From 05/28/2016 to 06/26/2016


01:35 PM Revision 5a19135c (mongoose): Ignore SL_ENOPROTOOPT w/ DOMAIN_NAME_VERIFICATION
Domain name verification feature was added in NWP service pack
(reported version: Older versions do not sup...
Deomid Ryabkov


10:18 AM Revision a55db376 (janus-gateway): Fixed check of updated BoringSSL
Lorenzo Miniero
09:52 AM Revision 035764ad (janus-gateway): Conditional support of DTLSv1_set_initial_timeout_duration
Note: DTLSv1_set_initial_timeout_duration is a method only supported in recent versione of BoringSSL, and allows for ... Lorenzo Miniero


07:05 PM Revision 290e5f83 (mongoose): Switch to TI compiler + UMM malloc for CC3200
Frees up ~19KB RAM:
Code size: 210616
RAM at startup: 48636 total, 34472 free
RAM after sys init: 1502...
Deomid Ryabkov
04:20 PM Revision b535cb31 (mongoose): Ensure asprintf'd string is NUL-terminated
PUBLISHED_FROM=b4062780d22be37acdbecd86e5951245e2908ff8 Deomid Ryabkov


02:57 PM Revision 1b1203c0 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
02:57 PM Revision cccfbca3 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into plugins-json
Lorenzo Miniero
02:56 PM Revision cb463ecf (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #567 from jswirl/master
Fix VideoRoom SDP compose error Lorenzo Miniero
02:48 PM Revision 81c6aeac (janus-gateway): Fix VideoRoom SDP compose error
01:08 PM Revision afaf8cd5 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
01:06 PM Revision ab4b6a59 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into plugins-json
Lorenzo Miniero
10:59 AM Revision 930a4a4c (janus-gateway): Added optional admin key to selected plugins to protect 'creat...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:50 AM Revision e3a9c6af (mongoose): Mass-fix header guards
PUBLISHED_FROM=7e5fc4da88069a6193d911660f522b43ed1a5d40 Deomid Ryabkov
10:16 AM Revision 1a4bc02f (janus-gateway): Added 'autoack' parameter to 'call' in SIP plugin to drive NUT...
Lorenzo Miniero
08:51 AM Revision 68e02582 (janus-gateway): Only validate RTSP parameters if libcurl is available
Lorenzo Miniero
08:44 AM Revision bee1cb34 (janus-gateway): Fixed creation of live/ondemand file-based streams
Lorenzo Miniero


02:50 PM Revision 4dcfccea (janus-gateway): Add display name to joined event in VideoRoom
Lorenzo Miniero
01:25 PM Revision 2cf0432e (janus-gateway): Fix detection of lost incoming packets
Lorenzo Miniero
08:28 AM Revision 316d0273 (janus-gateway): Fixed ACL for HTTP transport (issue #564)
Lorenzo Miniero
08:07 AM Revision b8cc9af9 (janus-gateway): Use MHD_create_response_from_buffer instead of deprecated MHD_...
Lorenzo Miniero


02:33 PM Revision 7a3438d8 (janus-gateway): Remove alphanumeric constraint on username for TextRoom
Lorenzo Miniero
02:29 PM Revision 9be97339 (janus-gateway): Add time to outgoing messages in TextRoom plugin
Lorenzo Miniero
12:03 PM Revision 31bd5cfb (janus-gateway): Added AG Projects' repo to the resources
Lorenzo Miniero


01:35 PM Revision 3f1a33e4 (mongoose): Handle errors better in listening code for CC3200
PUBLISHED_FROM=9d4ab680fa672690735b827f56e135330f72beed rojer
01:32 PM Revision 441eaa7f (mongoose): Handle errors better in listening code for CC3200
PUBLISHED_FROM=9d4ab680fa672690735b827f56e135330f72beed rojer
01:32 PM Revision 632153a1 (mongoose): Fix FNC CLI logging
PUBLISHED_FROM=171b25e15cad2c87eb40a8123fe8ea07e34c41f7 rojer
01:24 PM Revision a3436ed0 (janus-gateway): Added new approach to new TextRoom plugin and aligned to master
Lorenzo Miniero
12:05 PM Revision f9d0ad9d (mongoose): Do not leak in mg_connect_ws_opt()
PUBLISHED_FROM=e6de3b3747a1cd79c3930c2640fadc8356ffed61 Sergey Lyubka
10:26 AM Revision a7654906 (janus-gateway): Added events to new TextRoom plugin and aligned to master
Lorenzo Miniero
09:39 AM Revision 9b224003 (janus-gateway): Don't ignore alerts for DataChannel only (or non-muxed) compon...
Lorenzo Miniero
09:11 AM Revision b3cb27f4 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #560 from meetecho/chat-plugin
Added new plugin (and demo) for datachannel based text broadcasting Lorenzo Miniero
09:10 AM Revision 6c25b6bd (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #558 from meetecho/datachan-record
Support for recording data channel text messages Lorenzo Miniero
09:10 AM Revision 90c0f384 (janus-gateway): Started v0.1.2
Lorenzo Miniero


