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	<tag>show symbols</tag>
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	Show the list of symbols defined in the configuration (names of protocols, routing tables etc.).
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	<tag>show route [[for] <m/prefix/|<m/IP/] [table <m/sym/] [filter <m/f/|where <m/c/] [(import|preimport) <m/p/] [<m/options/]</tag>
	<tag>show route [[for] <m/prefix/|<m/IP/] [table <m/sym/] [filter <m/f/|where <m/c/] [(import|preimport) <m/p/] [protocol <m/p/] [<m/options/]</tag>
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	Show contents of a routing table (by default of the main one),
356 356
	that is routes, their metrics and (in case the <cf/all/ switch is given)
357 357
	all their attributes.
370 370
        that are imported to the specified protocol. With <cf/preimport/, the
371 371
	import filter of the protocol is skipped.
372 372

	<p>You can also select just routes added by a specific protocol.
	<cf>protocol <m/p/</cf>.

373 376
	<p>The <cf/stats/ switch requests showing of route statistics (the
374 377
	number of networks, number of routes before and after filtering). If
375 378
	you use <cf/count/ instead, only the statistics will be printed.

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