.

e7ef86a5 06/04/2004 06:51 PM Ondrej Filip

OSPF is ready for changing MTU.

85305e5d 06/04/2004 05:32 PM Ondrej Filip

typo in README

7d72aadb 06/03/2004 08:18 AM Ondrej Filip

BSD hates it, Linux needs it.

cb4dd4e2 06/02/2004 03:14 PM Ondrej Filip

Deleted useless rfree. (Socked was freed by cli_free())

7048461d 06/01/2004 01:58 PM Ondrej Filip

Code clean up.

8281ff20 06/01/2004 12:57 PM Ondrej Filip

Reverting last patch.

77772dbc 06/01/2004 10:55 AM Ondrej Filip

Caching loopback interface.

a8bb459a 06/01/2004 10:53 AM Ondrej Filip


1554cc02 06/01/2004 10:45 AM Ondrej Filip

Minor changes caused by MJ's comment.

b613b992 06/01/2004 10:32 AM Ondrej Filip


402a9fa7 06/01/2004 09:10 AM Ondrej Filip

Useles log()s deleted.

e85bd57a 06/01/2004 09:07 AM Ondrej Filip

bzero has 2 arguments.

b88a1d40 06/01/2004 08:59 AM Ondrej Filip

memset -> bzero

ea0ac8f6 05/31/2004 10:00 PM Martin Mares

Move CLI socket to the newly created CLI's pool.

(thanks to Andreas for the original idea)

38a608c5 05/31/2004 09:48 PM Martin Mares

Rewritten the I/O loop. All socket operations are now safe, meaning that
you can delete the socket from anywhere in the hooks and nothing should break.
Also, the receive/transmit buffers are now regular xmalloc()'ed buffers,
not separate resources which would need shuffling around between pools....

5f2a6a9f 05/31/2004 05:55 PM Martin Mares

Fix handling on full pipe to client in bird. Prevent packet overflows
for even only medium sized route table output. Fix a strange garbled
output problem in the client. The latter seems to be caused by some
library doing tcflush while there is still command output pending. So...

c222500d 05/31/2004 05:00 PM Ondrej Filip

Previous change was mistake.

b1a1faba 05/31/2004 01:25 PM Ondrej Filip

*BSD port added. (Tested on FreeBSD and NetBSD)

bf135bcb 09/01/2003 08:46 AM Ondrej Filip

Prepared for release 1.0.8.

c197d44e 08/13/2003 10:07 PM Martin Mares

This probably IS the memory leak we're looking for. Alien routes weren't
correctly disposed of.

f240a133 04/06/2003 07:42 PM Martin Mares

Releasing version 1.0.6.

abf06173 02/22/2003 11:06 PM Martin Mares

Current Linux kernels don't remember rtm_protocol for IPv6 routes and supply RTPROT_BOOT instead.
Work around that.

8001948b 02/22/2003 10:38 PM Martin Mares

Report link-scope addresses as well.

7d875e09 11/13/2002 08:47 AM Martin Mares

Added missing includes.

a19cd811 11/13/2002 08:30 AM Martin Mares

Added missing #include and wondering how could it ever compile.

5fc7c5c5 08/03/2001 08:44 AM Martin Mares

Don't loop forever when trying to skip an out-sequence netlink reply.

c48b3329 06/09/2001 03:13 PM Ondrej Filip

Yes, 1.0.5 released.

01b776e1 03/06/2001 01:40 PM Martin Mares

Fixed <time.h> vs. <sys/time.h> problems.

fdb19982 09/03/2000 10:18 PM Ondrej Filip

Serious bug in ext lsa origination found. Going for 1.0.4.

19e930a9 09/03/2000 05:53 PM Ondrej Filip

Version 1.0.3 released.

a24e3157 08/23/2000 06:51 AM Ondrej Filip

Released as version 1.0.2.

fc12a680 06/21/2000 10:08 PM Martin Mares

Released as version 1.0.1.

2836ce39 06/21/2000 09:58 AM Martin Mares

Check broadcast address sanity before believing it.

f9eb8f7e 06/19/2000 11:50 PM Martin Mares

If compiled with --enable-debug, don't even try to log to syslog unless
the user forces it in the config file.

ca00d4a1 06/18/2000 07:49 PM Martin Mares

Fix numbering of routing tables in IPv6 version.

