From 09/26/2016 to 10/25/2016


04:55 PM Revision c151f9bc (mongoose): Denoisify mongoose poll logging
PUBLISHED_FROM=ec1cb82cc2404cfe2abdf3bd445ddec3d4ff3e57 Marko Mikulicic
03:30 PM Revision 204bf9ac (mongoose): Krypton + LWIP fixes
* Make kr_{send,recv} report status via return code instaed of errno
* Move mg_if_* recv and connect callback invoca...
Deomid Ryabkov
01:43 PM Revision d53553a9 (janus-gateway): fix documentation
Sébastien Saint-Sevin
09:56 AM Revision e3bac870 (mongoose): Make mongoose compile with ARMCC
(It compiles, but doesn't really work yet)
Dmitry Frank
08:34 AM Revision 1f095052 (mongoose): Fix byte order defines under OSX
PUBLISHED_FROM=327a8d729519aa0ad953594a32d63fddac4d1ec9 Marko Mikulicic


09:49 PM Revision 7f990131 (mongoose): Make backend build under win32, MSVC98
PUBLISHED_FROM=961e25e133eff8ee168557f186713d5babbd0c5f Sergey Lyubka
01:19 PM Revision 7c5f6acb (janus-gateway): Changed the verbosity of some log messages in WebSockets plugin
Lorenzo Miniero
11:13 AM Revision 8d72c2a7 (mongoose): Add HTTP example for nRF
PUBLISHED_FROM=d9d979057d5269ac32d16545dd2489485bda642a Dmitry Frank


02:32 PM Revision c722cfec (mongoose): Fix c++11 mg compilation
PUBLISHED_FROM=a121a15698884203a573741e73fefaa5923dce4d Alexander Alashkin


03:57 PM Revision 835af2ca (mongoose): Fix CoAP/CC3200 compilation
PUBLISHED_FROM=00e4c01cc2bccd63b0f18b797e2c0503a489ef6f Alexander Alashkin
12:13 PM Revision bd2a4097 (mongoose): Bump sha pointer to latest simplelink_mbed
PUBLISHED_FROM=d0c765e56e926c2f2e57cc95dc3ffbdef93c98c3 Marko Mikulicic
12:13 PM Revision fcc75c6a (mongoose): Fix CoAP packet size calculation
PUBLISHED_FROM=43532ec3951779d17438b457fe6de6dea8f514fd Ilia Penev
10:16 AM Revision e08b2343 (mongoose): ARM mbed STM32+cc3100 demo
PUBLISHED_FROM=edf899f7493b70660006fd605f0301a44cd16356 Marko Mikulicic


10:36 PM Revision 5bd3df7a (mongoose): Fix mg_time on mbed and make DNS work around epoch
PUBLISHED_FROM=c1aeef9dc25baba794b3269b44441c5bafbca5a8 Marko Mikulicic
01:36 PM Revision 5bbf24bf (mongoose): Fix line endings in console messages
PUBLISHED_FROM=b7cf888512e535fcb81371d797bf8a72440baeaa Deomid Ryabkov
12:51 PM Revision ace1dc53 (mongoose): Fix DHCP message
PUBLISHED_FROM=9efa7b516d0541e9f6f8002aa24cf7115f0d9b2b Deomid Ryabkov
12:36 PM Revision 563a3674 (janus-gateway): update README
12:22 PM Revision 100480a1 (mongoose): Tweak NXP example project settings
- Enable parallel build
- Generate FW in bin format
Deomid Ryabkov
11:45 AM Revision a89a2df6 (mongoose): Fix SDK_PATH
PUBLISHED_FROM=df1d2f45c0eea6e3f9b749b539c696684be74155 Deomid Ryabkov
07:51 AM Revision 988ad66a (mongoose): Add Mongoose example project for NXP Kinetis K64
PUBLISHED_FROM=c3e39efb339ed9ae45ac4bbb3bd421704ea5a143 Deomid Ryabkov