01:24 PM Revision 3507b9a8 (janus-gateway): Clarified in the docs that the Admin API over WebSockets needs...
Lorenzo Miniero
11:09 AM Revision a4a3862b (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #563 from saghul/dtls
Autogenerate DTLS cert/key if not specified Lorenzo Miniero
10:55 AM Revision 24e3e4da (janus-gateway): dtls: add warning when autogenerating key/cert
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
10:22 AM Revision e6fd8abb (janus-gateway): doc: command line options -c and -k apply to DTLS only
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
10:22 AM Revision 1666683d (janus-gateway): doc: remove trailing spaces from README
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
10:22 AM Revision 499e6319 (janus-gateway): dtls: automatically generate a key and cert if they were not s...
The cert/key are generated on startup and not stored. Better use these
instead of the sample ones everyone probably u...
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé


04:29 PM Revision 89292ea4 (janus-gateway): dtls: refactor loading certificate and key files
This lays the groundwork for auto-generating them later. Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
03:52 PM Revision 17e9f473 (janus-gateway): misc: style fixes (editorconfig)
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
03:52 PM Revision f47c2cc6 (janus-gateway): dtls: simplify key loading code
- const-ify some function arguments
- remove unneeded global variables
- remove unneeded function
- add function to c...
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
03:52 PM Revision 9ea49f1f (janus-gateway): Initialize variables
Lorenzo Miniero
03:04 PM Revision a67323fc (mongoose): Change main code image filename in CC3200 bundles
/sys/mcuimg.bin is just another file on SLFS, no reason to give it
special treatment. Preserve backward compatibility...
02:53 PM Revision 022542e2 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #523 from andreasg123/videoroom-duplicate-code
Reduce code duplication in videoroom plugin with several new functions. Lorenzo Miniero
01:56 PM Revision e998a65f (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #561 from saghul/sip-ua
sip: add ability to override User Agent per account Lorenzo Miniero
01:44 PM Revision f143871c (janus-gateway): Use janus_process_error_string when error is a complete string
Lorenzo Miniero
01:21 PM Revision 0d9ddb0f (janus-gateway): sip: style fixes
To match the configuration in editorconfig. Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
01:21 PM Revision 372e28b5 (janus-gateway): sip: add ability to override User Agent per account
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
12:34 PM Revision 1daa5e69 (mongoose): Add timestamp to LB log
PUBLISHED_FROM=61b87fcee909241d5bdf2ba7407003c0c3cfbd72 rojer
10:54 AM Revision 39c8ba0f (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into plugins-json
Lorenzo Miniero
10:49 AM Revision 10b0c876 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
10:44 AM Revision 4c453fc0 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into chat-plugin
Lorenzo Miniero
10:43 AM Revision d543b3ce (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into datachan-record
Lorenzo Miniero
10:41 AM Revision 226d53bd (janus-gateway): Reduce verbosity of processing
Lorenzo Miniero
10:38 AM Revision 86569726 (janus-gateway): Handle larger buffers of text when post-processing
Lorenzo Miniero
09:46 AM Revision 33eabe3f (janus-gateway): Allow binding WebSockets transports to a specific IP, and fixe...
Lorenzo Miniero
09:31 AM Revision 55280d52 (janus-gateway): Make HTTP trasports dual stack, if no interface/IP is specifiec
Lorenzo Miniero
09:28 AM Revision 5f4926e0 (janus-gateway): Allow binding HTTP transports to a specific IP
Lorenzo Miniero


