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99955b54 06/09/2000 06:31 AM Martin Mares

Proper building and installation of documentation in the Makefiles.

a012cbb1 06/08/2000 07:16 PM Ondrej Filip

Nasty bug in LSA refreshing. I didn't refesh my own copy! :-(

135857e5 06/08/2000 07:14 PM Ondrej Filip

Acknoledge your own premature aged LSA.

054a3524 06/08/2000 07:02 PM Ondrej Filip

Don't send dbdes before rtlsa origination.

4bb18dd2 06/08/2000 04:57 PM Pavel Machek

Fix i_same for 'c' instruction.

89e7de98 06/08/2000 03:44 PM Martin Mares

Updated distribution README.

d4f72db3 06/08/2000 03:22 PM Martin Mares

When distcleaning, clean up doc as well.

96264d4d 06/08/2000 02:06 PM Pavel Machek

Final version of documentation (famous last words)

66701947 06/08/2000 12:56 PM Martin Mares


6567e6cf 06/08/2000 12:42 PM Martin Mares

Missing parameters...

1632f1fe 06/08/2000 12:38 PM Pavel Machek

More spellchecking and typographic changes.

725270cb 06/08/2000 12:37 PM Martin Mares

Fixes for the programmer's manual.

8d56febe 06/08/2000 12:04 PM Ondrej Filip

HASH_DEF_ORDER back to 6.

2a56bb3b 06/08/2000 11:05 AM Martin Mares

Set margins.

5a64ac70 06/08/2000 11:00 AM Ondrej Filip

Introduction to configuration of OSPF.

c62d1c19 06/08/2000 10:48 AM Martin Mares

... as well there.

49569a8b 06/08/2000 10:48 AM Martin Mares

Oops! Configuration compiles now.

a4601845 06/08/2000 10:30 AM Pavel Machek

Tiny fixes.

86598d87 06/08/2000 10:27 AM Martin Mares


a5a947d4 06/08/2000 10:26 AM Pavel Machek

Fixing error messages.

ca77641d 06/08/2000 10:25 AM Pavel Machek

Use `switch' for `disabled'.

ec423cc7 06/08/2000 10:25 AM Martin Mares

Updated CLI helps.

5a203dac 06/08/2000 10:24 AM Pavel Machek

Docs updates.

b178d92a 06/08/2000 08:24 AM Pavel Machek

Better messages

099c017f 06/08/2000 02:28 AM Ondrej Filip

Still some endianity bugs.

59ba3342 06/08/2000 02:04 AM Ondrej Filip

I forgot some endianity operations.

423230f2 06/08/2000 01:49 AM Ondrej Filip

Ehm, my (B)DR election was based on router id, but RFC says ip!

17e29574 06/07/2000 11:48 PM Ondrej Filip

Better algoritmus of LSA aging.

25a3f3da 06/07/2000 11:34 PM Ondrej Filip

I mark all LSA as in distance INFINITY in process of aging.
I don't have to WALK twice through it.

1186369b 06/07/2000 11:23 PM Ondrej Filip


37c3e558 06/07/2000 11:05 PM Ondrej Filip

Simple explanation, how LSA are kept in database.

87f0d22e 06/07/2000 10:57 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor change.

c2553b1b 06/07/2000 10:56 PM Ondrej Filip

Minor changes.

eee9cefd 06/07/2000 10:53 PM Ondrej Filip


e9ab0b42 06/07/2000 10:31 PM Ondrej Filip

Doc in lsalib.c + related minor changes.

d5e4b518 06/07/2000 10:10 PM Ondrej Filip


351feeb5 06/07/2000 09:56 PM Ondrej Filip


b4af36e0 06/07/2000 09:50 PM Ondrej Filip

Removed some FIXMEs simply deleting them.

7ab3ff6a 06/07/2000 09:46 PM Ondrej Filip

Doc in neighbor.c and some tiny changes related to.

cadbb827 06/07/2000 09:12 PM Ondrej Filip

A copyright change.

6f58dc64 06/07/2000 08:50 PM Ondrej Filip


89755a86 06/07/2000 08:30 PM Ondrej Filip

Introdution into OSPF.

64722c98 06/07/2000 03:27 PM Pavel Machek

Added brief description of client features. Grammar really is not good place to write help from, so please check this.

3e82b32d 06/07/2000 02:45 PM Pavel Machek

Progdocs updates

074a166d 06/07/2000 02:39 PM Pavel Machek

Better explanation for if/case, and RFC pointers for rip. Still searching for
RIPv2 rfc number!

8dcf2544 06/07/2000 02:16 PM Pavel Machek

Even better documentation of filters.

7aa99d22 06/07/2000 02:12 PM Martin Mares


f06a219a 06/07/2000 02:12 PM Ondrej Filip

Better explanation of OSPF attributes. But it's still not perfect.

4e8ec666 06/07/2000 02:08 PM Martin Mares


07f29765 06/07/2000 02:06 PM Pavel Machek

RIPv6 now works.

76c7efec 06/07/2000 02:01 PM Ondrej Filip

Better example for OSPF configuration.

907503ad 06/07/2000 02:00 PM Pavel Machek

Comment fix.

