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54165b13 10/29/1999 10:08 AM Martin Mares

autoconf.h is now written to obj/sysdep, the source tree is hopefully
completely read-only now.

eab0d1e5 03/02/1999 04:39 PM Martin Mares

Latest changes broke out-of-tree compilation.

ea3582a6 03/01/1999 08:15 PM Martin Mares

Include "config.h" instead of "autoconf.h" in all Modules lists to make defines
in the static portion of configuration includes available as well.

2c2f67bd 01/23/1999 09:08 PM Martin Mares

Filter all `Modules' files through C preprocessor, so that they can
reference BIRD configuration.

By the way: Do you know GCC by default does `#define unix 1'?

eeb05158 01/15/1999 02:42 PM Pavel Machek

Be a tiny bit more verbose.

49e7e5ee 01/10/1999 12:18 AM Martin Mares

New makefiles. Includes support for out-of-source-tree builds.

d2ed2579 11/27/1998 07:31 PM Martin Mares

Now merges configuration fragments (*.Y) as well.

25697773 05/15/1998 07:56 AM Martin Mares

The library is now glued together from generic and OS-dependent parts
by the `mergedirs' script. Few more IP address manipulation functions
and some fixes.