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f9254d23 05/08/2000 02:19 PM Martin Mares

Autoconf is evil. The sysconfdir and similar variables are unusable in
C includes as they contain substitutions specific to make.

Worked around by creating sysconf/paths.h which is created from
the Makefile instead of by the configure script.

d8508f70 05/08/2000 01:54 PM Martin Mares

`make install' now works.

b1777248 05/05/2000 05:15 PM Martin Mares

Connected the `doc' subtree to global makefiles.

All documentation is built in obj/doc (resp. doc/ if you do a stand-alone build).

Use `make docs' to make the whole documentation or `make userdocs' resp.
`make progdocs' for user manual resp. developer's guide.

973304bc 02/14/2000 05:32 PM Martin Mares

Don't make dependencies in client directory if the client is not
configured in.

7211be1c 01/20/2000 01:13 PM Martin Mares

Configure, link and use the readline library.

ed608150 10/29/1999 09:44 AM Martin Mares

Added skeleton of the client. Does nothing, but at least compiles.

a70693ca 05/21/1999 02:28 PM Martin Mares

Don't forget to export CPPFLAGS to GCC. :)

11369489 04/12/1999 05:21 PM Martin Mares

Use $(CC) instead of gcc even when generating dependencies.

7a2105be 03/04/1999 11:36 AM Martin Mares

Use dmalloc instead of EFence when available (dmalloc has lot of improvements
over EFence and also hopefully smaller memory overhead, but sadly it's non-free
for commercial use).

If the DMALLOC_OPTIONS environment variable is not set, switch on `reasonable'...

e834074d 03/01/1999 10:42 PM Martin Mares

If we are compiling with debugging enabled and libefence is available,
link it to get debugging malloc.

ca6dfded 01/15/1999 04:52 PM Pavel Machek

Make filters actually compiled.

cceb3e7d 01/12/1999 08:36 PM Martin Mares

Fixed trivial bug in naming of `depend' file. Argh.

49e7e5ee 01/10/1999 12:18 AM Martin Mares

New makefiles. Includes support for out-of-source-tree builds.