From 11/07/2016 to 12/06/2016


05:02 PM Revision f8a87946 (janus-gateway): Bumbed version number and small fixes to the docs
Lorenzo Miniero
04:53 PM Revision 3fb6eb07 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
04:51 PM Revision 6ab09795 (janus-gateway): Fixed --disable-unix-sockets check in (fixes #701)
Lorenzo Miniero
03:57 PM Revision 462021b7 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #697 from meetecho/extmap
Added support for (some) RTP extensions Lorenzo Miniero
03:55 PM Revision ef61c470 (janus-gateway): Make negotiation of new RTP extensions in VideoRoom configurable
Lorenzo Miniero
03:43 PM Revision 4fb1f6d2 (janus-gateway): Make negotiation of audio-level RTP ext in AudioBridge configu...
Lorenzo Miniero


05:17 PM Revision e66c9360 (janus-gateway): Implemented timeout/GET_PARAMETER support for RTSP in Streamin...
Lorenzo Miniero


04:06 PM Revision cbd58351 (mongoose): Include sys/types.h for PIC32 port
On PIC32MZ, this is required to get `ntohl` and friends.
Dmitry Frank
01:51 PM Revision fba32acb (mongoose): Replace memcmp with strncmp in mongoose
PUBLISHED_FROM=3c5859f06ab838bba7c95c4878c4e7e883329810 Alexander Alashkin


10:21 PM Revision 2fdb1f78 (mongoose): Fix amalgamation conflicts: POC
PUBLISHED_FROM=5b63325ade34b9032476fc88ac407816990f1cfc Sergey Lyubka
02:35 PM Revision e82e94ad (janus-gateway): Fixed typo
Lorenzo Miniero
02:25 PM Revision 0b50be4a (janus-gateway): Automatically try using SIP INFO for DTMF in SIP demo when not...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:49 AM Revision c70cb37b (janus-gateway): Added playout-delay to the RTP extensions
Lorenzo Miniero
09:21 AM Revision ea2069df (mongoose): Fix coredump in mg_reverse_proxy_handler
PUBLISHED_FROM=ca0ae588290f133ef7640ca538847a63c0cb544b Alexander Alashkin


03:39 PM Revision 3cc61ddb (janus-gateway): Added support for (some) RTP extensions
Lorenzo Miniero


01:36 PM Revision 7267fc75 (mongoose): Fix mg_stat
PUBLISHED_FROM=e6fb19c5256b6d43359f21b325e16b415152f26f Alexander Alashkin
01:36 PM Revision ea7d6906 (mongoose): Replace fopen with mg_fopen
PUBLISHED_FROM=764ea806a5d31bd545a5d99de80e2ee0234ebcab Alexander Alashkin
11:22 AM Revision 6e5e2eb6 (mongoose): Restore HTTP errors descriptions
PUBLISHED_FROM=26becdaf7dd61481b88b166ea87d44a7bc796660 Alexander Alashkin
09:51 AM Revision 876304fe (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
09:41 AM Revision 8413da38 (janus-gateway): Lock forwarder mutex before using forwarder hash table (pull #...
Lorenzo Miniero
09:33 AM Revision 41af3a48 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #695 from agclark81/master
Support for setting an iceTransportPolicy Lorenzo Miniero


09:45 PM Revision f5c50978 (janus-gateway): support for setting an iceTransportPolicy
Alexander Clark
04:59 PM Revision 8ae5908e (janus-gateway): Made configure smarter (see issue #689)
Lorenzo Miniero
03:51 PM Revision 51466df7 (mongoose): Check for SEND_AND_CLOSE after HANDSHAKE_REQUEST
Assume handshake request was declined if either MG_F_CLOSE_IMMEDIATELY _or_ MG_F_SEND_AND_CLOSE is set.
Deomid Ryabkov
03:21 PM Revision d6259332 (mongoose): Fix use-after-free
Free keys and cert before conf, not after
Deomid Ryabkov
12:37 PM Revision 30f76e53 (janus-gateway): Fixed error when compiling Streaming plugin without libcurl
Lorenzo Miniero
12:05 PM Revision 260229a4 (mongoose): Free certs and keys on client TLS connections
Renegotiation is disabled, so we don't need them.
Reduces per-connection usage when idle by 3K.
Deomid Ryabkov
12:01 PM Revision 503c2273 (janus-gateway): Edited README guidelines for MacOS (see #666)
Lorenzo Miniero
11:54 AM Revision ba6b98f2 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #666 from akfork/master
Fix compile failed on Mac Lorenzo Miniero
11:42 AM Revision 944b97ff (janus-gateway): Add optional authentication support to RTSP streaming (see iss...
Lorenzo Miniero
11:21 AM Revision 9e0bce2f (janus-gateway): Mention libcurl as optional dependency in the documentation (s...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:48 AM Revision 3a91fd50 (janus-gateway): Removed extra unlock (see #694)
Lorenzo Miniero
10:45 AM Revision 8514b7e3 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #678 from eduardomb/master
Added supervisor sample to the documentation Lorenzo Miniero
08:50 AM Revision 7776df24 (mongoose): Enable server name verification on mbedTLS
PUBLISHED_FROM=54774944d5402a5d6a351b4609428940c0ad20ea Deomid Ryabkov


