From 08/02/2016 to 08/31/2016


12:30 PM Revision 4120f953 (mongoose): Report bind error in simplest_web_server_ssl
PUBLISHED_FROM=73e7ed5dd69cbca00ad6f67125915fbfb296770b Deomid Ryabkov
11:00 AM Revision 88b5da7b (janus-gateway): Added configuration options to transport plugins to control ho...
Lorenzo Miniero
09:24 AM Revision 773ff774 (janus-gateway): Fixed VideoRoom publish when datachannels are negotiated but n...
Lorenzo Miniero


06:20 PM Revision 844c7787 (mongoose): Ignore SL_EAGAIN
It was observed that sl_Send can return SL_EAGAIN, despite the fact that
we only call write_to_socket if it was repor...
Deomid Ryabkov
01:14 PM Revision db1e9a1f (janus-gateway): Made plugin response more concise (code suggested by @andreasg...
Lorenzo Miniero
11:20 AM Revision 0fe9ec14 (mongoose): C Clubby refactoring
Complete rewrite of the C Clubby implementation: it is now modeled after
the Go implementation, with a slight differe...
Deomid Ryabkov
09:20 AM Revision 6ae949c4 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #592 from meetecho/pp-reorder
Fix for post-processing (timestamp resets + retransmissions) Lorenzo Miniero
09:16 AM Revision 23216c0f (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #596 from MotorolaSolutions/master
Fix for crashes during shutting down, mountpoints_mutex lock, sync the https port with the demos Lorenzo Miniero


09:21 AM Revision b3fb21da (mongoose): Add DLL building example
PUBLISHED_FROM=20d24793d766ee289c6bde95bd5ad01202cd614b Sergey Lyubka


12:50 PM Revision 2deaf084 (mongoose): Fix clang -std=c99 compilation
PUBLISHED_FROM=fc3f24d40f92f206e5de4a2fd15100430db87717 Alexander Alashkin


10:20 PM Revision 1b324510 (mongoose): Add simplest_web_server_ssl example
PUBLISHED_FROM=8945dc72ce22d48c582e7cdd01348494677ac5bb Deomid Ryabkov


09:05 AM Revision fd839f18 (mongoose): Pointer to int casting warning
PUBLISHED_FROM=6bf2a710edaae6133d68eaf900ede14bba75ad5a Artem Bulavin


02:06 PM Revision f149f4aa (mongoose): Remove cs_dbg.h from amalgamated headers
PUBLISHED_FROM=993c4b1bec363e3f7975b83710e694792bedf5b3 Alexander Alashkin


05:21 PM Revision af6fc64a (mongoose): Add restart flag to ourci workers
PUBLISHED_FROM=f85aaf2215f8323866eab9fb5143407b44fa1959 Marko Mikulicic
02:36 PM Revision ff159bf3 (mongoose): Simple mongoose http urls crawler
PUBLISHED_FROM=4eead54610606827963e7c244fcd8ab9a13d4c07 Artem Bulavin
09:36 AM Revision 8cdd19bc (mongoose): Call MG_EV_ACCEPT on spawn
PUBLISHED_FROM=f1b4ce4334d24bf613db88ccb28cb3668390ce1d Alexander Alashkin


04:21 PM Revision 2efc8598 (mongoose): Fix mt
PUBLISHED_FROM=6e33f546c4d096ef03103f6010124e5d568700b0 Alexander Alashkin


06:38 PM Revision 092bd03c (janus-gateway): Remove condition check
Marcin Sielski
03:36 PM Revision d4a83514 (mongoose): Remove port :5000 from docker.cesanta in Makefiles
PUBLISHED_FROM=b2454104b99100f23db0777f874ab8a33727acca Alexander Alashkin
10:36 AM Revision c46c5da0 (janus-gateway): Fixes after review
Marcin Sielski


12:05 PM Revision 1b9e4f0b (janus-gateway): Sync the port with the demos
Marcin Sielski
08:18 AM Revision 6c0a31ae (janus-gateway): Fix: mountpoints_mutex should be locked
Marcin Sielski
08:12 AM Revision dab206e8 (janus-gateway): Fix for crashes during shutting down
Marcin Sielski


10:51 AM Revision 5fa544fc (mongoose): Make mg_http_serve_file public
A way to serve a single, specific file as opposed to the hairy monster
that is mg_serve_http.
Deomid Ryabkov
10:06 AM Revision 1070dd2d (mongoose): Fix overrun in url rewrites, add tests
PUBLISHED_FROM=03dc62aa69dddcbe41d5bc5c014de248332da918 Deomid Ryabkov


02:06 PM Revision af98854c (mongoose): Delete old cookie_auth example
PUBLISHED_FROM=c118b2796f697e8d5493bb3d534cee7406060c1a Deomid Ryabkov
11:28 AM Revision 7cace648 (mongoose): Improve cookie auth example
Use templated index page and SSI calls instead of hard-coded html
Deomid Ryabkov
10:36 AM Revision 447bf4ad (mongoose): Compile examples with -Werror
PUBLISHED_FROM=5a24bda9029db3fc7bf04dc871656d65d551f4ab Deomid Ryabkov
10:36 AM Revision 6572c1c6 (mongoose): Add a cookie auth and session management example
PUBLISHED_FROM=243437cf7d48b04aef3896bc4c5d4010975299a4 Deomid Ryabkov


07:51 PM Revision 7b48859f (mongoose): Fix mongoose comment a little
PUBLISHED_FROM=542e7c82fa494bef52222495301ab53dce43cd8f Dmitry Frank
09:59 AM Revision 77ccb849 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
09:53 AM Revision 85e08061 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into plugins-json
Lorenzo Miniero


04:53 PM Revision 79c65e8f (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #594 from rpadovani/fixTypo
Use `var` keyword before declaring charSet var. Lorenzo Miniero
03:44 PM Revision db510bec (janus-gateway): Fix the same problem in janus.nojquery.js as well
Riccardo Padovani
01:11 PM Revision 4dc3e3d9 (janus-gateway): Use `var` keyword before declaring charSet var.
While JavaScript does not require this, if the script is merged
with other scripts that have "use strict", the code s...
Riccardo Padovani
09:26 AM Revision 2bf54ccc (janus-gateway): Parse end-of-candidates
Lorenzo Miniero
09:14 AM Revision 4a389917 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #593 from jswirl/master
Close socket descriptors on error Lorenzo Miniero
08:57 AM Revision 8ff7a901 (janus-gateway): Address comments
06:31 AM Revision 68625953 (janus-gateway): Close socket descriptors on error


10:57 AM Revision 4286b683 (janus-gateway): Fix for post-processing (timestamp resets + retransmissions)
Lorenzo Miniero
08:42 AM Revision 326ac1de (janus-gateway): Fixed count of packets in large files when postprocessing
Lorenzo Miniero

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