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first look to the code

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corrected DPC calculation, based on which node share a network and not on the type of the node, there could be for example nodes of Type M that does not share destiantions, this before whas a problem because every node different than a T was sharing a contribute, but this should happen only if they really share one internal network

c8b3c308 10/06/2019 04:08 PM tiamilani

bug fixes simulatore, parser adattato per ricevere in ingresso anche cartelle con simulazioni/emulazioni multiple e dare un output mediato

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bug fixes

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bug fixes

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Simulatore funzionante e log to csv per il simulatore e primi script in R

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basic log parser to csv

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log format to bird

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time fixed

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time fixed

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Internet on FIRE BGP py simulator


This is a python simulator for BGP, and the main purpose of this simulator is to reproduce the results presented in the Fabrikant paper


A general fabrikant graphml file needs to be provided to the simulator to replicate the environment.

A general fabrikant graphml could be produced with the script in the topos folder with the following command:

python3 topos/

It will produce the file test.graphml that can be used to create a simulation.

Now is possible to run a simulation with the command:

python3 -g test.graphml -w outputDir

Pay attention, the output dir must exist, in case you did not create it you can use the command mkdir outputDir

Now in the output directory you will find the simulation files produced by the environment.

A more deep explanation of the simulator is available in the bgpSim_documentation folder

Repeated execution

For simplicity to execute more experiments on the same topology is possible to use the bash file provided, it's called nSimulations.bash it only needs the number of simulations to repeat, the graph file and the output dire, follow this example:

./nSimulations.bash 50 test.graphml outDir

Obviously the output dir must exist.

Also available in: Atom