05:21 PM Revision e17fdcb0 (mongoose): Minor memory shavings on ESP8266; ~2.5K less
- Only allow one TCP segment in flight. Each segment is 1.5K and it
adds up. This may increase latency, but memory...
Deomid Ryabkov


07:30 PM Revision d96629cd (mongoose): Add support for PEM certs on SimpleLink
Also performs trnasparent SPIFFS -> SLFS cert copy.
If the file's extension is .pem, convert it to DER format and pu...
Deomid Ryabkov
12:37 PM Revision 19d5f900 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #690 from fbertone/patch-1
Update - disable MQTT Lorenzo Miniero
11:36 AM Revision 0c79fcfb (mongoose): Add a flag to prevent a tunnel from reconnection
Also fixed a memory leak on reconnect: previously, each reconnect was
creating a `struct mg_connection` which was nev...
Dmitry Frank
10:27 AM Revision a83ff652 (janus-gateway): Update
Add parameter to disable MQTT in ./configure command Fabrizio Bertone
08:21 AM Revision 9125830d (mongoose): Fix stkovf in mg_resolve_async_opt
PUBLISHED_FROM=8e37c51c6b0bf7d0782f3a997360827471b95d2e Alexander Alashkin


01:21 PM Revision 55963d0c (mongoose): Fix typo in platforms_esp
PUBLISHED_FROM=b17ef5bc8ec801fca91c89af5f97767a55911952 Alexander Alashkin
12:50 PM Revision 44f7b918 (mongoose): Fix use of SLFS from TI libc "device" interface
PUBLISHED_FROM=e1bb89268dfc4d51880b89b07fb2f69cb49e053b Deomid Ryabkov
10:21 AM Revision 731ea5d5 (mongoose): Increase debug level of stat() and open() messages
Useful for debugging at level 3
Deomid Ryabkov
09:51 AM Revision 9e517fde (mongoose): Implement SNTP client
PUBLISHED_FROM=ac54bcbc81a9ee688e8b90e261172be76a9fbacd Alexander Alashkin


06:06 PM Revision 1ff61837 (mongoose): Fix mg_http_common_url_parse
The only client of `mg_http_common_url_parse` (namely,
`mg_connect_http_base`) expects `port_i` to be the index in th...
Dmitry Frank
11:07 AM Revision 3a8464e4 (mongoose): Reinstate fs_slfs_rename stub
Needed by TI libc for use with add_device
Deomid Ryabkov
08:06 AM Revision 39b0b8e2 (mongoose): Fix clang formatting
PUBLISHED_FROM=ea64670e42ae58bbe26abee5d928f2afcd83bd46 Marko Mikulicic


04:21 PM Revision 3a611864 (mongoose): Ubreak v7 build - add missing includes
PUBLISHED_FROM=01d691c9e06486cab0903b8db98e56fffc3fb234 Sergey Lyubka
03:52 PM Revision 2180e178 (mongoose): Allow use of absolute paths on SLFS
If the path starts with /, do not drop it.
There are no directories on SLFS, but use of /pretend/paths/to/files.txt
Deomid Ryabkov
01:21 PM Revision 8fb5e8ef (mongoose): mbedTLS support for LWIP net_if
PUBLISHED_FROM=a733ba6e06887a448f96f92679f6f8adbe9c61f7 Deomid Ryabkov
08:05 AM Revision a8f54d18 (mongoose): Integrate PR170
PUBLISHED_FROM=f1a804466bea6d6d77103525d76ef7b819b63477 Ilia Penev


