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MRAI setter

This software takes in input a graphml annotated according to the specifications of IoF and set the node MRAI values.


./ <graphml_file> <strategy> <outputDir> <mean_mrai> [<advertising_node>]

The output dir will be created if it does not exist

The optional option indicates which node is advertising. This can be of paramount importance for some strategies (e.g., Fabrikant gadgets).


Strategies are MRAI setting policies. At the time of writing available strategies include: * 30secs: set all timers to 30 seconds * none: set all timers to 0 seconds * fabrikant: set timers according to worst case gadget configuration (see paper) * inversefabrikant: inverted timers of the previous case (should lead to good case) * dpc: set timers according to our theorecal derived model based on destination partial centrality (DPC) * dpc2: variation of the previous one, with a different normalization factor * uniformdistrmrai: Set timers randomly following a uniform distribution btween 'defaultmrai'%'percentageconstant' and defaultmrai * constantfabrikant: Set timers following Fabrikant policies, but with a constant increment, the constant percentage is given by 'percentageconstant' * constantinversefabrikant: Set timers following inverse Fabrikant polices, but with a constant decrement, the constant percentage is given by 'percentage_constant'


Just type python3 -mpytest

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