From 04/28/2016 to 05/27/2016


04:35 PM Revision d223cef1 (janus-gateway): New mutexes to protect recorders in plugins from race conditio...
Lorenzo Miniero
12:25 PM Revision 464495b7 (janus-gateway): Allow HTTP transports to only bind to a single interface and n...
Lorenzo Miniero
11:25 AM Revision 2b518d9e (janus-gateway): Helper method to create MHD daemon in HTTP transport
Lorenzo Miniero
09:25 AM Revision 277f08a0 (janus-gateway): Max number queue in seconds instead of packets, plus some othe...
Lorenzo Miniero
09:20 AM Revision f978c657 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
09:18 AM Revision 1d31e31f (janus-gateway): Allow for the events to be disabled completely (broadcast=no i...
Lorenzo Miniero
08:22 AM Revision c7b31767 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #492 from meetecho/recording-codecs
Support for other codecs and formats in recorder and post-processor Lorenzo Miniero
08:21 AM Revision 271a4ff9 (janus-gateway): Increase version to 0.1.1, due to recorder changes
Lorenzo Miniero
08:19 AM Revision 33cf57b6 (janus-gateway): Increase version to 0.1.1, due to recorder changes
Lorenzo Miniero
08:03 AM Revision 8c05761c (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into recording-codecs
Lorenzo Miniero
06:36 AM Revision c815738e (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #533 from andreasg123/sip-close-recorder
Avoid race condition when closing recorders in SIP Lorenzo Miniero
06:34 AM Revision 864bfc0e (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #531 from andreasg123/videoroom-close-recorder
Avoid race condition when closing recorders in videoroom Lorenzo Miniero
06:32 AM Revision d64ccb5f (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #547 from andreasg123/videoroom-message-free
Add calls to janus_videoroom_message_free Lorenzo Miniero
05:42 AM Revision fd41bc5a (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #545 from jswirl/master
Include fcntl.h to fix build error Lorenzo Miniero


09:59 PM Revision a42eabe9 (janus-gateway): Add calls to janus_videoroom_message_free
Andreas Girgensohn
04:12 PM Revision 42eb5303 (janus-gateway): Combined result content check
Lorenzo Miniero
03:49 PM Revision 84c22bd9 (janus-gateway): Make sure the result content is a JSON object
Lorenzo Miniero
11:48 AM Revision ea6da8ee (janus-gateway): Include fcntl.h to fix build error on Alpine Linux
10:17 AM Revision d84d6a69 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #543 from andreasg123/detach-warn
Don't warn in response to a "detached" event Lorenzo Miniero
09:32 AM Revision dd11fa0a (janus-gateway): Optimization of core-to-plugin communication
Lorenzo Miniero


07:03 PM Revision eb87b7ad (janus-gateway): Don't warn in response to a "detached" event because that situ...
Andreas Girgensohn
08:58 AM Revision 932d1b3b (janus-gateway): Allow websocket transports to only bind to a single interface ...
Lorenzo Miniero


10:33 AM Revision 347fb11f (janus-gateway): Fixed typos
Lorenzo Miniero


03:44 PM Revision c67d7b43 (janus-gateway): Autodetect media from payload type if SSRC wasn't advertized (...
Lorenzo Miniero
01:29 PM Revision 2363f607 (janus-gateway): Only forward events a handler is subscribed to
Lorenzo Miniero
01:09 PM Revision bd8fad62 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
01:08 PM Revision 6c173b76 (janus-gateway): Event handler plugins, first draft
Lorenzo Miniero
12:57 PM Revision 0b43ef36 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #535 from saghul/sip-display-name
sip: add ability to customize the display name Lorenzo Miniero
12:50 PM Revision 147173bd (janus-gateway): sip: add ability to customize the display name
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
10:18 AM Revision 4a66c743 (janus-gateway): Fixed incorrect casting in listforwarders
Lorenzo Miniero
09:45 AM Revision 2538dae3 (janus-gateway): Fixed other typo in streaming API validation
Lorenzo Miniero
09:32 AM Revision 24ea4173 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into recording-codecs
Lorenzo Miniero
09:19 AM Revision c63600c4 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #525 from amnonbb/master
Add new listforwarders request Lorenzo Miniero
09:13 AM Revision e3ec3404 (janus-gateway): Allow configuration of HTTP method to use to contact TURN REST...
Lorenzo Miniero
03:30 AM Revision 55cc1c59 (janus-gateway): In SIP, protect recorders with a mutex to avoid race conditions.
Andreas Girgensohn


04:08 PM Revision 9bac58b8 (janus-gateway): fix port name
07:45 AM Revision 761bf186 (janus-gateway): mutex and name fixes