07:22 PM Revision 85d6292b (mongoose): Add nRF port for Mongoose
Example is not yet added
Dmitry Frank
02:38 PM Revision 98ab0950 (mongoose): Restore Mongoose README changes
PUBLISHED_FROM=6f3ba456089f4812ac7e5e1d7456f7f36a7157bc Sergey Lyubka
01:36 PM Revision a7f90430 (mongoose): Add MG_ENABLE_FILESYSTEM to MSP432 examples
PUBLISHED_FROM=36289eddbb3c5c172c36ab737e2f23c763058ed2 Deomid Ryabkov
12:41 PM Revision 6d8b747f (mongoose): Add MG_ENABLE_FILESYSTEM to CCS projects
Update compiler version to 5.2.8
Deomid Ryabkov
02:40 AM Revision 18f670ab (janus-gateway): update README
02:39 AM Revision 87a99303 (janus-gateway): add compile on macOS to README


03:51 PM Revision a17eae41 (mongoose): Enable MQTT client by default
PUBLISHED_FROM=cb5d5afe166f637082d4b1d1bce5d9c263e91fd0 Deomid Ryabkov
12:52 PM Revision 35060af4 (janus-gateway): fix compile failed on Mac
12:38 PM Revision 7b05d700 (mongoose): CS_P_ESP_LWIP -> CS_P_ESP8266;add CS_P_NXP_KINETIS
LWIP part has been finally fully split from the ESP part, and ESP
platform defs reduced to bare minimum. It is now po...
Deomid Ryabkov
11:51 AM Revision f328907d (mongoose): Return "status": XX for all RESTful calls
PUBLISHED_FROM=92e6e136946fd1f376e6ecbeea30f106caccaae5 Sergey Lyubka
10:40 AM Revision 1cea7ba4 (mongoose): Update
10:38 AM Revision 68484521 (mongoose): Update
10:36 AM Revision f9a1d47f (mongoose): Update
Updated with changes. novlean


07:21 PM Revision 492dcdca (mongoose): MG_DISABLE_(DNS|(_SYNC)?_RESOLVER) -> MG_ENABLE_$1
Disable sync resolver by default.
Deomid Ryabkov
06:21 PM Revision 4ef3a778 (mongoose): Introduce MG_NET_IF var, replaces MG_NET_IF_*
Possible values:
MG_NET_IF_SOCKET (1) - traditional BSD socket API
MG_NET_IF_SIMPLELINK (2) - TI's SimpleLink soc...
Deomid Ryabkov
05:06 PM Revision 31c5ef1b (mongoose): Don't clang-format non checked out things
mbed-os is a directory that gets checked out by the mbed cli
(a tool similar in spirit to miot) and it contains a lot...
Marko Mikulicic
10:07 AM Revision 4656e7b0 (mongoose): Don't access nc->ssl if SSL is disabled
PUBLISHED_FROM=bdbd9416f73f84a3d8afbffe886d0922c36769d4 Dmitry Frank
09:22 AM Revision 4216cf2a (mongoose): Enable FS for WinCE
PUBLISHED_FROM=ec3ed105e29251bdd9b8ad08e8e56c0873ced8ae Alexander Alashkin
04:07 AM Revision 37e4f516 (mongoose): MG_DISABLE_SOCKETPAIR -> MG_ENABLE_BROADCAST
PUBLISHED_FROM=81b6289a4b54043df557142f0de8cc66bc5190d4 Deomid Ryabkov


11:21 PM Revision 1dae0373 (mongoose): MG_DISABLE_POPEN -> MG_ENABLE_HTTP_SSI_EXEC
PUBLISHED_FROM=55b2b70a688234f6ebcfba37eced20ee5d5387a1 Deomid Ryabkov


05:06 PM Revision e928f364 (mongoose): MG_DISABLE_HTTP(|_SSI|_WEBSOCKET) -> MG_ENABLE$1
Factor out SSI and WS code from http.c
HTTP + WS are enabled by default, but MQTT is built without HTTP
support as a...
Deomid Ryabkov
01:37 PM Revision fcb94a17 (mongoose): Port Mongoose to WinCE, part I
PUBLISHED_FROM=292d73fa3e90377b1f929ae47ae1073dab5a4089 Alexander Alashkin
12:37 PM Revision 8ff010ca (mongoose): MG_DISABLE_FILESYSTEM -> MG_ENABLE_FILESYSTEM
PUBLISHED_FROM=026810475d98df117ab1dadf40276759190aad19 Deomid Ryabkov
10:22 AM Revision 241090a8 (mongoose): CS_DISABLE_(STDIO|HEXDUMP) -> CS_ENABLE_$1
PUBLISHED_FROM=9fd0cebfa8df53b5d9574a8d013305ddda5e7a18 Deomid Ryabkov
08:37 AM Revision 618bef0e (mongoose): Fix stm32f4_cc311 example and add it to CI
The build has been broken because MQTT has been disabled during some refactoring
but never caught because this exampl...
Marko Mikulicic
07:06 AM Revision 3b69f5d5 (mongoose): MG_DISABLE_DAV -> MG_ENABLE_HTTP_WEBDAV
PUBLISHED_FROM=62267ea0a8e10d8ba7bad590d1a56b179bcffce9 Deomid Ryabkov


