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iof-bird-daemon / proto @ 19fc4c76

Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  bgp bd2d8190 almost 22 years Martin Mares Honor standard communities (no_export, no_adver...
  ospf 19fc4c76 almost 22 years Ondrej Filip LS ack.
  pipe 6b9fa320 almost 22 years Martin Mares Great cleanup of debug messages. LOCAL_DEBUG tu...
  rip ac7a2145 almost 22 years Pavel Machek f_new_dynamic_attr gets third argument, type as...
  static 221135d6 almost 22 years Martin Mares Include "lib/string.h" instead of <string.h>. I...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
19fc4c76 04/18/2000 09:13 PM Ondrej Filip

LS ack.

26116eac 04/18/2000 08:34 PM Ondrej Filip

Better LS Ack dumping.

48f5a61f 04/18/2000 07:56 PM Ondrej Filip

Bugfix in neighbor dumping.

9eada7ca 04/18/2000 07:44 PM Ondrej Filip

Fixed the serious bug in LSack.
Oh, I'm an idiot. I sent LSACK, but in header was LSUPD. :-(

9eea6047 04/18/2000 07:31 PM Ondrej Filip

Multicast open socket for (B)DR bugfix.

79f036ef 04/18/2000 07:22 PM Ondrej Filip

Dump changes.

44724025 04/18/2000 06:29 PM Ondrej Filip

Many %u changer into %I.

89929e9d 04/18/2000 06:21 PM Ondrej Filip

Many %u changed into %I and dump cleanup.

1508ee8b 04/18/2000 06:01 PM Ondrej Filip

Iface chstate run only if something really change.

dd100e40 04/18/2000 05:58 PM Ondrej Filip

Better dumping in neighbor chstate.

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