From 04/14/2016 to 05/13/2016


07:11 PM Revision 94926fcd (janus-gateway): use JANUS_VALIDATE_JSON_OBJECT() and related helpers in all pl...
Andreas Girgensohn
06:11 PM Revision 4a64b558 (janus-gateway): new JANUS_CHECK_SECRET() and JANUS_CHECK_PIN() helper macros f...
Andreas Girgensohn
04:50 PM Revision ebc07778 (janus-gateway): Further cleanup of SDP when stripping for plugin usage (should...
Lorenzo Miniero
03:38 PM Revision df2cf51f (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #517 from ploxiln/validate_json_helpers
json validation helpers Lorenzo Miniero
11:04 AM Revision 317311da (janus-gateway): Clarified Unix Sockets support in docs
Lorenzo Miniero
10:53 AM Revision a9080564 (janus-gateway): Updated docs (Unix Sockets and Transport API in doxygen)
Lorenzo Miniero
10:14 AM Revision 5001f8b4 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #458 from meetecho/pf-unix
New transport module (Unix Sockets) Lorenzo Miniero
09:57 AM Revision 3c317d48 (janus-gateway): Fixed typos
Lorenzo Miniero
08:06 AM Revision 01454128 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #519 from stormbkk87/sip-response-codes
Proceeding call state added Lorenzo Miniero


05:30 PM Revision c84af7d1 (mongoose): Use stdint.h on MSVC >= 2012
Closes cesanta/mongoose#659
Marko Mikulicic
02:50 PM Revision cfea12a9 (janus-gateway): rolled back changes for early media


05:04 PM Revision a6079d3d (janus-gateway): Early media for session progress
Early media for 183 session progress scenarios when SDP is available
before call accept.
02:15 PM Revision 2969f4d3 (janus-gateway): New webrtcState event in JS API to be notified when PC goes up...
Lorenzo Miniero


05:44 PM Revision 5ac3e902 (janus-gateway): Proceeding call state added
Added call state ‘proceeding’ from sofia nua_callstates. Since there’s
no early media, this allows the client interfa...
08:02 AM Revision d936d277 (janus-gateway): Allow configuration of a name for the server instance
Lorenzo Miniero


07:41 PM Revision 8ef4486f (janus-gateway): two tiny fixes for JANUS_VALIDATE_JSON changes
make compatible with jansson 2.5 which lacks json_string_length()
videoroom: mispelled "secrect" in json validation t...
Pierce Lopez
07:41 PM Revision 887df302 (janus-gateway): new JANUS_VALIDATE_JSON_OBJECT macros
to factor out validating json objects in plugins
initially used just used by the videoroom plugin
Andreas Girgensohn
11:00 AM Revision 6d795273 (janus-gateway): Refactored web pages and demos
Lorenzo Miniero
09:00 AM Revision 2ef8559d (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #516 from ploxiln/videoroom_mutex_unluck
videoroom: remove duplicate janus_mutex_unlock of rooms_mutex Lorenzo Miniero
08:46 AM Revision 299cfdf0 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #518 from meetecho/screen-window-share
Differentiate screen and window sharing in Firefox Lorenzo Miniero
02:46 AM Revision 077f9c5d (janus-gateway): fixbug postprocessing for opus using DTX


09:38 PM Revision 24998246 (janus-gateway): move early janus_mutex_unlock(&rooms_mutex)
thanks to Andreas Girgensohn <> for finding the bug Pierce Lopez
10:43 AM Revision 39da1835 (janus-gateway): Differentiate screen and window sharing in Firefox
Lorenzo Miniero
04:03 AM Revision 8a5c6ab7 (janus-gateway): fixbug postprocessing for opus using DTX


12:17 PM Revision 19a28b3c (mongoose): Update cs_md5 description according to reality
PUBLISHED_FROM=b9c776bac4c8f2456c71b33641601fb38b30347e Sergey Lyubka
12:13 PM Revision 69944c1d (mongoose): Add cookie auth example to Mongoose
PUBLISHED_FROM=88bc5059504cfedd078cab277a6d68d1e583fba1 Sergey Lyubka
12:13 PM Revision 81bf4921 (mongoose): Compile mg-iot-cc3200 with ARM compiler, step 1
Code size: 167144 vs 199440
More changes to come (console support, warnings cleanup).
Deomid Ryabkov
12:13 PM Revision 91f6eedb (mongoose): Remove the definition of UNUSED
It's barely used in our code and conflicts with ont in SimpleLink SDK
Deomid Ryabkov
12:13 PM Revision dae150a3 (mongoose): Split HTTP HWTest
PUBLISHED_FROM=69dc2fadfa0aad32290bd676331b57d0b5595c60 Alexander Alashkin


