From 12/27/2015 to 01/25/2016


01:26 PM Revision 790c05c4 (janus-gateway): Fixed a couple of indent typos, and added info for new RabbitM...
Lorenzo Miniero
01:23 PM Revision 4f154690 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #442 from hasbean/master
Ability to configure virtual host, username, and password for RabbitMQ Lorenzo Miniero
12:18 PM Revision 90d6ebf8 (janus-gateway): fix indents
12:07 PM Revision f0161edd (janus-gateway): bloody semicolon
11:59 AM Revision 170300a9 (janus-gateway): free allocated memory and move up credentials to be used by ei...


04:54 PM Revision 96e6c1cf (janus-gateway): Further recommendations on AWS deployment in janus.cfg
Lorenzo Miniero


01:37 PM Revision 2f802039 (janus-gateway): Shorter do/while code for EINTR management
Lorenzo Miniero
12:43 PM Revision b6431fe0 (janus-gateway): Wrap write in a do/while to catch EINTR
Lorenzo Miniero
10:43 AM Revision 3dff2cb0 (janus-gateway): Have the parent wait for an exit code from the child during st...
Lorenzo Miniero


08:16 PM Revision 4b579ee4 (janus-gateway): Ability to configure virtual host, username, and password for ...


04:52 PM Revision df642f48 (janus-gateway): Fix check when hanging up WebRTC peerconnection
Lorenzo Miniero


09:24 AM Revision f477898c (mongoose): Mongoose 6.1 -> 6.2
PUBLISHED_FROM=24146cf7f4cf86cfd76260fb906d50889b9d6f7e Alexander Alashkin
09:24 AM Revision 566193a1 (mongoose): Implement freezing V7 object graph
PUBLISHED_FROM=1670ce871ed2c9391edb10ff413d3d454997d1fe Marko Mikulicic
09:24 AM Revision 81d977c7 (mongoose): Introduce mg_time() and use it internally
PUBLISHED_FROM=024a2d7849a800381d58460877eacccfc93b1cdd Deomid Ryabkov
09:24 AM Revision 5d6eeb5d (mongoose): Add a note about Content-Type for form submissions
PUBLISHED_FROM=6079258be24fa0255f5a58e4d364be224435394b Deomid Ryabkov
09:24 AM Revision d9b9d71b (mongoose): v7_apply() and friends take res as last argument
PUBLISHED_FROM=4b064f5e4554c5a016481bf8104c0ba9dd244083 Dmitry Frank
09:24 AM Revision 643ee1df (mongoose): cfunctions API refactored to return enum v7_err
PUBLISHED_FROM=f96a4ab2016c0125c1e94b3c5c9ada2c365bd39d Dmitry Frank


02:47 PM Revision a6c2572b (janus-gateway): Fixed outdated demo description
Lorenzo Miniero


11:20 AM Revision 855a1d62 (janus-gateway): Fixed check of when to load adapter.js (issue with Firefox 46)
Lorenzo Miniero


10:41 AM Revision c77dcef1 (janus-gateway): Updated README to use the right tagged version of libwebsockets
Lorenzo Miniero


01:05 PM Revision f84cebb6 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #424 from meetecho/ws-partial-writes
Add support for partial writes in websockets transport Lorenzo Miniero
12:49 PM Revision 1dea4788 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #430 from ploxiln/ice_send_thread_loop
janus_ice_send_thread(): use g_async_queue_timeout_pop() Lorenzo Miniero
12:47 PM Revision fe2cb124 (janus-gateway): Fixed broken RabbitMQ transport queues (issue #435)
Lorenzo Miniero


10:32 AM Revision 50251852 (janus-gateway): Always free original response in websockets module
Lorenzo Miniero

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