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Added by Martin Mares over 22 years ago

Minor rte/rta interface changes:

o  rte can now contain a pointer to both cached and uncached rta. Protocols
which don't need their own attribute caching can now just fill-in a rta,
link it to rte without any calls to attribute cache and call rte_update()
which will replace rte->attrs by a cached copy.
o  In order to support this, one of previously pad bytes in struct rta
now holds new attribute flags (RTAF_CACHED). If you call rte_update()
with uncached rta, you must clear these flags. In other cases rta_lookup()
sets it appropriately.
o  Added rte_free() which is useful when you construct a rte and then the
circumstances change and you decide not to use it for an update. (Needed
for temporary rte's in kernel syncer...)


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