08:52 AM Revision 63a27494 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #511 from leonklingele/remove-redundant-whi...
Remove redundant whitespaces Lorenzo Miniero
08:51 AM Revision bff4ab2a (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #510 from leonklingele/fix-webrtc-supported...
Fix Janus.isWebrtcSupported Lorenzo Miniero


12:38 AM Revision 402cfeba (janus-gateway): Remove redundant whitespaces
Leon Klingele
12:36 AM Revision 527004a5 (janus-gateway): Fix Janus.isWebrtcSupported
Leon Klingele


02:16 PM Revision 8a81dce0 (mongoose): Handle orderly shutdown of remote sockets
When getting a EOF from remote, do not close immediately, drain the send
Deomid Ryabkov
02:16 PM Revision 203d4a79 (mongoose): Improved handling of sockets > FD_SETSIZE
PUBLISHED_FROM=0bf765bf2248d43514643f335592a77d5875618e Deomid Ryabkov


12:51 PM Revision b04d47c3 (mongoose): Update README for CC3200 examples
PUBLISHED_FROM=53ce21efbb0e769089293b1aa11d2b2f3136161d Deomid Ryabkov
12:51 PM Revision 8fcd1906 (mongoose): Minor cleanup after line numbers feature
PUBLISHED_FROM=302ebfe7d711602e75c8db4bc843b0d52a382542 Marko Mikulicic
10:19 AM Revision 99392123 (mongoose): Add c linkage guard to simplelink header
Closes cesanta/mongoose#649
Marko Mikulicic
09:59 AM Revision 38752f13 (mongoose): Add C decls to TI platform headers
h/t @kzyapkov, cesanta/mongoose#649
Deomid Ryabkov
09:59 AM Revision 6b51ec33 (mongoose): Reaggange HWTests, move port(s) number to cfg
PUBLISHED_FROM=274bff744d9c3d12285f026d21c1c776946fae20 Alexander Alashkin


04:48 PM Revision 5714056f (mongoose): Update websocket_chat, add websocket_chat_client
A number of people asked for a WebSocket client example,
websocket_chat_client is one.
Deomid Ryabkov
08:31 AM Revision 009b56c0 (janus-gateway): Added node-janus project to the resources in the docs
Lorenzo Miniero


08:02 PM Revision 21665e36 (mongoose): Auto-disable CGI if socketpair is disabled
h/t @danielinux, cesanta/mongoose#652
Deomid Ryabkov
02:26 PM Revision 60556740 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #507 from mabu-github/buildfix
fix janus build on mac os x, add openssl CFLAGS Lorenzo Miniero
12:30 PM Revision dff844b4 (mongoose): Fix Mongoose forum link
It used to link to the SJS forum category, but should point to Mongoose
category instead.
Deomid Ryabkov
12:30 PM Revision 54403dfc (mongoose): cesanta/iot -> cesanta/mongoose-iot
PUBLISHED_FROM=d73a6fff78a063ffe5aaafe841e89e87e37f85d7 Deomid Ryabkov
12:30 PM Revision 69bb9611 (mongoose): Add a bit of branding to our responses
Server header and directory index footer
Deomid Ryabkov
12:30 PM Revision 61672c78 (mongoose): Properly handle keep-alive connections
HTTP/1.1 connections are keep-alive by default,
HTTP/1.0 are KA only if explicitly requested.
Deomid Ryabkov
12:30 PM Revision 51328efb (mongoose): Fix srcfs after rename of SJS to IOT
PUBLISHED_FROM=cf8cb1dd2319eafdf6b45a1299e4b12d4808a17c Marko Mikulicic
10:17 AM Revision f159666a (mongoose): Update


06:10 PM Revision ba6a4a96 (janus-gateway): fix janus build on mac os x, add openssl CFLAGS
Mathias Burger


10:40 PM Revision 5f1437cf (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #506 from ploxiln/trickle_parse_error_null
handle NULL error argument to janus_ice_trickle_parse() Lorenzo Miniero
09:31 PM Revision 85f4116f (janus-gateway): handle NULL error argument to janus_ice_trickle_parse()
Pierce Lopez
03:19 PM Revision 7fdb5080 (mongoose): Resolve *dir function decl conflict on Win32
We used to declare these functions twice: in plaform_windows.h
and cs_dirent.h. Removed decl from platform_windows.h ...
Deomid Ryabkov
03:19 PM Revision 890c7b42 (mongoose): Bulk rename of SJS to FW
PUBLISHED_FROM=03d2fa0b6bf762d09bf5e837cf31e2047bb6eefd Marko Mikulicic
01:23 PM Revision 55398684 (mongoose): Ignore "non-errors" when sending
h/t @f00bard
Deomid Ryabkov
01:23 PM Revision c85edc38 (mongoose): Switch to MySQL everywhere
PUBLISHED_FROM=1ab69ecfbd03ad3eef82ef785474744e5b5b2e4d Maxim Ignatenko
10:32 AM Revision fa368b56 (mongoose): Enable compiler optimizations on TI CCS examples
PUBLISHED_FROM=43169a199299bfe4ce349ad9d13f29d77d39ff3b Deomid Ryabkov
10:32 AM Revision 41d75205 (mongoose): Suppress a TI compiler warning
PUBLISHED_FROM=63810a48861c6e2b3e3eb8bab981927f6f85dd40 Deomid Ryabkov
10:32 AM Revision 0f236183 (mongoose): Disable http test
PUBLISHED_FROM=688b64acb8c87e3cd78c79ee2b7667378d697cd8 Alexander Alashkin