10:36 PM Revision c9721d4d (mongoose): Re-enable amalgam tools publishing
PUBLISHED_FROM=f7fb01509b3f3982724cc3b05e357d8dd385a546 Deomid Ryabkov
10:19 PM Revision c848372b (mongoose): Rename tools/amalgam to tools/
PUBLISHED_FROM=7c6cb5517d0d2b13f29af29c511dd7f0baa5acc6 Marko Mikulicic


03:36 PM Revision a23daa15 (mongoose): Move mg_a*printf to common
PUBLISHED_FROM=cccd28ef43ec4e08fa52340ce78bda10db5ac27a Marko Mikulicic
12:21 PM Revision 9dba6c80 (mongoose): Add endpoint to list tunnels
PUBLISHED_FROM=f45d9832a884374f6f9ea3f2e0a8c9465f214896 Sergey Lyubka


11:21 AM Revision fc635a93 (mongoose): Move mg_ncasecmp and sister to common string utils
PUBLISHED_FROM=182c43c3bd82190cb816c8ebaddccc13a94950d0 Marko Mikulicic
11:05 AM Revision 81f738af (mongoose): Fix mg_http_common_url_parse
PUBLISHED_FROM=51c44c445309aa0850b227949a0a0a6be433d08c Alexander Alashkin


05:36 PM Revision f6165d23 (mongoose): Fix stack overflow in mg_hexdump
PUBLISHED_FROM=5025692f3f4593b3ea38af51f8f49e1ac4df6b88 Alexander Alashkin
12:21 PM Revision e4a4b6f2 (mongoose): Fix coredump in mg_tun_destroy_client
PUBLISHED_FROM=56ff5afe805e4680e02183a8c3887ea60ee5ebfe Alexander Alashkin


02:36 PM Revision 0ceee1dc (mongoose): Rename `mg_` -> `miot_` under fw
`MG_ENABLE_...` macros are not yet renamed because it involves some
logic change: e.g. instead of defining `MG_ENABL...
Dmitry Frank
01:36 PM Revision 8a6cf95f (mongoose): Fix mg_match_prefix
PUBLISHED_FROM=4fdfa61e7b3b62083b0ac8fe74dd2dd3793f50fe Alexander Alashkin
09:51 AM Revision 37a7031f (mongoose): Minor formatting fix
PUBLISHED_FROM=c56b4ae00c454e6931ab29b095641bf0222f860c Dmitry Frank
09:06 AM Revision 8874f3de (mongoose): Fix simplelink SSL context
It wasn't checked for `NULL`, and on CC3200 NULL dereferencing addresses
doesn't cause a crash, so it worked by pure ...
Dmitry Frank


06:06 PM Revision 3c5d48ea (mongoose): Promote tun example to a unit test
PUBLISHED_FROM=0454cdeec5c7120eb4bf905fdd5b7abdcb4003c2 Marko Mikulicic
05:51 PM Revision a0d98b7a (mongoose): Fix msvc6 build
PUBLISHED_FROM=196199fd02ec9b20d1e76d1414bfafa624f9ebce Sergey Lyubka
05:06 PM Revision 74b75899 (mongoose): Make cc3200 sprintf workaround smaller
in light of the root cause discovered by rojer
and addressed in cesanta/dev#5882 for the http connection code path.
Marko Mikulicic
04:20 PM Revision 240eca0b (mongoose): Avoid passing NULL to %.*s
CC3200 (TI's C library) doesn't like it
Deomid Ryabkov
04:20 PM Revision cd54b18d (mongoose): After establishing tun, remove http proto handler
PUBLISHED_FROM=8449d4df2a4caf7afc0f9b50f85bb01d79b8c4eb Marko Mikulicic
04:20 PM Revision 65e01dba (mongoose): Initial support for mbedTLS
PUBLISHED_FROM=edb1063d3fd64e3c732f16b8bf101c065cdacddd Deomid Ryabkov
04:20 PM Revision 62276ce6 (mongoose): Add digital signature to test key usage; 2048 bit
Digital signature key usage is required for the key to be used for (EC)DHE.
Deomid Ryabkov


01:08 PM Revision 55f6c13f (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
04:07 AM Revision df5b546d (janus-gateway): Use free instead of g_free for strings allocated by json_dumps...
Lorenzo Miniero
03:34 AM Revision ae58a81f (janus-gateway): New debugging level in janus.js (vdebug), a few changes in JS ...
Lorenzo Miniero


