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  cf 67ece6df over 20 years Martin Mares Tried to clean up multicast handling. Now we do...
  linux aa8761de over 20 years Martin Mares Kernel route syncer now supports dynamic reconf...
  unix 9fac310d over 20 years Martin Mares Put client on a stony ground. The whole client ... 982 Bytes 54165b13 over 20 years Martin Mares Configure PATH_CONTROL_SOCKET. autoconf.h is no...
config.h 1.15 KB b9672a84 over 20 years Martin Mares The CLI I/O functions work as desired.

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9fac310d 01/19/2000 03:07 PM Martin Mares

Put client on a stony ground. The whole client is going to be system-specific
(the current version UNIX-specific) anyway, so it's useless to try splitting it
to sysdep and generic part. Instead of this, configure script decides (based on
system type and user's wish) what (if any) client should be built and what...

3ea1ba63 01/18/2000 11:01 AM Martin Mares

Killed protocol->priority. Protocol startup should be clean and hack-free now.
It seems everything still works (except for disable/enable/restart which hangs
sometimes, but it's another story).

aa8761de 01/18/2000 10:39 AM Martin Mares

Kernel route syncer now supports dynamic reconfiguration. Also it doesn't
depend on the startup counter hack now and uses a zero-time timer instead
to make itself scheduled after normal protocol startup.

fb89b1a4 01/17/2000 12:40 PM Martin Mares

Removed point-to-point tunnel hack as it breaks ordinary PtP interfaces.
I'll find a better solution soon.

d272fe22 01/17/2000 11:52 AM Martin Mares

Separated `official protocol names' used in status dumps from name templates
used for automatic generation of instance names.

protocol->name is the official name
protocol->template is the name template (usually "name%d"),
should be all lowercase.

Updated all protocols to define the templates, checked that their configuration...

f7fcb752 01/17/2000 11:17 AM Martin Mares

Reconfiguration for device protocol.

99278e10 01/16/2000 11:36 PM Martin Mares

Wording changes.

bf8558bc 01/16/2000 05:40 PM Martin Mares

Converted shutdown to a kind of reconfiguration, it's no more handled
as a exception in protocol state machines. Introduced a `shutdown'
CLI command. Killed few reconfiguration bugs.

50fe90ed 01/16/2000 04:44 PM Martin Mares

First attempt on dynamic reconfiguration. There are still lots of bugs
and problems to solve, but the hardest part works.

476e1084 12/16/1999 01:51 PM Martin Mares

Minor cleanups.

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