09:51 AM Revision 31ae4f21 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #476 from meetecho/device-selection
Device selection in janus.js and new demo Lorenzo Miniero
09:51 AM Revision a79225e0 (janus-gateway): Better error notification in case of screensharing errors
Lorenzo Miniero


02:52 PM Revision f0cd1d24 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #504 from saghul/rtld_local
core: use RTLD_LOCAL when loading plugins and transports Lorenzo Miniero
01:58 PM Revision 85b0d0b5 (janus-gateway): core: use RTLD_LOCAL when loading plugins and transports
It's the default on Linux, but might not be that way on other systems
(hello OSX!), so make future portability work e...
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
01:39 PM Revision ca130c9c (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into device-selection
Lorenzo Miniero
10:15 AM Revision c0cbdfac (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #467 from meetecho/rtcp-rr
First take at RTCP SR/RR in core Lorenzo Miniero
10:14 AM Revision 5848f841 (janus-gateway): Fixed nits from code review
Lorenzo Miniero
10:00 AM Revision b7e02c5f (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #490 from meetecho/sip-recordroute
Fix Sofia SIP when both Record-Route and Contact are there Lorenzo Miniero


04:44 PM Revision bf9a2b45 (mongoose): SLFS file size hint
PUBLISHED_FROM=532200881406349585612ea5d59aaa323789a688 Deomid Ryabkov
04:44 PM Revision 063c017b (mongoose): Update MG_sensor_demo description
PUBLISHED_FROM=7f9ce495d5de71859ad71f2b44db37fa66736835 Deomid Ryabkov
04:19 PM Revision 31cd35c1 (janus-gateway): Fixed VP8 post processing
Lorenzo Miniero
02:17 PM Revision 786376a3 (janus-gateway): Fixed segfault when processing recordings with old header
Lorenzo Miniero
01:05 PM Revision 294fa6fa (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #502 from andreasg123/emacs
emacs.el to set the Janus coding style in Emacs Lorenzo Miniero
12:16 PM Revision 7519a376 (mongoose): Minot tweaks to MG_sensor_demo
Fix WS connect address
Only update graphs when connected
Deomid Ryabkov
11:27 AM Revision 56c687b3 (mongoose): Check for null in DNS handler
PUBLISHED_FROM=e8b719d491688032e6395b75d5859ffad7d7ea23 Alexander Alashkin
11:27 AM Revision 083d3986 (mongoose): Only copy questions when creating reply
In particular, there may be additional records which should not be copied
Deomid Ryabkov
11:27 AM Revision 46618311 (mongoose): CC3200 Mongoose example fancy graphs
PUBLISHED_FROM=bb28c3e27228d7c1c95899445b7f450636c34949 Sergey Lyubka


03:06 PM Revision 923c4329 (mongoose): Add C++ externs to common headers
Closes cesanta/mongoose#649
Deomid Ryabkov
03:06 PM Revision e433ba8d (mongoose): Clarify debug message a bit
PUBLISHED_FROM=c4f72d1b47508cdc560ec345064ecdfc3b529f5a Deomid Ryabkov


09:32 AM Revision 848c884f (mongoose): Make sure NWP is stopped before sl_Start
In SDK 1.2.0 TI decided to stop resetting NWP before sl_Start, which in
practice means that sl_start will hang on sub...
Deomid Ryabkov
09:32 AM Revision 0769bbb7 (mongoose): Fix mingw warnings
PUBLISHED_FROM=a7c1ec51999b29758d2983900add70069927b27b Marko Mikulicic


01:48 PM Revision 7054b095 (mongoose): Use invalid socket
Socket type is unsigned int on windows.
Marko Mikulicic
01:48 PM Revision 2633628a (mongoose): Add MG_hello for CC3200; upload file form
Mg_hello is a simpler example for CC3200
File upload form is served on / if index.html does not exist
and always avai...
Deomid Ryabkov
01:48 PM Revision e5ae1c2e (mongoose): Fix SJS websocket constructor
Closes cesanta/smart.js#119
Marko Mikulicic

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