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81c3523d 10/13/2016 08:34 AM LoreBz

Merge branch 'master' of

d3494ef0 10/12/2016 05:30 PM Luca Baldesi

refactor logsys description

7854eb92 10/10/2016 03:16 PM LoreBz

RouteDumper implemented

ce1f0c86 10/10/2016 08:14 AM LoreBz

git test

cb614266 09/12/2016 02:02 PM LoreBz

BabelTest added

5f579132 02/04/2016 04:34 PM Luca Baldesi

Add resource logging capability

7b55b31e 02/04/2016 04:33 PM Luca Baldesi

merge netjson support feature branch

8163c242 09/29/2015 03:32 PM Leonardo Maccari

change readme

eac05fb4 09/28/2015 12:12 PM Luca Baldesi

add resource logging explanation in the README

7de44cc4 09/24/2015 10:57 AM Leonardo Maccari

test json topology

1e5ac3b3 09/24/2015 09:27 AM Leonardo Maccari

updated url

e32aaa99 09/24/2015 09:19 AM Leonardo Maccari

added support for NetJSON format

6e5d1268 09/23/2015 01:33 PM Luca Baldesi

apply bufixing

0e1720b2 09/23/2015 01:32 PM Luca Baldesi

fix bug in setshortest path code

c04ea593 09/23/2015 01:31 PM Luca Baldesi

add logging function

8f7370dd 09/23/2015 01:30 PM Luca Baldesi

add wait function to MininetTest class

wait allows to suspend the execution of the main thread of the emulator for a certain amount of time.
It is also possible to log system resources like cpu, memory and network usage while suspended.

976ba3fc 06/08/2015 03:26 PM Luca Baldesi

refactor shortest path computation, enhanced compatibility with default mininet distribution, exported link configuration


6d4e0e46 02/16/2015 11:06 AM luca

remove peerstreamer test files (now in the peerstreamer_test branch)

e6242af2 02/09/2015 04:31 PM Luca Baldesi

add packet data tracker file

44d6a454 12/11/2014 04:30 PM Luca Baldesi

add network optimization test case

607cb348 11/27/2014 11:41 AM Luca Baldesi

fix peerstreamer test code bugs

539671f0 11/27/2014 11:40 AM Luca Baldesi

add functions to Powernet to trace transmitted/received bytes and packets over the network

e6477c13 11/27/2014 11:39 AM Luca Baldesi

improve bgCmd function debug functionality

5984a3f7 10/30/2014 06:23 PM Luca Baldesi

add peerstreamer network load test cases. Provide subclasses for neigh size and peers number variation

3b000ea6 10/30/2014 06:21 PM Luca Baldesi

fix killALL bug

428f3ed3 10/29/2014 04:54 PM Luca Baldesi

add PeerStreamer network impact function

fix also a bug in the linkSentPacket function

6839e49e 10/29/2014 04:26 PM Luca Baldesi

add gitignore

46af05a6 10/29/2014 04:25 PM Luca Baldesi

refactor network packets functions code

moved net packets function in the PowerNet class

044aba16 10/29/2014 03:22 PM Luca Baldesi

refactor peerstreamer arguments passing.

specify peerstreamer executable flags through the WCNSimulator configuration file

06127ef6 10/28/2014 01:20 PM Luca Baldesi

add network load inspection functions

77a7e5f6 10/27/2014 04:53 PM Luca Baldesi

add times compulsory option

0597ba9b 09/24/2014 09:06 PM Leonardo Maccari

added pingTest

ed87a801 09/24/2014 08:23 PM Leonardo Maccari

added configuration file parsing, dynamic class loading

29c59d2a 09/24/2014 04:22 PM Leonardo Maccari

changed permissions to result files

c09f8d98 09/24/2014 03:28 PM Leonardo Maccari

refactored test classes and source files

8f01e99f 09/24/2014 01:46 PM Leonardo Maccari

added option to draw graph

f26348de 09/24/2014 01:45 PM Leonardo Maccari

fixed bug in optional params

b1b1f173 09/24/2014 12:54 PM Leonardo Maccari

added command line parser + submodule

fc59a53f 09/15/2014 05:00 PM Luca Baldesi

fix logfile name bug for multiple istances

702db692 09/15/2014 04:27 PM Luca Baldesi

enable multi processes per host

e6debb65 09/15/2014 12:46 PM Luca Baldesi

add robustness to background command failures

a0657979 09/12/2014 12:37 PM Luca Baldesi

refactor PS parameters passing

b672166b 09/12/2014 08:07 AM Luca Baldesi

refactor code and created PS test classes

8a2e0da7 09/05/2014 12:34 PM Luca Baldesi

initial simulator