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6032aa6a 05/03/1998 04:42 PM Martin Mares

Added new subdir for UNIX-dependent files.

Now contains only functions for logging, but it will change soon.

1feea03e 04/28/1998 02:39 PM Martin Mares

Changed #include <x/y> to #include "x/y" for our local includes, so that
gcc -MM can be used to separate them from the system ones.

Added automatic generation of dependencies.

c40e05a0 04/23/1998 02:01 PM Martin Mares

Added IP address manipulation macros, interface declarations and logging.

481f6985 04/23/1998 08:09 AM Martin Mares

Added few route attributes.

58ef912c 04/22/1998 12:58 PM Martin Mares

First look at data structures. More to come tomorrow...

b60f7489 03/20/1998 06:30 PM Martin Mares

Added banner presented to KSVI.

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