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42b3daa0 06/05/2000 09:51 AM Martin Mares

Description of protocol module moved to where it belongs. If documentation
of standard modules is stored in their source, such auxilliary files
should be as well.

371adba6 06/02/2000 05:23 PM Martin Mares

Use <chapt> for chapters, <sect> for sections and <sect1> for subsections.

6be13de7 05/31/2000 11:29 AM Martin Mares

New progdoc script generating SGML output.

c7d7794b 05/05/2000 05:14 PM Martin Mares

Added a tool for processing of developer documentation.

Everything is controlled by Doc files in source directories (see the
corresponding programmer's manual entry for the format and look
at Doc and lib/Doc for an example).

Currently it generates HTML indices and calls kernel-doc to generate...