From 12/27/2016 to 01/25/2017


09:08 AM Revision b8c37404 (mongoose): Map STM32 pins to MOS pins
PUBLISHED_FROM=6724de19c28f972a785b0d5e7dd4b41889e04850 Alexander Alashkin


04:17 PM Revision 7f1cacb3 (janus-gateway): Increase lifetime of remote candidates before they're enforced...
Lorenzo Miniero
12:53 PM Revision 7bdbd805 (mongoose): Fix ESP32 encr. OTA; clean up {open,read,close}dir
Fixed a bunch of things to make OTA work on ESP32 with flash encryption:
writes to app aprtitions must be 32-byte ali...
Deomid Ryabkov


05:24 PM Revision 1894f5c5 (janus-gateway): Fixed crashes in VideoCall when event andlers are enabled (fix...
Lorenzo Miniero
04:16 PM Revision 5f00543c (janus-gateway): Fixed #754, and added error message in case of missing/invalid IP
Lorenzo Miniero
04:10 PM Revision a93c54bf (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #754 from chornyitaras/media_change
Reconnect sockets to new IP as well Lorenzo Miniero
11:47 AM Revision d8cef318 (janus-gateway): Removed redundant attribute in Streaming plugin event
Lorenzo Miniero


06:16 PM Revision ff797652 (janus-gateway): Reconnect sockets to new IP as well
If remote media info changes janus sip plugin will update only remote ports.
Taras Chornyi
03:11 PM Revision beb0b807 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #750 from meetecho/transport-events
Transport-related events Lorenzo Miniero
10:46 AM Revision b6c6c592 (janus-gateway): Return permament/volatile status as a response to create rooms...
Lorenzo Miniero


03:10 PM Revision 577ad259 (mongoose): Enable additional services for stm32/cube
PUBLISHED_FROM=b22a136bc630b7cf4a62fd9d91b85e0e939a7f82 Alexander Alashkin
10:44 AM Revision ff97f6ee (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into transport-events
Lorenzo Miniero
10:42 AM Revision a2abee17 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #745 from meetecho/plugin-tokens
ACL and kick support in AudioBridge, VideoRoom and TextRoom Lorenzo Miniero
09:56 AM Revision 0e0d3368 (janus-gateway): Removed unused property from AudioBridge
Lorenzo Miniero


05:10 PM Revision 7f39d6ea (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into transport-events
Lorenzo Miniero
05:09 PM Revision 735cf3bb (janus-gateway): Added opaqueId to all demos to demonstrate intra-session handl...
Lorenzo Miniero
04:51 PM Revision a906be89 (janus-gateway): Unref events queue when shutting down
Lorenzo Miniero
02:48 PM Revision 5e1c5670 (janus-gateway): Transport-related events
Lorenzo Miniero
09:08 AM Revision 4d9f8168 (mongoose): Change Mongoose version to 6.7
PUBLISHED_FROM=e18f33e14f4c0e1cb004aa264dd64ca5a0056190 Alexander Alashkin


10:57 AM Revision ec727b6c (janus-gateway): Merge branch 'master' into plugin-tokens
Lorenzo Miniero
10:45 AM Revision 5386fc34 (janus-gateway): Deallocate opaque ID when destroying handle
Lorenzo Miniero
10:38 AM Revision 408ceb9d (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #748 from meetecho/handle-mapping
Opaque identifier to contextualise handles Lorenzo Miniero


12:44 AM Revision f1d0b451 (mongoose): ESP32: Update esp-idf
cesanta/esp-idf is rebased onto espressif/esp-idf#aece3d6fc62fd91d3c5a87e0ab2ddb5ac51d8ff0
A few wifi changes and VF...
Deomid Ryabkov
12:24 AM Revision ac921d46 (mongoose): Improve includes in the amalgamation script
Now it also tries to find the included file relatively to the "parent"
file. This is required for amalgamation of the...
Dmitry Frank


10:40 AM Revision 6cd4309d (janus-gateway): Added another paper (Jattack) to publications page
Lorenzo Miniero


11:07 PM Revision f046434f (mongoose): c_hello/stm32-cube, part 2
PUBLISHED_FROM=1f767c1383c1dcd366e667681aebd41c30a102f3 Alexander Alashkin
03:26 PM Revision 245ab74b (janus-gateway): Added opaque ID to documentation
Lorenzo Miniero
02:51 PM Revision c8ca0de5 (janus-gateway): Opaque identifier to contextualise handles
Lorenzo Miniero
12:37 PM Revision 58b9ee41 (mongoose): Use LWIP in stm32/cube
PUBLISHED_FROM=da389ddabf96918fd1bc022e0696dbb4542c71c1 Alexander Alashkin
11:59 AM Revision 9312cbe1 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #741 from meetecho/publisher-viewer-mapping
Matching VideoRoom subscribers to participants Lorenzo Miniero