08:51 PM Revision f67fe352 (mongoose): Pull out common SSL interface
Currently only OpenSSL API impl, but the plan is to add more.
Deomid Ryabkov
04:05 PM Revision 48057977 (mongoose): Fix hexdump memory overflow
PUBLISHED_FROM=a6f3f33432ce43b6d4462de623ba61a53e7f18df Marko Mikulicic
10:06 AM Revision 4c038508 (mongoose): Extract tun proto name constant
PUBLISHED_FROM=574362ea7d90a17cd49963a430559824cfcff802 Marko Mikulicic
08:21 AM Revision 15db11c0 (mongoose): Fix tunnel teardown
PUBLISHED_FROM=2c23e4a4dfc7129da657c5935f06335fc022394a Marko Mikulicic
05:39 AM Revision 02d70f5d (janus-gateway): support for old macOS


11:50 PM Revision 97fe505b (mongoose): clang-format more stuff in common
PUBLISHED_FROM=8b5c6f70d5582402f327c4da7baee7cc15ee13aa Deomid Ryabkov
04:21 PM Revision fd45a6d3 (mongoose): CS_LOG_TS_DIFF -> CS_LOG_ENABLE_TS_DIFF; ifdef->if
PUBLISHED_FROM=48c8d4326ea8a24edd8d1ca011be9e7643219084 Deomid Ryabkov
01:07 PM Revision e1a9ad7f (mongoose): Overload `mg_bind` to bind to tunnel
PUBLISHED_FROM=f554cc63dfea12455fe5e428c6ce5f3152774f8e Marko Mikulicic
11:50 AM Revision 296affc6 (mongoose): Make Krypton define KR_VERSION; use it to detect
PUBLISHED_FROM=ea039cdc30aec44db074871ff6b2d2582f98b5c9 Deomid Ryabkov
11:21 AM Revision 1889e12b (mongoose): Support username:pass authority in HTTP/WS urls
PUBLISHED_FROM=39a1c2a271c5cd961670e11c830105c17ba0b2e4 Marko Mikulicic


05:21 PM Revision 5e91d919 (mongoose): Make mg_register_http_endpoint work for websocket
PUBLISHED_FROM=5bf5a007929b3b6275121f3cf949526e881fb482 Sergey Lyubka
03:51 PM Revision 59348468 (mongoose): Make mg_tun_bind take separate user+pass
PUBLISHED_FROM=3ee9478275c4b9253b1dd4f98a69cecc89290bce Marko Mikulicic
03:05 PM Revision 5045dfab (mongoose): Mongoose TCP tunnel
PUBLISHED_FROM=f03b963aaec02574e47c28ee8033551440b94f2d Marko Mikulicic
01:50 PM Revision 499a7d6a (mongoose): Fix mg_is_error
PUBLISHED_FROM=80481f8dbcb93d04eee51ecc6366949420a61f2f Alexander Alashkin
11:21 AM Revision f72c3fa9 (mongoose): Unbreak PIC32 compilation. Close cesanta/dev#5807
PUBLISHED_FROM=cfd7de45e4357a17719501b8ab004c2edbd3e87e Alexander Alashkin
11:15 AM Revision b143f879 (janus-gateway): update README
10:05 AM Revision d0c50632 (mongoose): Fixes in MQTT for AWS support
PUBLISHED_FROM=2b82f3793b3c6d0cf1266e4cc0e67930f43002c5 Alexander Alashkin


10:36 PM Revision fffb54e2 (mongoose): Implementing MG interfaces
PUBLISHED_FROM=46496c2d5340a0bbe4fe1c6c9ff187bc65d2d35f Marko Mikulicic
12:34 PM Revision 76455793 (janus-gateway): Updated resources list
Lorenzo Miniero
12:11 PM Revision 40bbb655 (janus-gateway): Added supervisor sample to the documentation
Eduardo Barbosa


04:36 PM Revision 8bf3bd48 (mongoose): Include sys/param.h on UNIX (to get PATH_MAX)
PUBLISHED_FROM=774764f9d316e111912dae1fcaf2933141c59a60 Deomid Ryabkov
02:05 PM Revision dbe976ad (mongoose): Disable parallel builds of the Tiva example
Causes issues on Windows - looks like "parallel" makefiles
do not handle spaces in directory names properly.
Deomid Ryabkov

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