09:00 AM Revision 2185b377 (janus-gateway): Fixed broken automatic REMB in VideoRoom
Lorenzo Miniero


04:33 PM Revision 3ce5c996 (janus-gateway): Added new plugin (and demo) for datachannel based text broadca...
Lorenzo Miniero
12:34 PM Revision 17184909 (mongoose): Simplify Contributions section in readmes
PUBLISHED_FROM=3a14579dabba4088e54350945dc17fd6ebb0d700 Sergey Lyubka
09:59 AM Revision 17161000 (janus-gateway): Improved locking in AudioBridge rooms and participants management
Lorenzo Miniero


05:49 PM Revision 1d4f97bb (mongoose): SimpleLink net_if impl w/ async support; MG_F_SSL
SimpleLink sockets are suffciently different from BSD that all the
ifdefs have become too messy to warrant a separate...
11:19 AM Revision 183fc7ce (mongoose): clang-format *ALL* the things!
PUBLISHED_FROM=faf0beb7545eb426c941fc366b6f87667723eb4c rojer
11:09 AM Revision ff2d3e1a (janus-gateway): Support for recording data channel text messages, and post pro...
Lorenzo Miniero
11:04 AM Revision dcf1cede (mongoose): SimpleLink SSL support; split cert and key opts
SL requires cert and key to be separate files in DER format.
Date verification is disabled for now.
09:05 AM Revision 5c47f0c5 (janus-gateway): Combine log messages for codec mismatch.
Andreas Girgensohn


03:45 PM Revision 0b1f8cf5 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
03:43 PM Revision d06ffc21 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into plugins-json
Lorenzo Miniero
02:44 PM Revision 4dd7545d (janus-gateway): Fixed broken SS/RR/NACK transmission, due to incorrect filtering
Lorenzo Miniero


09:45 PM Revision a046cf75 (janus-gateway): janus_videoroom_access_room returns error_cause. New functions...
Andreas Girgensohn
08:40 PM Revision 845e6082 (mongoose): Clean docs while publishing
PUBLISHED_FROM=274a19d6988002fb029e614bffea4083002324a1 Marko Mikulicic
08:40 PM Revision d6ecfe7f (mongoose): Make error message more clear
PUBLISHED_FROM=f8e052f1a256f671de133135901b509d39608a82 rojer
02:43 PM Revision 04a38b44 (mongoose): Fix compilation with MG_DISABLE_HTTP_WEBSOCKET
Make restful_server and netcat examples compilation tests:
- netcat doesn't use HTTP, compile it with MG_DISABLE_HTT...
02:43 PM Revision 06b6bf61 (mongoose): Propagate nc->err to err on CC3200
PUBLISHED_FROM=db7254b5bf25961a700cbce954ef02d41b176500 rojer
09:46 AM Revision c49a9d03 (janus-gateway): Disable event handlers by default; added command line flag to ...
Lorenzo Miniero
09:36 AM Revision 6013dcfb (janus-gateway): Added some RTCP and media related statistics to the events, tr...
Lorenzo Miniero


04:02 PM Revision d97e0296 (janus-gateway): Added queue and thread for actually broadcasting events to han...
Lorenzo Miniero
03:41 PM Revision 09fe69ec (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
03:37 PM Revision f9bc3076 (janus-gateway): Make naming of new attributes in Admin API less ambiguous
Lorenzo Miniero
03:34 PM Revision fec5a551 (janus-gateway): Better management of incoming RR
Lorenzo Miniero


04:05 PM Revision fee76880 (janus-gateway): Added outgoing SIP messages to events (to improve/fix)
Lorenzo Miniero
01:37 PM Revision 4b02e179 (janus-gateway): Remove AudioBridge rooms lazily in the watchdog, to avoid race...
Lorenzo Miniero


09:28 PM Revision dfde5785 (mongoose): Use fw_meta script from the build image
PUBLISHED_FROM=996721b6d28ee25fcfcb514d716552c4afa238e1 Deomid Ryabkov


02:52 PM Revision a1557c3f (janus-gateway): Added incoming SIP messages to the events (still missing outgo...
Lorenzo Miniero
02:33 PM Revision 9674d116 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
02:30 PM Revision 4d8c7356 (janus-gateway): More events, in particular from other plugins than the EchoTes...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:39 AM Revision 3560e7d4 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into plugins-json
Lorenzo Miniero
08:22 AM Revision 0e0f399d (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #538 from andreasg123/janus-validation
Validate request parameters in janus.c with new macro Lorenzo Miniero