09:08 PM Revision b298d46a (mongoose): MG_DISABLE_MQTT -> MG_ENABLE_MQTT
PUBLISHED_FROM=34e6028b68e286f81be7ba0f8ae73b760f144131 Deomid Ryabkov
07:22 PM Revision 75059d1b (mongoose): Rename MG_DISABLE_CGI -> MG_ENABLE_CGI
Also factor out CGI-related code from http.c, it's getting too big.
Build tests with -Wundef
Deomid Ryabkov
07:07 PM Revision 15e9a927 (mongoose): Run V7 tests with -Wundef
PUBLISHED_FROM=e2375c5b10be12a75f6a5f9df56ebe9f5faa9331 Deomid Ryabkov
06:45 PM Revision 89896bbb (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #662 from uxmaster/master
typo (or copy&paste bug) fix Lorenzo Miniero
06:30 PM Revision 867fdc95 (janus-gateway): typo fix
06:29 PM Revision b24ae393 (janus-gateway): typo fix
06:07 PM Revision bafc30be (mongoose): Change from using #ifdef to #if for features tests
"#if FOO" still works with simple -DFOO, but gives more flexibility.
Specifically, if user expressed no preference (F...
Deomid Ryabkov


03:23 PM Revision 749e08e1 (janus-gateway): Fixed a few leaks
Lorenzo Miniero
10:06 AM Revision 0a8f8392 (mongoose): Mongoose 6.6
PUBLISHED_FROM=23d031720d8d6e170eab6bd615797f33e36a6701 Alexander Alashkin


06:38 PM Revision ab48174b (mongoose): esp_mg_net_if refactoring: split LWIP & ESP parts
esp_mg_net_if was a rat's nest of mongoose net_if and event manager
implementaions and the event loop task for the ES...
Deomid Ryabkov
11:00 AM Revision 9a872e85 (janus-gateway): Don't drop video support on Edge, leave it to the application
Lorenzo Miniero
10:29 AM Revision 4439251f (mongoose): Add MBED as platform
Currently this allows V7 to be built on MBED; more
work is likely required to port mongoose.
Marko Mikulicic
10:09 AM Revision 27ed634a (janus-gateway): Fixes to get Janus working with Edge again (see #651)
Lorenzo Miniero


02:56 PM Revision 2a3e40b5 (janus-gateway): Fixed small typos in documentation
Lorenzo Miniero
02:52 PM Revision 13913e3f (janus-gateway): Fixed small typos in documentation
Lorenzo Miniero
02:40 PM Revision b81eaa36 (janus-gateway): Aligned with new v0.2.1
Lorenzo Miniero
02:30 PM Revision 7ea4c1eb (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #578 from meetecho/sdp-home
New SDP utilities to replace Sofia SIP SDP stack Lorenzo Miniero
02:20 PM Revision 16766ce6 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #589 from meetecho/sip-updates
First take at supporting re-invites/updates in SIP plugin (uses #578) Lorenzo Miniero