07:57 PM Revision bfcb2c24 (janus-gateway): In videoroom, protect recorders with a mutex to avoid race con...
Andreas Girgensohn
11:36 AM Revision aa2b5329 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #528 from andreasg123/ice-video-packets-fix
ICE video packets fix Lorenzo Miniero
09:53 AM Revision c5e9280d (janus-gateway): Fixed typo in streaming API validation
Lorenzo Miniero


06:02 PM Revision 33dd5de3 (janus-gateway): Check out_stats.video_packets when dealing with video.
Andreas Girgensohn


09:07 AM Revision b5b672ec (mongoose): Implement MQTT connect username/password
PUBLISHED_FROM=be604dc6b3650c78daaa02ea4db8cd067069b5e1 Marko Mikulicic


11:29 AM Revision 319df1b0 (janus-gateway): Add new listforwarders request
10:57 AM Revision d41419c8 (mongoose): Update the CC3200 build image
* Add TI compiler
* Remove cc3200prog, we don't use it
* Update to Xenial (new Ubuntu stable release).
It has AR...
Deomid Ryabkov
10:57 AM Revision 5e4d9dc1 (mongoose): Restore REMOTE_ADDR and SERVER_PORT CGI env vars
Deomid Ryabkov
10:57 AM Revision 4ac688e5 (mongoose): Make mg_http_check_digest_auth() public
PUBLISHED_FROM=f00b94cabc2a89d27d5bc78d68d67db0930811b4 Sergey Lyubka
09:11 AM Revision 4f0867d3 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #521 from ploxiln/json_valid_helpers_plugins
json validation helpers - use for all plugins Lorenzo Miniero
09:07 AM Revision 6eaa1c78 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #515 from jing3018/master
fixbug postprocessing for opus using DTX Lorenzo Miniero


08:15 PM Revision 806f4d41 (janus-gateway): consolidate JANUS_CHECK_PIN() into JANUS_CHECK_SECRET()
also fix a "pin" / "secret" mixup in janus_streaming plugin Pierce Lopez
07:07 PM Revision 5d0a5cfe (mongoose): Add CPP guards to net_if.h
Deomid Ryabkov
07:07 PM Revision d4b81bb9 (mongoose): Refactor v7_to_number -> v7_get_double and others
We wanted to avoid `to` since it implies some kind of conversion, but
these functions merely return underlying C enti...
Dmitry Frank
07:07 PM Revision 23122b32 (mongoose): Remove old docs, rename docs_new to docs
It would be probably good idea to also remove tools/ and, but is still mentioned und...
Dmitry Frank
07:07 PM Revision f443c643 (mongoose): Temporarily disable appdash from docker-compose
Until I read the doc and find how to limit the retention,
otherwise it just eats all my ram and cpu and things start ...
Marko Mikulicic


07:11 PM Revision 94926fcd (janus-gateway): use JANUS_VALIDATE_JSON_OBJECT() and related helpers in all pl...
Andreas Girgensohn
06:11 PM Revision 4a64b558 (janus-gateway): new JANUS_CHECK_SECRET() and JANUS_CHECK_PIN() helper macros f...
Andreas Girgensohn
04:50 PM Revision ebc07778 (janus-gateway): Further cleanup of SDP when stripping for plugin usage (should...
Lorenzo Miniero
03:38 PM Revision df2cf51f (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #517 from ploxiln/validate_json_helpers
json validation helpers Lorenzo Miniero
11:04 AM Revision 317311da (janus-gateway): Clarified Unix Sockets support in docs
Lorenzo Miniero
10:53 AM Revision a9080564 (janus-gateway): Updated docs (Unix Sockets and Transport API in doxygen)
Lorenzo Miniero
10:14 AM Revision 5001f8b4 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #458 from meetecho/pf-unix
New transport module (Unix Sockets) Lorenzo Miniero
09:57 AM Revision 3c317d48 (janus-gateway): Fixed typos
Lorenzo Miniero
08:06 AM Revision 01454128 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #519 from stormbkk87/sip-response-codes
Proceeding call state added Lorenzo Miniero


05:30 PM Revision c84af7d1 (mongoose): Use stdint.h on MSVC >= 2012
Closes cesanta/mongoose#659
Marko Mikulicic
02:50 PM Revision cfea12a9 (janus-gateway): rolled back changes for early media


05:04 PM Revision a6079d3d (janus-gateway): Early media for session progress
Early media for 183 session progress scenarios when SDP is available
before call accept.
02:15 PM Revision 2969f4d3 (janus-gateway): New webrtcState event in JS API to be notified when PC goes up...
Lorenzo Miniero