05:05 PM Revision b384a470 (janus-gateway): Validate request parameters in janus.c with new macro
Andreas Girgensohn
02:43 PM Revision 1b5a5cf3 (janus-gateway): Made media event use boolean as well
Lorenzo Miniero
02:36 PM Revision 1a61455e (mongoose): Magic numbers are magic
PUBLISHED_FROM=cec68bab53fc81b4085b81fba0c52e0c42b09f0f Deomid Ryabkov
02:12 PM Revision 51db8a86 (janus-gateway): Use json_true() and json_false() where we used 0/1 integers or...
Lorenzo Miniero
12:40 PM Revision be648eca (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into plugins-json
Lorenzo Miniero
12:19 PM Revision 8a3ac742 (janus-gateway): Fixed typo in docs
Lorenzo Miniero
12:15 PM Revision db34c5d9 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #553 from medialwerk/master
Add package.json Lorenzo Miniero
12:14 PM Revision 487c006b (janus-gateway): Add janus.nojquery.js to files array at the package.json
Ferdinand Full
10:45 AM Revision f2a2156e (janus-gateway): Add files array to package.json to only install client side sc...
Ferdinand Full
10:37 AM Revision 7ec8ba50 (janus-gateway): Add package.json
Ferdinand Full
10:03 AM Revision 5d072c15 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #548 from meetecho/unmute-delay
Max NACK queue in seconds, instead of packets, plus some other RTCP tweaks Lorenzo Miniero
08:23 AM Revision 1d988aa6 (janus-gateway): Fixed old NACK check time
Lorenzo Miniero


10:17 AM Revision 9f2ecb01 (mongoose): Minor rephrasing in Mongoose overview doc
PUBLISHED_FROM=1562c629ce08004a5243a61eed79e1c3161f1268 Sergey Lyubka
10:17 AM Revision 3265060d (mongoose): Add Mongoose overview doc section
PUBLISHED_FROM=9fb2260cd76ae30b51db02053f4d2debf4cdf900 Sergey Lyubka


02:13 PM Revision 1c8871ee (janus-gateway): Fixed postprocessor compile error when FFmpeg version doesn't ...
Lorenzo Miniero


08:05 PM Revision 7b7ab2e0 (janus-gateway): New function janus_videoroom_recorder_create. Set the rejected...
Andreas Girgensohn
07:34 PM Revision f12f3dbb (janus-gateway): Reduce code duplication in videoroom plugin with several new f...
Andreas Girgensohn
06:06 PM Revision 58b8acd6 (mongoose): Check malloc results, Contribute to cesanta/dev#3726
PUBLISHED_FROM=309be4a56754250406dd48f1abd30b68776f5c7e Alexander Alashkin
06:00 PM Revision 3ec09cee (mongoose): Reference media files in doc directly
PUBLISHED_FROM=da22d5ea0aa366d7cb9bba838f8e173ae0178f5e Sergey Lyubka
06:00 PM Revision 1ce4aa81 (mongoose): Simplify doc generation infra
PUBLISHED_FROM=80e77fda1c358294f251ca77d3dd64e8ca9160e5 Sergey Lyubka
05:59 PM Revision 177e829f (mongoose): Add v7 arg to _mk_ and _get_ functions
`v7_mk_undefined()` and `v7_mk_null()` are left unchanged, but marked
deprecated, and `V7_UNDEFINED` and `V7_NULL` ar...
Dmitry Frank
12:55 PM Revision b41765a2 (janus-gateway): Don't notify about a new publisher until its WebRTC setup has ...
(should avoid issues of people subscribing to ghost publishers that failed to get a working PeerConnection) Lorenzo Miniero
12:23 PM Revision 6cc64456 (janus-gateway): Fixed typo
Lorenzo Miniero
11:42 AM Revision a5d432fd (janus-gateway): Don't buffer packets if max_nack_queue is 0
Lorenzo Miniero
11:39 AM Revision a9473a52 (janus-gateway): Changed granularity of new Max NACK queue to milliseconds inst...
Lorenzo Miniero

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