04:19 PM Revision 6eed15e0 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #653 from andreasg123/websockets-code-dupli...
Remove code duplication between regular and admin web sockets Lorenzo Miniero
02:27 PM Revision 558ba15d (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'sdp-home' into sip-updates
Lorenzo Miniero
02:26 PM Revision 9eb3fefa (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into sdp-home
Lorenzo Miniero
02:25 PM Revision e3a7a189 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
02:23 PM Revision 8ea7e79e (janus-gateway): Fixed typo in documentation
Lorenzo Miniero
02:21 PM Revision 7c0d9e5e (janus-gateway): Fixed wrong casts when closing plugins
Lorenzo Miniero
02:14 PM Revision 8382fba1 (janus-gateway): Fixed indentation of MQTT cfg file
Lorenzo Miniero
02:10 PM Revision 86ddec76 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #645 from manifest/feature/janus-mqtt-trans...
Add support of MQTT transport Lorenzo Miniero
02:09 PM Revision 0120801c (janus-gateway): Unload and skip plugin if init failed (see discussion in #645)
Lorenzo Miniero
01:44 PM Revision 899f4ef1 (janus-gateway): Added support of MQTT transport
Andrei Nesterov
08:03 AM Revision 0a1c1f9a (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #652 from andreasg123/ice-fix-heap-use-afte...
Assign new value before freeing old value to avoid state with freed value Lorenzo Miniero
05:14 AM Revision affe32cf (janus-gateway): Remove code duplication between regular and admin web sockets.
Andreas Girgensohn


09:05 PM Revision a8848c8b (janus-gateway): Assign new value before freeing old value to avoid state with ...
Andreas Girgensohn
03:50 PM Revision ecefc623 (janus-gateway): Bump version number
Lorenzo Miniero
09:28 AM Revision a1982464 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #619 from meetecho/janusjs-adapter
Updates to janus.js/adapter.js Lorenzo Miniero
09:25 AM Revision f2a090f6 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'sdp-home' into sip-updates
Lorenzo Miniero
09:24 AM Revision b751e28a (janus-gateway): Use g_ascii_strtoull instead of atol where applicable (pt.2)
Lorenzo Miniero
09:22 AM Revision 589cd57d (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into sdp-home
Lorenzo Miniero
09:20 AM Revision 3041476d (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
09:15 AM Revision 76c50d05 (janus-gateway): Fixed indentation
Lorenzo Miniero
09:13 AM Revision eff0a046 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #647 from andreasg123/master-websockets-des...
Handle LWS_CALLBACK_WSI_DESTROY in master Lorenzo Miniero
09:00 AM Revision a972337c (janus-gateway): Use g_ascii_strtoull instead of atol where applicable
Lorenzo Miniero


05:50 PM Revision 9acdfd80 (janus-gateway): Handle LWS_CALLBACK_WSI_DESTROY
Andreas Girgensohn
10:48 AM Revision c734a91a (janus-gateway): Allow plugins to send out-of-context events (no associated ses...
Lorenzo Miniero


11:51 PM Revision f9a6403b (mongoose): Add MG_EV_SSI_CALL_CTX
This is the variant of MG_EV_SSI_CALL with context of the SSI call being
processed in addition to the tag argument. S...
Deomid Ryabkov


03:13 PM Revision 3cd959fd (janus-gateway): Fixed typo
Lorenzo Miniero
03:06 PM Revision 786f46c6 (mongoose): Update TI compiler to 5.2.8
PUBLISHED_FROM=75a0ee6e842da6c8f9e8f1eb85165b64fada0d6a Deomid Ryabkov
03:06 PM Revision 5ebd9fe7 (mongoose): uart-to-websocket page content changes
PUBLISHED_FROM=e8db78b70a80ef63f1f6090b1ad5d16315e8f8c9 Sergey Lyubka
03:06 PM Revision 2302ae5e (mongoose): Update TI compiler to 5.2.8
PUBLISHED_FROM=75a0ee6e842da6c8f9e8f1eb85165b64fada0d6a Deomid Ryabkov
08:35 AM Revision 5714b8e4 (janus-gateway): Added Raspberry Pi resources (UV4L) to the docs
Lorenzo Miniero


01:06 PM Revision 8b12263d (mongoose): Fix mg_http_send_redirect doc
PUBLISHED_FROM=77cd3df9959b0e3a2550d1581586e69878bbee0d Deomid Ryabkov
12:39 PM Revision 376d2666 (mongoose): Add PIC32MX/CC3100 mqtt_client example
PUBLISHED_FROM=cda885a9dc5d1203b7b59b13ea7fd7934b31260a Alexander Alashkin
12:39 PM Revision d9062263 (mongoose): Link MIOT for Linux statically
PUBLISHED_FROM=4f0adab828ebf06dbc3e0c4333bf0053f374b62f Deomid Ryabkov
12:37 PM Revision da447b10 (mongoose): Add PIC32MX/CC3100 mqtt_client example
PUBLISHED_FROM=cda885a9dc5d1203b7b59b13ea7fd7934b31260a Alexander Alashkin
11:22 AM Revision 460d95af (mongoose): Add mg_http_send_redirect and make examples use it
PUBLISHED_FROM=f45e06aeba1c00212078d539b6f74cb8bd054326 Deomid Ryabkov
06:50 AM Revision 8f522048 (mongoose): Use gethostbyname for localhost
PUBLISHED_FROM=97c58e8624e0d4fa0f043acf6b20e2a1a5ca1b51 Alexander Alashkin


