From 08/18/2009 to 09/16/2009


10:24 PM Revision 453953fc (psnr-tools): fixed a refiller issue, which I think is triggered by H.264+Bfram...
The problem is that when a chunk is lost, the first correctly received
frame after the chunk cannot be decoded correc...
Csaba Kiraly
10:24 PM Revision b36dc43f (psnr-tools): fixed a logparser bug, which ends up in duplicating the wrong fra...
The total number of frames in unchanged. Csaba Kiraly


11:14 AM Revision aa8c02c6 (psnr-tools): changed make to $(MAKE) in Makefile
to resolve this warning:
make[1]: warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1. Add `+' to parent make rule.
Csaba Kiraly


03:42 PM Revision 604fe120 (psnr-tools): added some usage info
Csaba Kiraly
03:42 PM Revision 2c8d6927 (psnr-tools): added play support with ffplay
FFPLAY must be defined to use it Csaba Kiraly
12:42 PM Revision f53a19bc (psnr-tools): fixed makefile adding .PHONY
Csaba Kiraly
11:38 AM Revision eb5ce4e7 (psnr-tools): [PATCH] Remove the "gop" hack... Now 1chunk=1gop is chunksize=0
Luca Abeni


06:31 PM Revision b1825363 (psnr-tools): create temporary directory if it doesn't exits
Csaba Kiraly
04:00 PM Revision fd7dc5b8 (psnr-tools): minimal README added
Csaba Kiraly
03:42 PM Revision 628daf9f (psnr-tools): fixed overwrite problems with ffmpeg
previously ffmpeg was defined with -y (answer yes to overwrite questions).
Now -y is part of the script itself.
Csaba Kiraly
03:24 PM Revision d15e1e32 (psnr-tools): Merge commit 'abeni/smart_chunkisation_merged'
Csaba Kiraly
03:22 PM Revision 7b2f8bba (psnr-tools): fixed bash =~ error
Now it works both for bash 3.1 and for 3.2.48
Csaba Kiraly
02:14 PM Revision 3519763d (psnr-tools): fixed error in desc file copying by removing the desc file.
alternatively, -f could be used Csaba Kiraly
02:06 PM Revision d80aa2f2 (psnr-tools): do not suppress error messages
previously there were some 2>/dev/null redirections,
since ffmpeg writes a bunch of logs there. Since also useful err...
Csaba Kiraly
09:46 AM Revision dd8bd34b (psnr-tools): Build system fixes...
09:46 AM Revision 46c2411e (psnr-tools): Support new cutter, and do not hardcode ffmpeg
09:45 AM Revision e47c65e4 (psnr-tools): Fix support for interleaved frames
09:42 AM Revision 3f2daf4f (psnr-tools): Fix support for fixed and variable chunk size


08:15 PM Revision 2ac6f1f0 (psnr-tools): fixed ssim rounding problem
evalvid was printing results up to a precision of two decimal digits .... OK for
PSNR, but not for SSIM which has a t...
Csaba Kiraly


09:05 AM Revision b8aaf5f6 (psnr-tools): Merge branch 'master' into smart_chunkisation_merged


10:03 AM Revision a6862d0c (psnr-tools): Smarter chunkisation: 2 chunks = 2 gops, interleaved frames


11:59 AM Revision 7b784289 (psnr-tools): fixed bash regexp error.
Bash regexp behavior changes from version to version. See

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