4daf03e5 06/16/2000 11:12 PM Martin Mares

Use our own SUN_LEN if libc doesn't provide it.

5ddf4a58 06/09/2000 07:32 AM Martin Mares

During initialization, log to both syslog and stderr. When a configuration
file has been read and it doesn't specify any logging, log to syslog only
(if syslog is not available, then stderr).

0b3bf4b1 06/09/2000 07:30 AM Martin Mares

Use SUN_LEN() for length of UNIX domain addresses. This should fix problems
with connection to clients on libc5 machines.

2d176ac5 06/09/2000 06:45 AM Martin Mares

Released as 1.0.0, but marked it as a BETA version.

725270cb 06/08/2000 12:37 PM Martin Mares

Fixes for the programmer's manual.

c62d1c19 06/08/2000 10:48 AM Martin Mares

... as well there.

ec423cc7 06/08/2000 10:25 AM Martin Mares

Updated CLI helps.

58f7d004 06/07/2000 01:25 PM Martin Mares

Fixes to the progdoc.

2e9b2421 06/07/2000 12:29 PM Martin Mares

Spelling fixes to progdoc.

73275d85 06/05/2000 12:49 PM Martin Mares

Documented all the sysdeps (only briefly, I admit).

Except for Filters, RIP and OSPF, the progdocs are complete.

525fa2c1 06/05/2000 12:19 PM Martin Mares

Documented sockets, events and timers.

10304bed 06/05/2000 11:46 AM Martin Mares

Split random number functions off io.c, so that they can be documented

df49d4e1 06/04/2000 07:56 PM Martin Mares

Removed lots of trailing newlines in log messages.

Please note that the only calls which don't add newlines automatically
(i.e., don't print a full line of output) are debug() and DBG.

b594ad23 06/01/2000 03:13 PM Martin Mares

tm_format_reltime() works with both past and future timestamps.

4a911501 06/01/2000 12:58 PM Martin Mares

Updated for new scope handling.

Also, provide proper address scopes in struct ifa.

2f5e5ff9 05/31/2000 10:28 PM Martin Mares

Before configuration file is read, log to both syslog and stderr.

fcb5f4a7 05/31/2000 11:30 AM Martin Mares

Updated all the Doc files to new format.

4761efdb 05/29/2000 10:10 PM Martin Mares

Tracing of CLI connections/commands can be now controlled
by `debug commands <level>' in the configuration. Level 0 means
no tracing, 1 means connections only, 2 includes all commands.

e67af428 05/29/2000 09:58 PM Martin Mares

Support --version and --help.

f990fc61 05/16/2000 01:36 PM Martin Mares

When in persist mode, don't delete routes from kernel tables even if
they cease to exist in our routing tables due to protocols having shut down.

02bd064a 05/13/2000 11:02 AM Martin Mares

Adapted to new rt_notify semantics.

0e5aa966 05/11/2000 04:30 PM Martin Mares

Multicast problems should be gone, although the fix is Linux only and we'll
need to figure out something better when working on new ports.

109c2f6c 05/11/2000 12:30 PM Martin Mares

If a broadcast address is missing, go fake one.

5ff0a270 05/08/2000 10:31 PM Martin Mares

In non-debug mode, set default logging to syslog only, not stderr.

4524331a 05/08/2000 10:31 PM Martin Mares

Fixed type in daemonization code.

0bcba21e 05/08/2000 07:10 PM Martin Mares

When not debugging, daemonize automatically.

cd44b466 05/08/2000 02:24 PM Martin Mares

Forgot to add a spiky comment :)

f9254d23 05/08/2000 02:19 PM Martin Mares

Autoconf is evil. The sysconfdir and similar variables are unusable in
C includes as they contain substitutions specific to make.

Worked around by creating sysconf/paths.h which is created from
the Makefile instead of by the configure script.

818ff1e2 05/08/2000 12:38 PM Martin Mares

When reporting a bug(), call abort() instead of exit(), so that we
can analyse the core.