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Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  bgp 99f70c78 over 21 years Martin Mares Use the same attribute names as in filters.
  ospf 85c92555 almost 22 years Ondrej Filip Grr, another patch to make it compile.
  pipe 6b9fa320 almost 22 years Martin Mares Great cleanup of debug messages. LOCAL_DEBUG tu...
  rip ac7a2145 almost 22 years Pavel Machek f_new_dynamic_attr gets third argument, type as...
  static 221135d6 almost 22 years Martin Mares Include "lib/string.h" instead of <string.h>. I...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
99f70c78 04/25/2000 09:31 PM Martin Mares

Use the same attribute names as in filters.

684c25d9 04/25/2000 09:21 PM Martin Mares

When sending BGP attributes, re-create the flags, so that attributes
added by filters which get the flags wrong are fixed automagically.

efcece2d 04/25/2000 09:13 PM Martin Mares

Better reporting of both local and remote errors.

a47a0108 04/25/2000 01:32 PM Martin Mares

Real parsing of BGP OPEN options including capability

8b258e4e 04/21/2000 01:01 PM Martin Mares

LOCAL_PREF is now always present and exported over all ibgp connections [draft]

Allow setting of address of the local end of the TCP connection.

Several bug fixes.

2a9e064d 04/21/2000 12:25 PM Martin Mares

If no NLRI's are present in an UPDATE message, parse the attributes, but
don't check presence of mandatory attributes. [draft-09]

7787ace6 04/20/2000 10:54 PM Martin Mares

Synced to draft-ietf-idr-bgp4-09.

9bc6ab40 04/20/2000 10:34 PM Martin Mares

Fixed reporting of unknown options.

5f532add 04/19/2000 01:54 PM Martin Mares

Temporarily ignore unknown options.

f381cdce 04/19/2000 01:54 PM Martin Mares

The ATOMIC_AGGREGATE parameter is optional transitive.

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