12:05 PM Revision 147c0951 (mongoose): Report errors in the netcat example
PUBLISHED_FROM=f43dc48512ff13028a57571b537c41d9658034b5 Deomid Ryabkov
11:50 AM Revision fecb11f2 (mongoose): Add CoAP server example doc. Closes cesanta/dev#4917
PUBLISHED_FROM=ee7728db61721c0628a00ed702a47f7382ad7cd7 Alexander Alashkin
11:05 AM Revision 56e50c2d (mongoose): Add CoAP client example doc
PUBLISHED_FROM=51fd5cd50ae8c9fce43d95d06fec2e7582018d00 Alexander Alashkin


03:55 PM Revision 84c1291c (janus-gateway): Added new category of events (core)
Lorenzo Miniero
03:36 PM Revision 01ed0ee1 (janus-gateway): Made basic authentication the only supported method, for now
Lorenzo Miniero
02:31 PM Revision fa78e35d (janus-gateway): Fixed typo (see #620)
Lorenzo Miniero
02:09 PM Revision d73a63f7 (janus-gateway): Return an event to publishers leaving
Lorenzo Miniero
12:51 PM Revision c1b5e9b2 (mongoose): Rename MSP432 example project
So they are distinct from CC3200 projects during import
Also update compiler version (5.2.7 -> 5.2.8)
Deomid Ryabkov
10:44 AM Revision 6ff59b18 (janus-gateway): Implemented event grouping and HTTP auth+timeout in sample eve...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:42 AM Revision d7e1c12a (janus-gateway): Added display to all participant-related events
Lorenzo Miniero
10:42 AM Revision 864831f6 (janus-gateway): Clarified that the sample plugin needs libvurl in the README
Lorenzo Miniero
08:51 AM Revision 286fa90e (mongoose): Simple mDNS + DNS-SD impl
Main TODOs:
1. the spec requires the impl to resend the reply once and
to send gratuitous updates
2. advertise ou...
Marko Mikulicic


03:36 PM Revision d63fb70c (mongoose): Publish the amalgamation tools
PUBLISHED_FROM=27ed0bd32e33252495b92361d2943a3450448f62 Deomid Ryabkov
09:06 AM Revision 312b1893 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
05:06 AM Revision 4d76a3be (mongoose): Amalgamation changes - clean up paths
Make paths embedded in amalgamated files nice and relative.
This facilitates subsequent clean un- and re-amalgamation...
Deomid Ryabkov


08:21 PM Revision d9c612ef (mongoose): Fix miot serial communication on Windows
PUBLISHED_FROM=426ff040865ea9626ba62bcbca3aa84fb40fd3ea Dmitry Frank
06:59 PM Revision c7b020cf (janus-gateway): Merge remote-tracking branch 'meetecho/master'
04:00 PM Revision f5648230 (janus-gateway): Parse STAP-A packets when processing H.264 recordings (fixes #...
Lorenzo Miniero
02:46 PM Revision 3b3ca1c1 (mongoose): Update
Sergey Lyubka
02:23 PM Revision 026cde0c (janus-gateway): Better check for SPS in H.264 post-processor, and NAL parse de...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:26 AM Revision 2a61f5c3 (janus-gateway): Fixed typo and period check in AudioBridge
Lorenzo Miniero
10:23 AM Revision 4366f7f8 (janus-gateway): Make notification on dropped packets less frequent in AudioBri...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:11 AM Revision 232545f9 (janus-gateway): Use urls instead of url in iceServers
Lorenzo Miniero
09:54 AM Revision d984974f (janus-gateway): Reply with sendonly if AudioBrdge peer is recvonly (fixes #629)
Lorenzo Miniero

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