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iof-bird-daemon / proto / rip @ eb4097e4

Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
Doc 19 Bytes ab1129c1 over 21 years Martin Mares Added skeleton Doc files for the whole develope...
Makefile 76 Bytes 1b16029c over 22 years Pavel Machek Mensi updaty do ripu. Pridana passwd autentikac...
auth.c 4.28 KB ac4b4683 over 21 years Martin Mares Removal of useless includes continues...
config.Y 2.47 KB d9f89e01 over 21 years Pavel Machek You can now say "mode multicast".
rip.c 24.5 KB eb4097e4 over 21 years Pavel Machek Added name of protocol to messages being logged.
rip.h 3.5 KB 6d5e703d over 21 years Pavel Machek Minor cleaning

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
eb4097e4 05/19/2000 04:22 PM Pavel Machek

Added name of protocol to messages being logged.

f7ad556f 05/19/2000 11:00 AM Martin Mares

Commented out the `inserting entry which is already there' message since
it's pretty normal: during feeding of the protocol, a new route can appear
which will be announced normally and then repeated by the feeding process.

6d5e703d 05/17/2000 08:23 PM Pavel Machek

Minor cleaning

e5a47266 05/16/2000 03:08 PM Martin Mares

Turned off LOCAL_DEBUG.

5b846de6 05/16/2000 03:05 PM Pavel Machek

Interface dummy is too strange for me... but psst, that's secret.

898fdd85 05/16/2000 02:58 PM Pavel Machek

Rip should now reconfigure itself only if needed.

28323d9d 05/11/2000 03:05 PM Martin Mares

Several minor RIP changes (Pavel, please check as usually):

o  Use FIB_ITERATE_INIT instead of calling the function fit_init()
which is explictly marked as private in route.h.
o When printing trace messages, don't spit out protocol name twice....
ec21aecf 05/11/2000 10:33 AM Pavel Machek

Fixed nasty segfault in rip.

10f5c47d 05/11/2000 09:41 AM Pavel Machek

Some more paranoia into rip_insert and rip_delete

94d1a6c9 05/11/2000 09:36 AM Pavel Machek

Unused variable killed.

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