06:38 PM Revision d28d7a67 (mongoose): c_hello/stm32-cube, part 2
PUBLISHED_FROM=fe7230811b7f12286c5ac6de1ef8fb068cd61145 Alexander Alashkin
03:21 PM Revision 22bfc1fc (janus-gateway): Removed unused commented lines in janus.js
Lorenzo Miniero
01:38 PM Revision 20370e65 (mongoose): Fix parsing of SSL cipher suite specs for mbedtls
The list of cipher suites must be retained while the context is alive.
Deomid Ryabkov
11:33 AM Revision 30df7fbf (janus-gateway): ACL and kick support in AudioBridge, VideoRoom and TextRoom
Lorenzo Miniero


11:53 PM Revision 67626d49 (mongoose): Add ssl_cipher_suites to mg_{bind,connect}_opts
Optional specification of SSL/TLS cipher suites.
Deomid Ryabkov
06:06 PM Revision 5d2deea8 (janus-gateway): Added optional identifier to match VideoRoom subscribers to a ...
Lorenzo Miniero
05:04 PM Revision cd9e179f (mongoose): Format for previous commit
PUBLISHED_FROM=609ef3587e4293b0cdbf865cfc466bbb85233361 Deomid Ryabkov
05:04 PM Revision 0ba28e61 (mongoose): Raise verbosity of some log messages
These are not spammy and help debug issues with serving files
Deomid Ryabkov
05:03 PM Revision de791765 (mongoose): c_hello for STM32/cube, part 1
PUBLISHED_FROM=13fe18cb6c92e5dd6d9e319c35e256e2b206a110 Alexander Alashkin
05:03 PM Revision e79121ac (mongoose): Fix link in documentation
PUBLISHED_FROM=d4337a442a8f5728826eb109bdca41ca03a18d2a Alexander Alashkin
05:03 PM Revision 4bdec5c1 (mongoose): Rename mongoose-iot to mongoose-os
URLs like are left intact
Dmitry Frank
04:23 PM Revision 03d22626 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #739 from hijaq/fix/janusjs-nojquery
Fix missed jquery $.ajax to nojquery Janus.ajax Lorenzo Miniero
04:19 PM Revision 149d7f11 (janus-gateway): Fix missed jquery $.ajax to nojquery Janus.ajax
Alex Smirnov
03:45 PM Revision 5957fdc9 (janus-gateway): Fixed leftover g_free in a couple of transport plugins (should...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:58 AM Revision c128bdf8 (janus-gateway): Fixed exception in videoroom demo JS code
Lorenzo Miniero
10:33 AM Revision 9773499b (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #716 from hijaq/fix/videoroomincrtcp
Check for videoroom listener at janus_videoroom_incoming_rtcp Lorenzo Miniero
10:32 AM Revision 8f109d8c (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #715 from hijaq/fix/videoroomleave
Check participant->room before using it at janus_videoroom_leave_or_unpublish Lorenzo Miniero


08:16 PM Revision e92e0eb4 (janus-gateway): Fixed duplicate assignment (fixes #735)
Lorenzo Miniero
07:35 PM Revision 3c0524d1 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #734 from hijaq/fix/xhr-status
Fix setting a XHR.status property that has only a getter Lorenzo Miniero
06:58 PM Revision ce5f16da (janus-gateway): Fix setting a XHR.status property that has only a getter
Alex Smirnov
09:47 AM Revision 98b32985 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #731 from hfiguiere/patch-1
Fix test pipeline for the streams plugin Lorenzo Miniero
03:44 AM Revision e12cfa92 (janus-gateway): Fix test pipeline for the streams plugin
error-resilient expect a flag, not a boolean. Hubert Figuière


05:07 PM Revision 8c1de4ed (janus-gateway): Fixed outdated line in documentation (fixes #730)
Lorenzo Miniero
11:52 AM Revision 3f4cdb2c (janus-gateway): Fixed events-related leak when handlers are enabled but none's...
Lorenzo Miniero
11:52 AM Revision cd96a5dd (janus-gateway): Fixed libcurl-related headers leak (sample event handler, text...
Lorenzo Miniero
10:15 AM Revision a9f01f2b (janus-gateway): Added events_folder property to janus.cfg (fixes #728)
Lorenzo Miniero


06:54 PM Revision 9c27f40b (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #726 from meetecho/manpages
Added manpages for janus and janus-pp-rec (addresses #723) Lorenzo Miniero
01:38 PM Revision 8485d095 (janus-gateway): Added manpages for janus and janus-pp-rec (addresses #723)
Lorenzo Miniero


10:31 AM Revision d9c02a96 (janus-gateway): Merge pull request #722 from linuxmaniac/vseva/fix_typo
fix typo thanks to lintian Lorenzo Miniero
10:28 AM Revision f121d872 (janus-gateway): fix typo thanks to lintian
> I: janus: spelling-error-in-binary usr/bin/janus Recieved Received Victor Seva


09:37 AM Revision 75926f9f (janus-gateway): Fixed truncated error messages in textroom (fixes #720)
Lorenzo Miniero

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