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Available configuration variables: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONFIG_AUTO_ROUTES Device routes are added automagically by the kernel CONFIG_SELF_CONSCIOUS We're able to recognize whether route was installed by us CONFIG_MULTIPLE_TABLES The kernel supports multiple routing tables CONFIG_ALL_TABLES_AT_ONCE Kernel scanner wants to process all tables at once CONFIG_SINGLE_ROUTE There is only one route per network CONFIG_MC_PROPER_SRC Multicast packets have source address according to socket saddr field CONFIG_SKIP_MC_BIND Don't call bind on multicast socket (def for *BSD) CONFIG_NO_IFACE_BIND Bind to iface is not available, use workarounds (def for *BSD) CONFIG_UNIX_DONTROUTE Use setsockopts DONTROUTE (undef for *BSD) CONFIG_USE_HDRINCL Use IP_HDRINCL instead of control messages for source address on raw IP sockets. CONFIG_RESTRICTED_PRIVILEGES Implements restricted privileges using drop_uid()

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