From 12/06/2016 to 01/04/2017


05:07 PM Revision 8c1de4ed (janus-gateway): Fixed outdated line in documentation (fixes #730)
Lorenzo Miniero
11:52 AM Revision 3f4cdb2c (janus-gateway): Fixed events-related leak when handlers are enabled but none's...
Lorenzo Miniero
11:52 AM Revision cd96a5dd (janus-gateway): Fixed libcurl-related headers leak (sample event handler, text...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:15 AM Revision a9f01f2b (janus-gateway): Added events_folder property to janus.cfg (fixes #728)
Lorenzo Miniero


06:54 PM Revision 9c27f40b (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #726 from meetecho/manpages
Added manpages for janus and janus-pp-rec (addresses #723) Lorenzo Miniero
01:38 PM Revision 8485d095 (janus-gateway): Added manpages for janus and janus-pp-rec (addresses #723)
Lorenzo Miniero


10:31 AM Revision d9c02a96 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #722 from linuxmaniac/vseva/fix_typo
fix typo thanks to lintian Lorenzo Miniero
10:28 AM Revision f121d872 (janus-gateway): fix typo thanks to lintian
> I: janus: spelling-error-in-binary usr/bin/janus Recieved Received Victor Seva


09:37 AM Revision 75926f9f (janus-gateway): Fixed truncated error messages in textroom (fixes #720)
Lorenzo Miniero


03:37 PM Revision fa39d2f2 (mongoose): Remove a dead submodule entry
PUBLISHED_FROM=0b6e19e41c12675a487cb61c4f6e0aaba0be0758 Deomid Ryabkov
12:37 PM Revision c55d06ed (mongoose): Add directory listing support ot ESP32
PUBLISHED_FROM=336d6b28d6165ece75d25911058ffdd075a3c191 Deomid Ryabkov


07:23 PM Revision e6822115 (janus-gateway): Check for videoroom listener at janus_videoroom_incoming_rtcp
Alex Smirnov
07:07 PM Revision c3654169 (janus-gateway): Check participant->room before using it at janus_videoroom_lea...
Alex Smirnov
06:50 PM Revision e4d01db5 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #714 from hijaq/fix/rtpminmax
Fix getting min/max values in janus_rtp_header_extenstion_parse_playo… Lorenzo Miniero
02:31 PM Revision 60bdc106 (janus-gateway): Use real time instead of monotonic time for events in event ha...
Lorenzo Miniero
02:18 PM Revision ff428862 (janus-gateway): Added license exception to explicitly allow linking to OpenSSL...
Lorenzo Miniero


09:47 PM Revision 38298735 (mongoose): Support MIOT app builds for ESP32
PUBLISHED_FROM=44bcbb87c326a4e05e96dc0b094fd9dd1a9d4276 Deomid Ryabkov
01:06 PM Revision 54ebcc5b (mongoose): Minor fixes to socket support when used with LWIP
- LWIP UDP sockets are always writable and they are not reported as
such by select() (bug? featuyre?). TCP sockets...
Deomid Ryabkov


04:05 PM Revision 7782500d (mongoose): Commonize bitbang I2C master and use it in ESP32
Until issues with hardware I2C are resolved
Deomid Ryabkov
02:59 PM Revision 86ec6bb2 (mongoose): updated for mOS
11:45 AM Revision 29c314fb (janus-gateway): Updated the obsoleted FAQ items in the documentation
Lorenzo Miniero


07:52 PM Revision fefbbe2d (janus-gateway): Fix getting min/max values in janus_rtp_header_extenstion_pars...
Alex Smirnov


06:34 PM Revision fef96f33 (janus-gateway): Added check on target extension when post-processing .mjr files
Lorenzo Miniero
06:19 PM Revision d6a1ae43 (janus-gateway): Handled case of Aggregate Control containing the URL already (...
Lorenzo Miniero
03:05 PM Revision f9792773 (janus-gateway): Fixed uncaught typeError for slowLink in janus.ks (fixes issue...
Lorenzo Miniero


11:26 PM Revision 6611cf89 (janus-gateway): set Access-Control-Max-Age header
Alexander Clark
11:24 PM Revision 4a55ae6f (janus-gateway): Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/meetecho/master'
Alexander Clark
02:06 PM Revision 02499d67 (mongoose): Build c_mqtt/stm32 - part 1, with stubs
PUBLISHED_FROM=de4b9f3e9eeafa75bb8919abacd86fb23fdefc1b Alexander Alashkin
11:34 AM Revision aa00c95c (janus-gateway): Removed leftover linking reference in (see #709)
Lorenzo Miniero
11:22 AM Revision 871c362e (janus-gateway): Added support for libsrtp2 to SIP plugin too (fixes #709)
Lorenzo Miniero


04:22 PM Revision 8c2e641e (mongoose): Simplest c_hello/stm32
PUBLISHED_FROM=3a22eb96ff011ef8327cd1b78b56a3af86ba2c84 Alexander Alashkin
03:06 PM Revision 3c6189e9 (janus-gateway): Fixed typo when skipping bytes in post-processing
Lorenzo Miniero
01:21 PM Revision 29c53082 (mongoose): In cs_simplelink, check if MG_NET_IF is defined
PUBLISHED_FROM=20c87885c8f778139d3df20507d6870070bcc787 Dmitry Frank