05:44 PM Revision 5ac3e902 (janus-gateway): Proceeding call state added
Added call state ‘proceeding’ from sofia nua_callstates. Since there’s
no early media, this allows the client interfa...
08:02 AM Revision d936d277 (janus-gateway): Allow configuration of a name for the server instance
Lorenzo Miniero


07:41 PM Revision 8ef4486f (janus-gateway): two tiny fixes for JANUS_VALIDATE_JSON changes
make compatible with jansson 2.5 which lacks json_string_length()
videoroom: mispelled "secrect" in json validation t...
Pierce Lopez
07:41 PM Revision 887df302 (janus-gateway): new JANUS_VALIDATE_JSON_OBJECT macros
to factor out validating json objects in plugins
initially used just used by the videoroom plugin
Andreas Girgensohn
11:00 AM Revision 6d795273 (janus-gateway): Refactored web pages and demos
Lorenzo Miniero
09:00 AM Revision 2ef8559d (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #516 from ploxiln/videoroom_mutex_unluck
videoroom: remove duplicate janus_mutex_unlock of rooms_mutex Lorenzo Miniero
08:46 AM Revision 299cfdf0 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #518 from meetecho/screen-window-share
Differentiate screen and window sharing in Firefox Lorenzo Miniero
02:46 AM Revision 077f9c5d (janus-gateway): fixbug postprocessing for opus using DTX


09:38 PM Revision 24998246 (janus-gateway): move early janus_mutex_unlock(&rooms_mutex)
thanks to Andreas Girgensohn <> for finding the bug Pierce Lopez
10:43 AM Revision 39da1835 (janus-gateway): Differentiate screen and window sharing in Firefox
Lorenzo Miniero
04:03 AM Revision 8a5c6ab7 (janus-gateway): fixbug postprocessing for opus using DTX


12:17 PM Revision 19a28b3c (mongoose): Update cs_md5 description according to reality
PUBLISHED_FROM=b9c776bac4c8f2456c71b33641601fb38b30347e Sergey Lyubka
12:13 PM Revision 69944c1d (mongoose): Add cookie auth example to Mongoose
PUBLISHED_FROM=88bc5059504cfedd078cab277a6d68d1e583fba1 Sergey Lyubka
12:13 PM Revision 81bf4921 (mongoose): Compile mg-iot-cc3200 with ARM compiler, step 1
Code size: 167144 vs 199440
More changes to come (console support, warnings cleanup).
Deomid Ryabkov
12:13 PM Revision 91f6eedb (mongoose): Remove the definition of UNUSED
It's barely used in our code and conflicts with ont in SimpleLink SDK
Deomid Ryabkov
12:13 PM Revision dae150a3 (mongoose): Split HTTP HWTest
PUBLISHED_FROM=69dc2fadfa0aad32290bd676331b57d0b5595c60 Alexander Alashkin


08:52 AM Revision 63a27494 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #511 from leonklingele/remove-redundant-whi...
Remove redundant whitespaces Lorenzo Miniero
08:51 AM Revision bff4ab2a (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #510 from leonklingele/fix-webrtc-supported...
Fix Janus.isWebrtcSupported Lorenzo Miniero


12:38 AM Revision 402cfeba (janus-gateway): Remove redundant whitespaces
Leon Klingele
12:36 AM Revision 527004a5 (janus-gateway): Fix Janus.isWebrtcSupported
Leon Klingele


02:16 PM Revision 8a81dce0 (mongoose): Handle orderly shutdown of remote sockets
When getting a EOF from remote, do not close immediately, drain the send
Deomid Ryabkov
02:16 PM Revision 203d4a79 (mongoose): Improved handling of sockets > FD_SETSIZE
PUBLISHED_FROM=0bf765bf2248d43514643f335592a77d5875618e Deomid Ryabkov


12:51 PM Revision b04d47c3 (mongoose): Update README for CC3200 examples
PUBLISHED_FROM=53ce21efbb0e769089293b1aa11d2b2f3136161d Deomid Ryabkov
12:51 PM Revision 8fcd1906 (mongoose): Minor cleanup after line numbers feature
PUBLISHED_FROM=302ebfe7d711602e75c8db4bc843b0d52a382542 Marko Mikulicic
10:19 AM Revision 99392123 (mongoose): Add c linkage guard to simplelink header
Closes cesanta/mongoose#649
Marko Mikulicic
09:59 AM Revision 38752f13 (mongoose): Add C decls to TI platform headers
h/t @kzyapkov, cesanta/mongoose#649
Deomid Ryabkov
09:59 AM Revision 6b51ec33 (mongoose): Reaggange HWTests, move port(s) number to cfg
PUBLISHED_FROM=274bff744d9c3d12285f026d21c1c776946fae20 Alexander Alashkin

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