18b4d6bf 06/07/2000 01:58 PM Pavel Machek

rip ipv6 bugfix

3ca3e999 06/07/2000 01:54 PM Martin Mares

Spelling and style corrections to the OSPF section.

771ae456 06/07/2000 01:54 PM Pavel Machek

Better progdocs for filters

fa6c2405 06/07/2000 01:46 PM Ondrej Filip

Now I can change cost of interface without OSPF restart.

6316555e 06/07/2000 01:32 PM Martin Mares

Minor tagging fixes in OSPF docs.

25696edb 06/07/2000 01:30 PM Pavel Machek

Full list of possible values in attributes, better operators description.

088bc8ad 06/07/2000 01:28 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in <>.

58f7d004 06/07/2000 01:25 PM Martin Mares

Fixes to the progdoc.

38203d78 06/07/2000 01:19 PM Ondrej Filip

Originate rt lsa before sending first dbdes.

0c69604c 06/07/2000 01:15 PM Pavel Machek

SGML syntax fix.

8fd12e6b 06/07/2000 12:35 PM Ondrej Filip

OSPF user documentation added.

2e9b2421 06/07/2000 12:29 PM Martin Mares

Spelling fixes to progdoc.

e403aa89 06/07/2000 12:27 PM Martin Mares

Updated TODO file.

cf0fca30 06/07/2000 12:27 PM Martin Mares

Added `progspell' target which runs ispell on the progdoc SGML file with
all function, variable and structure names removed.

1ae494a7 06/07/2000 11:55 AM Martin Mares

Avoid SEGV's in tracing.

8cd5c52f 06/07/2000 01:19 AM Ondrej Filip

Removed useless trace.

3df89cef 06/07/2000 01:18 AM Ondrej Filip


bd457b8d 06/07/2000 01:03 AM Ondrej Filip

Some minor changes:
Typo: transit delay!=transmit delay
Zero checks etc.

edc34dc9 06/07/2000 12:56 AM Ondrej Filip

Reconfiguration hook.
It will survive many timer and constat changes.

1532a244 06/06/2000 08:54 PM Pavel Machek

mj's fixes to rip documentation.

a7c9f7c0 06/06/2000 08:35 PM Pavel Machek

Batch of mj's corrections (config + filters)

a63a9ce6 06/06/2000 12:50 PM Ondrej Filip

Better dumping neighbors' states on PTP interface.

a00c7a18 06/06/2000 11:58 AM Martin Mares

Typos in Static section.

02357f96 06/06/2000 11:53 AM Pavel Machek

Merged mj's changes, up-to "import filter".

41ad16e2 06/06/2000 11:50 AM Ondrej Filip

Added IP protocols.

a852c139 06/06/2000 11:05 AM Pavel Machek

Don't let example overflow, and new chapter for "about routing tables".

ee4880c8 06/06/2000 02:54 AM Ondrej Filip

Some '\n' deleted.

064b1d89 06/06/2000 02:50 AM Ondrej Filip


bd37f45c 06/06/2000 02:43 AM Ondrej Filip

Deleted some debug()

abcbfd04 06/06/2000 02:34 AM Ondrej Filip


531a48d8 06/06/2000 02:32 AM Ondrej Filip

Tracing in LS ack.

992705f6 06/06/2000 02:27 AM Ondrej Filip

Tracing in topology

d3995c49 06/06/2000 02:16 AM Ondrej Filip

Tracing in LSUPD.

f14032ef 06/06/2000 02:09 AM Ondrej Filip

First part of tracing.

51cff78b 06/06/2000 01:46 AM Ondrej Filip

Allocate OSPF areas before interfaces.

c1824c4d 06/06/2000 01:23 AM Ondrej Filip

Simple autentication added.

fef1badf 06/06/2000 01:00 AM Ondrej Filip

All die() renamed to bug().

80787d41 06/06/2000 12:52 AM Ondrej Filip

Dummy reconfigure added.

f8f1e1f1 06/06/2000 12:46 AM Ondrej Filip

Interface locks added.

7d68e18b 06/06/2000 12:21 AM Ondrej Filip

Added NBMA into examples.

b131e163 06/06/2000 12:16 AM Ondrej Filip

Some useles variable deleted.

3301b9d1 06/06/2000 12:16 AM Ondrej Filip

Some useless variable deleted.

eb436e16 06/06/2000 12:08 AM Ondrej Filip

NBMA networks seems to work, but this should be better. :-)

e5b5d18c 06/05/2000 11:44 PM Ondrej Filip

NBMA networks should work now.

5c18880e 06/05/2000 09:26 PM Martin Mares

Avoid sentence containing a colon to start new doc subsection.

ab698fc5 06/05/2000 09:09 PM Ondrej Filip

Added example of OSPF configuration.

a13eaf21 06/05/2000 09:02 PM Martin Mares

Define element <progdoc> which initializes different formatting for the
programmer's guide (\raggedbottom etc.).

Also, omit "\usepackage{t1enc}", so that bullets work now.

854128a5 06/05/2000 09:01 PM Martin Mares

Don't print empty synopses of functions.