05:51 PM Revision 2fa988fc (mongoose): Bring up main task, start MG loop and load config
PUBLISHED_FROM=7c81ec28457cda3a503e4ab01fc8593e474df4b8 Deomid Ryabkov
04:32 PM Revision eba63a19 (janus-gateway): Fixed leak when reporting media-type events to handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
03:21 PM Revision 72f1d444 (mongoose): Fix miot compilation in C++ mode
PUBLISHED_FROM=42997efb3ddc462c33d2cf7e8ef0e922797d9901 Alexander Alashkin
10:37 AM Revision 7dcc9420 (mongoose): SPIFFS libc integration refactoring; ESP32 support
Factor out common part of SPIFFS libc interface support from the CC3200
port and reuse it for ESP32. Minor cleanups.
Deomid Ryabkov
10:37 AM Revision a447ae5e (mongoose): MQTT parsing fix
PUBLISHED_FROM=41f43cb0e707259740de3346308f746c2a3778fd Sergey Lyubka
10:33 AM Revision 6a998158 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #536 from meetecho/event-handlers
Event handler plugins Lorenzo Miniero


09:35 PM Revision 54ad1e4e (mongoose): Prepare pic32 docker image and xc32 makefile
This PR does not include `fw/platforms/pic32` since it's too dirty.
Dmitry Frank
03:47 PM Revision e2a8e496 (janus-gateway): Added failIfNoAudio/failIfNoVideo capture-related flags to jan...
Lorenzo Miniero
03:24 PM Revision 19640ae7 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #702 from meetecho/libsrtp2
Autodetect libsrtp version (1.5.x vs 2.0.x) Lorenzo Miniero
03:20 PM Revision ac37a9e3 (janus-gateway): Modified RTCP code to recognize XR packets
Lorenzo Miniero
03:19 PM Revision b21832de (janus-gateway): Reduced verbosity of a couple of transport related messages
Lorenzo Miniero
02:42 PM Revision 13af1c1e (janus-gateway): Fixed async/sync AJAX request for detach/destroy (fixes #704)
Lorenzo Miniero
02:39 PM Revision bf813b7c (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #707 from dazzl-tv/pullreq
MacOS endianness issue on RTP header Lorenzo Miniero
01:37 PM Revision dc68c4e4 (janus-gateway): Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pullreq
Emmanuel Riou
01:36 PM Revision 1227d096 (janus-gateway): fix MACOS endianness issue (due to lack of standart environmen...
Emmanuel Riou
10:36 AM Revision 89d215d7 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #706 from Sean-Der/videoroom-listparticipan...
IInclude publisher's audio_ssrc and video_ssrc in plugin_videoroom listparticipants Lorenzo Miniero


11:35 PM Revision 39ea91cf (mongoose): Test building with MG_ENABLE_FILESYSTEM=0
Fix errors so it builds.
Deomid Ryabkov
10:06 PM Revision 5ebff5d1 (mongoose): Rename pic32_harmony -> pic32
PUBLISHED_FROM=00ca7b2adabde94a683ac4d33be1f2bdbb17772f Dmitry Frank
04:06 PM Revision 731512a9 (mongoose): Define mg_file_upload_handler() only if needed
Namely, define it if only `MG_ENABLE_HTTP_STREAMING_MULTIPART` and
Dmitry Frank
02:03 PM Revision 0f8c9674 (janus-gateway): Include publisher's internal_audio_ssrc and internal_video_ssr...
Sean DuBois
12:36 PM Revision 304dbca6 (mongoose): Fix miot-mbed errors and warning, part 3
PUBLISHED_FROM=2f6fb7ea5abdcd4ca9b06956172938ee3bc28459 Alexander Alashkin


10:22 PM Revision 18ff0faf (mongoose): Implement stringify macro
And use it for `FW_ARCHITECTURE`. This is needed because with
Microchip's xc32, `-DFOO=\"bar\"` results in `FOO` bein...
Dmitry Frank
07:21 PM Revision 25de7914 (mongoose): Fix miot-mbed compilation, part 2
PUBLISHED_FROM=bd87b901b7c1c1a4f9b0f875f0b024b672121d4a Alexander Alashkin
04:21 PM Revision 6e88c9cf (mongoose): Fix WEAK redefinition in mbed
PUBLISHED_FROM=6abc158f198f5bd032e5ab06cc0ba3373434cdbe Alexander Alashkin
08:50 AM Revision 997c72f7 (janus-gateway): Shimmed libsrtp2 API
Lorenzo Miniero


06:05 PM Revision 9937e889 (mongoose): Fix comparisons
PUBLISHED_FROM=4d86de7f73ef9d4c0f236e1fe1201e5de792f19f Marko Mikulicic
05:21 PM Revision 57f964a1 (mongoose): Add mqtt last will
PUBLISHED_FROM=fb856714ead67390dfd7ce9d208ae5ae19ce7c6d Sergey Lyubka
02:53 PM Revision 846a7f2b (janus-gateway): Updated code to reflect API changes in case libsrtp2 is detected
Lorenzo Miniero
02:21 PM Revision e8dca0bc (janus-gateway): Autodetect libsrtp version (1.5.x vs 2.0.x)
Lorenzo Miniero


05:02 PM Revision f8a87946 (janus-gateway): Bumbed version number and small fixes to the docs
Lorenzo Miniero
04:53 PM Revision 3fb6eb07 (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into event-handlers
Lorenzo Miniero
04:51 PM Revision 6ab09795 (janus-gateway): Fixed --disable-unix-sockets check in (fixes #701)
Lorenzo Miniero
03:57 PM Revision 462021b7 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #697 from meetecho/extmap
Added support for (some) RTP extensions Lorenzo Miniero
03:55 PM Revision ef61c470 (janus-gateway): Make negotiation of new RTP extensions in VideoRoom configurable
Lorenzo Miniero
03:43 PM Revision 4fb1f6d2 (janus-gateway): Make negotiation of audio-level RTP ext in AudioBridge configu...
Lorenzo Miniero

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